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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Her Tips: The Week Before a Marathon

Only one more week until the SDRR Marathon!!

I am so grateful to all the wonderful ladies that are sponsoring me in this race. I am not sure what I am more excited about running or meeting some amazing ladies?!

Here are some great tips about what to do the week before a marathon:

  • Cut mileage to about one-third of normal during your final week before the marathon. Keep your normal pace for the most part. Slowing too much can alter your stride or make you feel sluggish.

  • Give your muscles a chance to rest and skip your strength-training routine in the final week before your marathon. You won't get the benefits from it until after the marathon anyway.

  • Eat a diet rich in complex carbohydrates (whole-grain breads, pasta, and cereals), and drink plenty of fluids. In the week before your marathon, about 65-70% of your calories should come from carbs. Avoid alcoholic beverages since they have a dehydrating effect and can also interfere with your sleep.

  • Take at least one or two days off during marathon week. Some people prefer to take off the two days before the race, while others will take off Friday before a Sunday marathon and do a very easy 20 to 30-minute run the day before the race to work out last-minute nerves.

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  • As race day approaches, you're likely to be stressed and irritable. Stay relaxed and confident, and know that pre-race nerves are normal. Try to avoid stress-inducing activities or situations. (For example, don't go to the DMV in the week before your marathon!) Start practicing some methods to deal with pre-race anxiety.

  • I am glad I read this, because I never thought about not doing my strength training the week before! I plan on running 3-4 days easy but not slow.

Do you have any tips you would like to share??
Who out there is running a marathon this weekend??


Brandi said...

great tips! it's so exciting that you get to do this :)

Mica said...

Thanks for the great tips, Bobbi! If they are good enough for Ms. Speedy McSpeederson, they are good enough for ME!

Tea Time said...

These are good tips. I just ran the LA Marathon yesterday but I am still jealous that you get to run SD RNR. Looking forward to the race report! Good luck!

andrea said...

Bobbi, I really admire and respect you as an athlete.You're amazing! I can barely run three miles without feeling totally bored and uninterested. Your mental and physical capacities are phenom!
Your comment was SO sweet. ) I'd love to be a featured fridge!

Meghann said...

Thanks for the tips! I never thought to take a day off from strength training either. Do you think Yoga counts?

I'm running a marathon! Hopefully with you by my side!! :)

Ashley and Bo said...

I'm so excited for you all! I wish I could be there to cheer you on! I have the Brooklyn Half this weekend and my goal is to RUN the whole time regardless how slow. I'm worried it's going to get quite hot since it's an 8am start! Good luck!

Lauren said...

Bobbi these are such great tips. I am running my first 1/2 this Septemer and I am extremely nervous but entirely excited about it. I love reading all of your advice. Thanks! :)

PS- I shipped your AB today so you should be receiving it shortly.

Take care hun!

HangryPants said...

I am running my first HALF marathon this weekend. Do these tips apply?

Alison said...

Thanks for the great tips! I hope to do a marathon someday and I'm sure I'll need lots of tips to do it well.

Melody said...

Thanks for the tips, Bobbi! I'm running a marathon this weekend! I'll look for you in San Diego.

Anonymous said...

awesome tips! i wish i had read / known some of them before my marathon a few weeks ago!

claire said...

I'm running a marathon on Saturday and I'm SO NERVOUS and SO EXCITED. I'm just doing easy 3-5 mile runs early in teh week and not running Thurs. and Friday.