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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Her Wednesday Workout Tips: Gut-Busting Workout

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10:30am Snack: the Green Monster held me over until my morning snack. Oikos Greek Yogurt With Flax Granola.


Lunch 1pm: A Salad with Romaine and Spinach,cucumbers,carrots,peppers, and a sliced Gala apple. 


And an Amy’s Burrito…mmmmm


This lunch didn’t feel me up, an hour later I had one of these, best buy yet a box of 5 for under $2!


4pm Pre-Workout Snack: Asian Pear+ Light Cheddar stick from TJ’s.


Track Workout was OUTSIDE, thanks to the time change. I did 6 miles, some warm up, then 2X200’s, 2X400’s, and 2X800’s at 6:30pace. Also a long nice cool down:)

7:30 pm Dinner: Taco Tuesday! I finally found the La Tortilla’s at TJ’s this weekend, boy have I been missing out. I made two turkey tacos with cilantro, red peppers,light cheese blend,diced tomatoes, and a dollop of Greek yogurt.


On the side I enjoyed some black eyed peas and a small simple salad.


When I got home after my intense TRACK workout! I was so happy to see MyMixGranola came in! Bobbi’s Granola Greatness:) Review to come soon! Thanks FRIENDS!

13 5

After Dinner I had the last of my Greek yogurt, about 3/4 c and some of my mix mmmm…loved it!

11 12


I woke up at 5am this morning to run with some friends. It was so dark out and SO cold! I bundled up and made it out for a good 5 miles, my body was very tired from working out 5 straight days in a row, I will definitely be taking off from running tomorrow.

I made some Nature’s Path Flax Plus waffles, topped with Naturally Nutty Flax and Hemp Seed PB, 1/2 Banana, and some agave nectar. I also had a juicy and fresh picked orange. For some extra protein I had a little bit of my Odwalla Vanilla Al’Mondo.

15 16 14

Gut-Busting Workout

I am always reading magazines to find new and fun ways to workout. As I help “Skinny Bride” to lose weight and feel great I am always taking down lots of notes. Well I came across this amazing free workout from Women’s Health. I give you week one, if you are trying to lose weight or need something new I challenge you to do this week!!!

Week 1: Booty Boot Camp

Cardio & Strength Training: 20 minutes at moderate intensity (60-70% MHR, [To calculate your MHR (maximum heart rate), subtract your age from 220])
Core Workout #1


Cardio & Strength Training: 25 minutes at moderate intensity
Upper-Body Workout #1


Cardio & Strength Training: 30 minutes at moderate intensity
Lower-Body Workout #1


Cardio & Strength Training: 30 minutes at moderate-maximum intensity (70-85%
Core Workout #2


Cardio & Strength Training: 35 minutes at moderate-maximum intensity
Upper-Body Workout #2


Cardio & Strength Training: 40 minutes at moderate-maximum intensity
Lower-Body Workout #2


Cardio: 30-45 minutes at moderate-maximum intensity, no strength training

ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?! (remember if you have not done a lot of exercise, please consult your doctor first before trying this intense workout_


Anonymous said...

Cant wait to read your review of the granola - so cool!
Good job working out so hard!!

Danielle said...

I am craving tacos now after looking at yours! I'll have to work them into a meal soon!

Julie said...

Hey girl! Just found your blog! It's so awesome and I just added you to my reader :)

cglich0630 said...

I just recently mixed my own granola at mixmygranola.com. I love putting in yogurt. What else do you use yours in?

fittingbackin said...

Your tacos look AMAZING! And I love those workouts - so smart. Great blog!

Andrea said...

I like that workout do you think that one could really loose 2-4 pounds like the site says doing it?

p.s Your blog is great!

Kristin said...

Hiya! So check out my latest post for info about the Bourbon Chase. I have a few friends though who were worried about it being the Inaugural race and not too organized.

So, I did find two more similar races that have been going for a while. Will email you more deets and you can let me know what you think about them! Excited!

Bec said...

That granola looks good :)

Niki said...

Hey! I just found your blog and its awesome! I love all your healthy food ideas!!

RunToFinish said...

so you and i are turning in to food bloggers :)

oh to be able to do interval workouts.. soon...very SOON!!

RunToFinish said...

SBSD - is a group doing haha Sports Bras for San Diego. they have a little email list going and are daily supposed to do 200 crunches..though that ain't enough for me!! send me your email address and I'll add you if you want?

Runeatrepeat said...

Hey, Skinny Bride isn't the only bride-to-be around here who wants to lose weight! Help me too!

I heard you were going to be near by this weekend. Is it for your retreat??? What's the story? I would love to meet up!

Marianne said...

Mmmm, turkey tacos sound great. And that workout looks quite interesting. I'd love to try it, but it will have to wait until I'm done skating in March. I'll keep it in mind.

just me said...

what a great workout!

and that granola looks amazing! i can't wait to hear more about your mix!

Anonymous said...

I too am craving tacos!!! They look delish!

Mica said...

Those turkey tacos look delicious! Taco night is awesome.