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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play by Play

Good evening friends! Today was completely jammed packed, I don't’ think I could have fit one more thing in.

5:15am Alarm goes off! Headed to the gym for my first day with Jillian’s challenge, “Making the Cut”. I don’t think I knew what I was getting in to! Here is just the first circuit out of 5!

  • 20x dumbbell presses on a body ball
  • 15X dumbbell flies on a body ball
  • 50 fast squats
  • one minute sprint at a 7mph pace
    REPEAT!!! There were 4 more circuits after this!
    I loved it, it was hard and pretty flippin intense just what I was looking for!

7:00am: Featured Fridge Post up! Drank a Green Monster and rushed to get ready!
8am-12:30pm: Work( loving the new job).

12:30-1:00: Ate lunch with one sexy beast!


2 veggie patties topped with laughing cow cheese :) 


Grilled zucchini!


A bowl full of cherries, they are the sweetest cherries I have ever had!

and for dessert Tina’s peanut butter bars! These things are soooo good, I am addicted you must try them so you too can be addicted!


1:00-4:30pm: work

5pm-8:00pm:  Met my BFF for coffee to catch up on life and talk about an amazing community service project I am helping out with, can’t wait to share more details with you all!

8:30pm: Walked in attacked by Boscers and made a light and delicious dinner! I had a bowl of cereal, Annie’s Honey Bunny’s, Zoe’s Granola,strawberries and blueberries in my new smiling baseball bowl I got for $1 at a garage sale this past weekend.

food 534

food 532 

8:50pm": started blogging, and then wanted dessert :) More Zucchini bread! This has to be the moistest bread I have ever tasted!

food 540

Notice there is a piece missing? That’s because Bosco wanted some too!

food 538

He devoured it within seconds!!!! 

food 539 

9:00pm Hubby walked in from softball game! Ok folks must go and catch up blogs and hit the hay early another 5:15am wake up call for this girl :)

I leave you with Hubby’s random fact for the day:“99% of people can’t lick their elbow” I know you want to try it!


Amy said...

I tried it. Can't do it. I made the pb bars and yes, I'm addicted, too!

RunToFinish said...

zucchini bread is seriously awesome. I was planning to do a free boot camp class in the morning, but it's been a really rough night you'll see in my post sometime tomorrow. so I'm not sure I'll make it up at 5...and i guess maybe it wouldn't be great for the leg. could you become a doctor and fix my leg? :o) you know everything else!

Jessica said...

The pb bars are SO awesome. Thank you for sharing that recipe!

Also your day was so packed and your lunch looks so yum - were the patties Trader Joes?

Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to try the PB bars! Anything with PB in it can't be bad.

Your husband's random facts are great.

Girl on Top said...

You have a totally intense schedule!

Anonymous said...

I love Jillian's circuits! She really knows how to get a girl moving in the am! Of course I am never up early enough to get me some Jill in the am, so I settle for evening. I hear ya on the 5:15!

just me said...

hahaha...since your hubby seems to know elbow facts, tell him that if you pinch the skin on your elbow as hard as you can...you'll never feel any pain. :D LOL.

And I need to try those PB bars! The sound delicious!

Niki said...

Totally tried to lick my elbow. Couldn't do it. Loving hubbys fun facts!! Great job on the workout! Sounds tough! The baseball bowl is too cute! I am so making that zucchini bread soon! It looks so good!

Fitnessista said...

my little brother has that baseball bowl and i used to use it all the time!!!
i totally need to try those pb bars :D
have a great day!

The Tri-ing Wife said...
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The Tri-ing Wife said...

I'm so jealous of your baseball bowl! How cute! The fact of the day is hilarious. My sister-in-law can actually lick her elbow, and it is the funniest thing to watch.

brandi said...

nice fact of the day. I'll tell that to my husband later to see if he tries it :)

looked like a fun filled day!

Anonymous said...

wicked cute smiling baseball bowl! i'm going to have to make some zucchini bread now (i just picked some fresh ones) because yours looks delicious. p.s. how are you doing with the challenges? i'm on week 4 of the pushups and i'm seeing and feeling such a difference!

Rose said...

I totally just tried and couldn't do it.

Cute bowl!

Stacy said...

Your veggie burgers look really, really good. Can you tell me what brand they are? They remind me of the one's I have at work and I just can't seem to find the same one's at the grocery store, that is, until I saw yours!

Evelyn said...

carrotsncake's pb bars are amazing!!