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Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Fun+Winner of MixMyGranola

Wow it’s Friday is anyone else as HAPPY as I am that this week has come to an end?! Not that it was a bad week, I just have so many fun things going on this weekend:

  • Dinner tonight at a new Organic Pizza Place that I have been dying to try.
  • Saturday Morning 4:30am WAKE up call for the Slick 26, the running group that I joined is hosting their own marathon!! I am doing 18-19 miles.( with some new shoes).
  • Saturday Evening, am going to my school’s Spring Gala, I get to wear a FANCY dress:)
  • Sunday I am volunteering at the Pasadena Marathon!
  • Sunday night Hubby and I are going to a Hockey game with some friends!!!


    This morning I woke up and Pink and I had an amazing Yoga practice! All the speed work this week made my legs exhausted. I did Yoga for Runners, from yogadownload.com. My balance is getting better, I actually could stay in half moon as long as she asked me to. Today I am focusing on being intensional about my rest day. I have a 19 mile run tomorrow, I need the rest! Coach AL says it like this, “You are ONLY as good as your LAST recovery DAY.” Do you take your recover days seriously??

    I also made some Blueberry and STUFF Oats:


    The Mix:

    • 1/2 c oats+1/2 c Hemp Milk+1/2 cup H2O
    • Vanilla
    • 1 tbsp Flax Seed
    • last of my blueberry plank
    • handful of Bobbi’s Granola Greatness
    • handful of peanuts
    • fresh blueberries
    • spoonful of Naturally More PB


    Alright I have been keeping you all waiting long enough! I have the winner of the MixMyGranola Give-Away. First let me tell you how I picked the winner, which was quite the process. I went to Random.Org and pulled 3 different names. One from the comments, one from the people who linked the contest on their blogs, and one from the emails that answered the question, “what am I doing this weekend” . I then took those three names and wrote them on index cards and threw them in an oatmeal bowl:)


    And the winner is….


    Meghann from The Inner Workings of A College Grad!!! CONGRATS GIRL!

    Well guess what?! The kind people at MixMyGranola have given NHerShoes readers a coupon code offer all of your readers. Each reader can get $3.00 off their order when using promotion code “NHERSHOES”!!! Order your very own MIXED GRANOLA today!!! So everyone is a winner:)

    Alright folks I am out of here, need to catch up on all of your blogs!!!


    Meghann said...

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! This product was soooo made for me!!!!! :) I can't wait to Mix My Own Granola ;)

    Rose said...

    Congrats to Meghann - woo woo!

    Anonymous said...

    Wow congratulations to Meghann!
    Sounds like you are going to have a fabulous weekend!!!
    I should take recovery/rest days seriously, but I don't...

    Pearl said...

    congrats to meghann!

    and you sound like you're going to have a wonderful weekend! relax and ENJOY :D

    Lacey Nicole said...

    your plans sound amazing! pizza= mmm!!!!!!! and a fancy dress :) you better take pics!!!! way to work hard this week. and you are trucking right along! keep it up!

    RunToFinish said...

    oh boy you have a very fun weekend planned!! I have an exciting weekend too..but I'm not telling til later. :)

    have a great run and hope the new shoes are spectacular

    aron said...

    that is one busy weekend!!! but a FUN one :) have a great run tomorrow and have fun voluteering at the race!! i have a couple friends running, one the full and one the half :)

    Anonymous said...

    good luck running this weekend!

    Amy said...

    Wow, what timeare you going to bed tonight?!?

    I have a long run planned tomorrow morning, but I haven't decided the mileage yet. You're kinda inspiring me to add a couple miles. Thanks, I think!

    Melissa said...

    I am VERY HAPPY it's the weekend!!

    Wow you have a busy one ahead of you. Sounds like lots of fun!!

    Anonymous said...

    Organic pizza - nom nom!
    I love the apple bowl ;) Looks very familiar!

    Mica said...

    Mmm, your granola looks great! Have a fantastic weekend, it looks like a busy but FUN one!

    Run Saraaah said...

    Sounds like a busy weekend...your AM granola looks so colorful and yummy!

    Anonymous said...

    your oats look so colorful and delicious :)
    have a great weekend!

    Melissa said...

    I know that you are loving your Camelback water bottle. Can I ask where you got it??? I want one SOOO bad and can't find them anywhere!!!

    NancyPants said...

    Wow!!! You have so much energy. Reading your blogs always inspire me to keep with my training. Have fun this weekend.