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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Her Frisbee, Fajita Sunday!

Today was so perfect, well minus the voice still not being 100% but, I am choosing to focus on the positives:) After church hubby and I headed over to my old high school football field to play ULTIMATE Frisbee with some of Hubby’s colleagues. Isn’t the blue skies such a beautiful picture?!


Ultimate Frisbee, burns some major calories(not to mention is was 80 degrees today) and boy did I SWEAT! So did Hubbers!


When we got back from the major sweat fest, my ankle was kinda of sore from a bad landing I had while playing. The precautious fearful little girl that I am, will probably not play Utimate Frisbee or any sport that might cause an injury, until after Boston, can’t take my CHANCES! It was a blast though.


Tonight I busted out my roots, and made some fajitas for my three brothers, mom, and step dad. I love dinner with the family on Sunday’s it’s the perfect way to end the weekend. We decided to eat outside in honor of the beautiful weather.


The grill master! Look at all that Chicken Carne Asada!


I prepared the veggies! Green peppers+Red peppers+ Onion. 


Bro number 3 warming the tortillas, I taught him how to shred the cheese earlier, it was like being a teacher in the kitchen:)


Some decor for the patio, we bought this a while back and this is the first time we got a chance to use it!


The Fam


So the bro’s said “sis what’s up no dessert?!” I quickly explained how Hubby and I gave up sweets for Lent. They still demanded something, so I busted out my Vita-Mix and made them pb ice-cream, no pics because it was random!

I am pooped. Hubby and I cleaned the whole kitchen, and now I get to catch up on blogs and do some reading:)

Tomorrow is MONDAY, remember two things, first if you are going back to work remember this, “ THANK GOD, I HAVE A JOB”, if you had a crappy week last week, “ MONDAY A FRESH NEW START”. Let Monday BE the best day of your life!

Night Night

P.S. I joined yet another challenge for the month, Chandra's Bootie Buster Challenge!!! What can I say I am a glutton for punishment:)


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting on my comfy chair, and my mom is on the couch..we're waiting for Brothers and Sisters to start...and I just read her the last paragraph of your post..and she goes- Wow..tell whoever wrote that I said thank you :D

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous at the weather, Bobbi!!!
Grey and rainy here! Ha!

Pearl said...

oh bobbi i LOVE that inspirational, uplifting thought you have for mondays! we really should all be appreciative of the fact that we HAVE a job to go to on mondays, and if not, that monday really is the start of a brand new spankin' week, and we have a completely new weekend to look forward to!

sunday night dinners with the family are the best :) and your family is obviously adorable.

Marianne said...

That candle holder is really pretty all lit up like that :)

Denise said...

80 degrees!!! man, I'm watching it snow right now!

I'm the same way, I am so cautious. i don't want to do anything that will risk me getting hurt and not being able to run!

joyRuN said...

Bro#3 looks DEEP in concentration over those fajitas!

Dinner sounded like great family time :)

Mica said...

Ahh, your Sunday looks so nice. PERFECT weather. I can't believe you can sit out on your patio in t-shirts! It looks so lovely, wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the workweek motivation :-)

and omg, soooooo jealous of your clear skies and outdoor grilling!! looks like an awesome night with the fam (love your patio candle/light fixture!)

Meghann said...

I want Fajitas!! Those look great! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful day!!! Ultimate frisbee has always sounded really fun :)

And my friend has that wall candle holder, it's so pretty!

Lacey Nicole said...

WOW i am also jealous of the weather we are getting DUMPED ON with a huge snowstorm right this second. like it's already up past my ankles, ahhh. AND WOW the view from your yard-- those mountains off in the distancE!!!! great picture!!!!! :) so much fun about ultimate frisbee and that you all play together :) that game is HARD! all sprinting and jumping!

M said...

What a Sunday! The grill master indeed! :)

Brian said...

80 DEGREES?! Damn, sounds awesome as I am looking outside at the 12 inches of snow I got.

Love Ultimate and love Fajitas :)

Ryan (chasing daylight) said...

I LOVE Ultimate Frisbee! I wish I could play all of the time because it truly is an amazing workout! Awesome, awesome!

aron said...

is your candle thing from PB?? we have that in our living room :)

looks like a great sunday! wow nor and so cal had very different weather yesterday!

Matt said...

Mmmm fajitas...

Laurel said...

What a beautiful view you have from your backyard!

Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for my job. I always am, but sometimes on Mondays, it's easy to forget. :)

healthy ashley said...

I LOVE fajitas but have never made them at home... need to change that! Great party food, right?