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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ok, I promise to post more pics of my desk and life at the new job! I am still learning the ropes and keeping super busy which is fantastic! Tonight I came home and made Hubby and I some FRENCH FRIES!

food 444

I made sweet potato fries for me, and russet potato fries for him! For the main course I heated up two Masala Veggie Burgers topped with veggie chili and goat cheese. Plenty of protein and carbs!!!

food 448

food 443

When we were done I opened up a package from a friend at MyRecipes.com sent along this purse organizer,memo mouse pad, and to do list from Real Simple. What perfect timing!

food 433

It’s awesome! I have ten billion different purses, I really have a lot. Well this solves the problem of transferring every little item over and over. You find a place for everything and then just transfer the whole pouch. I have a lot of little things I am digging for in my bags and this works perfectly! food 440

food 437

Inside my big O’l bag!

food 454 

Hubby and I are off to ride our bikes with our Thursday night group on a 4 mile ride to get some Fro Yo!!! I have boot camp in the morning, so I will have a fun post for you all to read in the morning :)


Lauren said...

Who doesn't love sweet potato fries!

Hope you had a wonderful ride and a nice fro-yo date. :)

Jessica said...

I love sweet potato fries - how do you get them crispy?

Also I love the idea of the purse thing you can just switch out - so cool!

D10 said...

I think I could eat french fries everyday! Super cute purse. Glad to hear the new job is going well.

Mica said...

Cute bag!

marathonmaiden said...

great with the purse thing. i, too, have a billion and one purses!

brandi said...

those french fries look awesome!

i've been using that purse organizer lately, too - it's great!

whitsgettingfit said...

ahh, sweet potato fries. I have been CRAVING them!

Quinn said...

That is a fantastic purse organizer! I too have a gajillion bags, so this would really help keep things a bet less chaotic when I switch 'em up.

Matt said...

Mmm I love sweet potater fries!

Angie Eats Peace said...

The food looks delicious!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

wow I can only imagine how great those sweet potato fries taste!!
love your purse too!

Erin of Care to Eat said...

V. nice v. nice! Does your hus not like sweet potato?