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Monday, April 13, 2009

Bars Bars Bars

Today was much better then any day I had last week! The kids at school were much better and it didn’t feel like a Monday AT ALL!!! For lunch I ate as clean as they come, a large salad filled with spinach, romaine, cucumbers,carrots,tomatoes. strawberries, and sweet peppers. I also cut up an apple and didn’t end up eating the Kashi TLC Pumpkin Pie bar until an hour later. I am so glad I bought these bars, they were quite delicious! I am trying to eat of all the food in our fridge by this Saturday!!!2923

I also had a WW Pita and some leftover Tofu Spinach and Artichoke dip from yesterday. 


Around 4pm I had a WW English Muffin with some Naturally More PB, and a 1/2 banana the perfect afternoon snack.

Around 6:30pm I had a pre-workout snack, an apple and a Quaker Simple Harvest Bar!! I won these a long time ago from Hangry Pants but because I was on Lent I haven't been able to eat them. I loved them, they had the right amount of sweetness and they were nice and chewy not too hard! 


I finished my hour long kickboxing class sweaty and tired! I didn’t feel my best while teaching in fact I thought I was going to throw up half way through. I didn’t, thank goodness, I am not sure if I ate too much or if all the sweets from over the weekend came to haunt me! When I got home I did some exercises on my foam roller, man my IT BAND is sooo tight it was painful, but I am sure it helped. I then made a small bowl of Tri Cereal.


I am pooped, going to catch up on all of your blogs and then call it a night!!!

Was your Monday a great start, or would you like to start over again??


Run Sarah said...

What awesome, healthy eats! My Monday was great as it's common to have the day off from school/work here, didn't realize this wasn't the case in the US!

Megan said...

That pita/spinach and tofu artichoke dip looks so good! Good luck in Boston next week!! I'm planning on training for and running my first full marathon in the fall and hopefully one day will qualify for Boston!


Pearl said...

what delish looking eats! so glad to know that you had a NICE monday! i think it makes the transition back into workweek a bit easier!

Alison said...

Love those yellow peppers in your salad. I think those taste fabulous. Good idea to mix in apples too. Have a great week!

Lauren said...

You make clean eating look so delightful! I think salad has to be the best option for detoxing. It's amazing how great I feel after I consume a big ol' healthy salad.

Good luck this week getting ready for Boston!! When did you say that you will be back in CA? Will you be home by the 24th??

Mica said...

Sorry you felt sick during AKB! I hope you feel better soon.

And I LOVE the adorable little peppers in your salad.

RunToFinish said...

I had a pretty great start to the week. It's funny when I want to use up all the food we have...I start to realize how much we actually have! I think I go to the store too much!

Niki said...

Your healthy eats looks great, especially that salad! My salads never look as good as yours!!

Monday was ok for me, nothing exciting, kinda busy!

Fitnessista said...

that pita with the dip on top looks so good!
GOOD LUCK AT BOSTON!!! it's going to be amazing :D
i'll get your cds in the the mail by this weekend!