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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Love Living In Southern CALI!

Today was such a beautiful day here in So CAL! I couldn’t have asked for better weather.  This is the reason I love living here!partlycloudy

  83° F | 54° F
  28° C | 12° C



I also loved starting the week on a Tuesday, because it’s already going to be Wednesday tomorrow and I get off early on Friday so it’s really only a 3 1/2 day week! San Diego here I come!!

Lunch was a little bit of everything , I threw in all the leftover veggies from the weekend festivities and some TJ’s creamy tomato soup.


Cucumbers,grilled mushrooms,broccoli,avocado,tomato,carrots, and a half of a pear.


I was still a little hungry and had a TJ Raw Granola Bar as well. It felt good to eat some CLEAN FOOD!!

After work some friends of ours were throwing a BBQ for their out of town parents, this was our fourth BBQ in 4 days!! Beach BBQ, Memorial Day BBQ, Birthday BBQ, and now the out of Towner BBQ!

I stayed away from the red meat,even though I did have a little bite of Evan’s flank steak!! It was soooo yummy! I went with the Smoked Apple Chicken Gouda Sausage,  it was sensational!


I also had a bean and veggie salad with salsa and cilantro dressing. I brought my own avocado too, avocados are extremely cheap right now, 2 for $1, so I brought one along to add to my salad(who does this, me!). I enjoyed some colorful fruit salad with my meal as well.

I stuck with water, even though the Margaritas looked soooo yummy!!! I have a marathon to think about all I can say is HYDRATE!!! I did go back for a few chips,salsa, and a little more fruit!!


Tonight was full of great food, great friends, and now some great baseball!! Hubby is playing softball tonight and I am at home alone watching the Dodger Vs. Rockies, the baseball vain runs thick in this girl.

I am getting up early tomorrow to run 3 miles with fast Jill! So I am going to answer some emails, catch up on a few blogs and maybe have a little chocolate before I call it a night!

Night friends see you in the morning!


Moran said...

It was raining here all night so I couldn't head out! Argh! Hopefully this afternoon if I have the time!

Anonymous said...

ah the weather is divine this week!! Finally! Have a great run tomorrow, sounds like such a fun weekend!

Mica said...

The boyfriend always says he wants to move to SoCal because of the beautiful weather. (I always insist that I would miss the seasons. I do love San Diego though...)

Mmmm, I love avocado. I hope it's cheap in Illinois because I want to start adding some to my lunch too. Thanks for the inspiration!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Man, it was raining so much yesterday that I had to change pants at work... I'm jealous :)

I love apple chicken sausages... that may be my lunch today!

Anonymous said...

4 BBQ is 4 days! You have been busy, but nice to not have to cook. Hope you had a great run.

Catch Me If You Can said...

It's been rainy here :/ Good luck in San Diego I wish I was running! I have been to Cal but get to in October I am counting the days!

Anonymous said...

That's such an awesome price on avocados. I guess it helps to be so close to where they're grown. They're always $1 here, even at Aldi.

Brandi said...

i wish avocados were that cheap here! I've been getting them for $1 each, which is good, but 2/1 would be even better!

have a great run today!

Anonymous said...

wow super jealous of your weather! send some of it my way (along with some of that yummy looking bbq food)!

Danica's Daily said...

I LOVED your little bit of everything lunch today. Good luck with your run today

just me said...

ahhhh...weather is nice here in the morning then turns to crap by the evening! wish i were in socal now!!!

Anonymous said...

When I studied abroad in Spain, there was a small fruit stand about a 5 min walk from my school, and my friend and I would go there at lunch sometimes JUST to buy an avocado to cut up and put on our salads, even though there was plenty of other yummy toppings. Yeah, we're dorks too! ;)