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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Organic Experience In NYC

While in New York City last month, Hubby and I found the most wonderful organic cafe right outside of Central Park, Le Pain Quotidien, apparently they are all over the world!

I love their philosophy:

Whenever we can, we source organic ingredients. This way, we not only build lasting and meaningful partnerships with organic farmers, but we also ensure our ingredients are of the highest quality. It's about finding the very best, in a way that is good for all of us. This philosophy influences every part of the way we do business, from the food we serve to the design of our stores to the materials we use. We use reclaimed wood and recycled Gypsum in construction, energy-efficient lamps, and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and packaging.  It's good for our bodies, our communities, and our earth.."

ipodpics2 1398

When you first walk in, you feel like you just walked into a grandmothers kitchen. The yummy smell of the bread is by far one of the best things about this atmosphere! At the front you are hit with this nice display of breads and baked goods.

ipodpics2 1058

I thought I was DREAMING when I saw this wall! Praline Butter=Heaven! Their shelves are lined with the products they have created: the jams and chocolate spreads that are on your table, the granola in their parfait, and even the coffee that fills your mug!

These items are available for purchase at the counter.

ipodpics2 1332

You feel like you are eating right at home, but you don’t have to cook. Hubby looks at home doesn't he? I loved the atmosphere of this place but it was a little warm inside, not sure if the air was off.

ipodpics2 1017

Hubby tried one of their Cinnamon Raisin Croissants, I of course had a bite of course, it was so tasty! I am sad we didn’t order any of their breads, I hear that’s what makes them famous!

ipodpics2 1367

We split a fresh bowl of fruit, was so missing this while being on vacation! All the prices were so reasonable and they listed all the nutritional content right on the menu(they did that everywhere in NYC).

ipodpics2 1177

Of course I couldn’t resist an organic bowl of oats! Irish Steal Cut Oats have to be my favorite, what oats are your favorite?

ipodpics2 991

I had a spoonful of their Brunette, Praline Butter in my oats!! I would have so bought some of this, but I tried to spend wisely in NY everything is so darn expensive.

ipodpics2 1311ipodpics2 1383

Hubby being the stud he is ;)

Our check even came with a recipe card for a berry cobbler, how cute is that?! 

ipodpics2 1385

I give this place a thumbs up, if I lived in NYC I would be in big trouble because there are just too many wonderful bakeries and cafes to choose from!!!  Has anyone ever been to a Le Pain Quotidien. I wish we had something like this where I lived, Hubby and I chatted about how we should open one!!

After brunch we played in Central Park! ipodpics2 1102


janetha said...

that place looks epic! your writing was so descriptive i felt like i was there with ya, too bad i wasn't because it sounds yummy :) there are not enough places like that in my town. i have never tried steel cut oats, actually up until about a year ago i had never tried oatmeal at all.. strange.. so i have only tried slow cooking oats. no instant and no steel cut, i should try em.

fun post!

Tea Time said...

I go to the Le Pain Quotidein at Old Town Pasadena, CA. They do have some yummy stuff. Central Park looks beautiful now, not all covered in snowed like when I went 2 winters ago..boohoo!

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

I LOVE Le Pain! There is one right next door to my bf's apartment, so we like to go there for Saturday or Sunday breakfast and bring a newspaper or crossword puzzle. :-)

Runeatrepeat said...

Steel cut oats are the best!

RunToFinish said...

how neat, I can't wait for the midwest to catch up with some of these great restaurants

Brandi said...

mm..i love steel cut oats, too. I wish I would remember to make them more often!

that place looks so good. the praline butter sounds amazing!

Pearl said...

that place looks SO fun!

L.A. Daze said...

I love Le Pain Quotidien! If you're ever on the West side, there is one in Santa Monica. I think there is also one in Manhattan Beach.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and really happy that I did. It's very inspiring. Thank you for that :)

Meg said...

What a cool place! That croissant looks awesome!

Lisa said...

What a neat find, and great photos! I've been wanting to make some peach crumble... Maybe I'll give the recipe a try! I never knew it was so easy.

Erin (Run, Bitch!) said...

You've never heard of LPQ?! LOVE!!


just me said...

that place looks amazing! i'm loving all the bread and spreads!!

Christina said...

This is one of my favorite places too! They have them all over Los Angeles, at least on the west side. I saw someone said they are in Pasadena too. Yum!

ttfn300 said...

oh my gosh, that place sounds fantastic!!!

Courtney said...

Hey darlin,

Lovin' the grubbin on this page! And way to be GREEN! You're so inspiring.

Quick Q about the Kettlebell class at your gym - does the gym supply the kettlebells, or do you bring your own? Thanks :)

TC said...

There is one in the new part of Claremont!

Anonymous said...

This place looks amazing. I too love the smell of bread. Your hair looks so cute in the last picture!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Denise said...

Great shot of you w/ the city behind you!!! That place looks great! I love shops like that.

Lacey Nicole said...

awww i love visiting nyc!!! and it is SO easy to spend a lot of money there esp if you are eating out everywhere. but i love the options for healthy eating!!!! that praline butter looks delicious!!!

Texan Couture said...

That cafe looks amazing! I wish Austin had something like that we have organic places but nothing as cozy!

Mariposa said...

i love your hair in the french braids, so cute!!

Sarah W. said...

I first went to the Le Pain Quotidien in BRUSSELS, Belgium with my family!!! my cousin and I were hungover and the food was sooooooo good - soft boiled eggs, granola, croissants yum!

when my cousins and I found out that there was one in Bethesda, MD we hit it up one morning for brunch. we were definately disappointed by the prices and PORTION sizes. don't get me wrong, the portions were small which was good - I just wish I hadn't spent so much $$ on such small portions!!! we over loaded on those yummy blonde and brunette spreads :) yummmmmmmm