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Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Stay-Cation Recap & WIN Contest Reminder!

Sadly our stay-cation is coming to an end…Here are some highlights of our long wonderful weekend.

Saturday Hubby and I had an all day PJ Party, started with a wonderful breakfast:


Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes: for her, Biscuits and Eggs: for Him

photo30 photo

We then had a full day marathon of Law & Order SVU, ( were dorks) and had leftovers ( stir-fry) and beers for lunch.

photo23 photo24At about 3pm we decided to go for a walk and then bake a little in the kitchen, we were both craving cookies. I tried making Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, with Whole Wheat flour. They were yummy, but merged together.

photo22Then for dinner we took a new spin on Shepherds Pie. We had a pie crust leftover in the freezer so we used it for the crust. We cooked ground turkey, onions,carrots, celery and peas together. We put the meat mixture at the bottom of the pie and then topped off with whole wheat mac and cheese, and Trader Joes instant mashed potatoes!  Have you ever had mac and cheese in a shepherds pie?!!!!! AMAZING!

photo19 photo18


The perfect Valentine’s day for the both of us!!! It was hard for me not to be doing stuff around the house, but I forced myself to RELAX!


I was supposed to run 15 miles on Sunday, but as I was headed out for the run I wasn’t feeling 100%. I had a bit of a headache, and I woke up late so I didn’t get out to run until 8am, and we had Church at 10am. I was cutting it too close. I decided to go back to the house, and postpone the run. I did my Jillian DVD instead on level 3, OOOO MY she is a MONSTER!!! I will be posting more about this on Wednesday.

Hubby and I went to Church and then headed out to Palm Springs to have lunch with my DAD ( he treated us). Palm Springs is only 45 minutes away from us. We met him at the Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino, where Hubby thought we were just having lunch. Little did he know, but my Dad had hooked us up with a room for the night. Hubby was so SURPISED, he had no idea. The best part was, that my DAD wanted to treat us so he paid for the room, and it came with dinner at the hotel, and $25 to spend in the Casino. Thanks DADDY!

Lunch was AMAZING. The hotel had a ton of restaurants inside but my Dad wanted us to eat with him at the POM, he said it was the best.

photo8I ordered a spinach salad, that came with goat cheese,peppers, and caramelized walnuts. With a cup of chicken tortilla soup (my fave).

photo15 photo16

Here is my dad with his delicious tuna salad sandwich, and the cute cone of fries! We ended up splitting our meals. I stole a couple of fries too;)

photo14We all sat and chatted for 3 hours ( we need to get together more), we then decided to order coffee and dessert. We all split the apple pie A LA Mode, another fave of mine.


Hubby and I then checked into our room and took a nice LONG NAP!!! Check out the view from our hotel room.

photo11 photo10 After the nap, we soaked in the hot tub. Hubby and I can only last so long in the hot tub, so we quickly decided to hit up the bowling alley(yes they had bowling at the resort) and played for an hour before dinner. We didn’t bring our camera down for the rest of the evenings so the photos stop here, but we did have a blast. I got a 145 score on one game and hubby got 165! We love to bowl.

We then hit up our free dinner, it was a huge BUFFET!!! Oh my, I am glad I didn’t have my camera you would have all been shaking your heads at my plates. I didn’t do so bad on my main courses, but my dessert plate(s) were soooo bad and sooo good!!! They had a chocolate fountain for crying out LOUD! 

Then we went out to the Casino’s and spent our free money! We didn’t win anything, but we sure did have fun at the penny slots. I only had one drink, a Red Headed Slut, basically Jagermeister and cranberry juice. It was yummy.

In the morning, we got our last free meal at the POM. I was ready for some REAL FOOD. So I ordered,  Irish Steel Oats, and some whole wheat toast. They even had ALMOND BUTTER!

The delicious toppings:photo4photo2

My Toast: Didn’t eat the Jelly, look at hubby’s waffle in the background:)

photo3photo6 photo5 

in the elevator about to leave….


For the rest of today we have been getting ready for the week. I still have a terrible headache and don’t feel like myself. Hubby has been cleaning, and taking care of me like the wonderful man he is. Were about to make dinner and I need to catch up on all of your lovely blogs, sounds like you all had wonderful weekends!!! We ended up spending under $60 for this entire weekend, wow talk about a cheap VACATION! How much do you usually spend on a long weekend vacation? I will be posting another post soon about life on a budget, so stay tuned!

P.S. Don’t Forget about my CONTEST THIS WEEK!

That’s right folks another wonderful giveaway at NHERSHOES!!! This time 4 lucky winners will receive a bottle of WIN Detergent!

Enter to win yours today!

Deadline to enter is Thursday February 19, 2009 at Midnight PST.

Ways to get multiple entries in:

  • Link back to this contest post if you have a blog/website. ( I will choose one winner from all the people that link it on their blog).Make sure you let me know! 
  • Send me an email at marie.bobbi@gmail.com with a workout tip!!!! ( I will choose one winner from all the emails) the heading of the email should be WORK OUT TIP.


Meghann said...

What a wonderful vacation you had!!! You guys are too cute!! :)

Mom on the Run said...

Sounds like a great time!

I love Palm Springs! I used to go to a wonderful Mexican restaurant there but it burned down a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

wow everything looks delicious!!
love the coffee mug :)

Meg said...

What a fabulous weekend for you guys! Thanks for sharing!

Mica said...

Staycation and Mini vacation look awesome. (I love that your cookies merged. Who needs pretty baked goods anyway?!?)

You and the hubby are so cute!

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

Aww what a great weekend! Oh, and SVU marathons are awwwwwesome. lol.

Hope your head feels better!

just me said...

what a great stay-cation!! it looks like you two had a blast!!!

RunToFinish said...

hope you feel better soon. i've had some headaches going on for about two weeks now..i'm hoping maybe it's allergies.

what a great dad for that hook up!

Lora said...

awesome vacay and im sure it was very relaxing! glad u had fun!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! i'm so jealous! :)

Lance said...

Great little get-away Bobbi - and a surprise to boot -- very cool!

Matt said...

What a freakin awesome weekend! I am so jealous!

Laurel said...

Sounds like a GREAT vacation. What a great dad you have!

Nice bowling scores too :)

Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter) said...

What a wonderful weekend. I love your side of almond butter. :) Awww, cute Dad. Glad you guys had such a great time!

Mrs. LC said...

What a FABULOUS staycation and surprise from your daddy! That is so awesome!

And thanks for the reply re: my tithe /missions idea. Thanks girl, you are so awesome!! :)

P.S. I ADORE tulips, if they had been in season (read: had I not had to ship them in from Holland) for my wedding I totally would have had an all tulip wedding!

M said...

Fantastic vacation! The food looks tasty! Even a good bowler! Wow! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what yummy eats! Looks like you had a great weekend!

HangryPants said...

Way to go dad!!!! That was so nice of him to get you the room.

Pearl said...

your minicay sounded SO fun!

MizFit said...

seriously no words but one:


Brian said...

Looks like such good food, and an awesome stay cation!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Wow!! What an amazing surprise! And I'm sure a much needed little time away to reconnect. Awesome! :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful stay-cation! I love the blueberry oatmeal pancakes. Hope your headache has gone away.

Denise said...

What a nice treat from your Dad!! That's so sweet. Sounds like a great wknd!

ttfn300 said...

fabulous!! :)

Missy said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Glad you are having fun!!

The Running Yogini said...

Haha! Red Headed Sluts used to be my drink. After looking at you and your hubbies plates, I have a question: Is it hard eating so healthy when your hubby eats regular food (or what I would consider "treat" food)? Our his and hers plates often look similar to yours and sometimes its hard for me to remind myself "I'm training for x,y, z, I need to eat healthy" or "My body feels better when I eat healthy". Do you have any mantras you say to yourself or does it just come naturally to you?

Anonymous said...

WOW! How wonderful! I can't believe how kind your dad is - not to mention - you just had a pretty sweet vacation for under $60! Way to go!

And you are totally not a dork - my hub and I do the same thing our our days off - it's in front of the tv for a tv show marathon - i cant think of a better way to spend the day :)

Danielle said...

Oh what a fun surprise!
Looks like you had a super fun time!

aron said...

sounds like a PERFECT "vacation"!! so fun about the surprise from dad!

Anonymous said...

The looks of everything seems SOOO amazing!! I definitely am jealous of palm springs and short sleeves in February. :( Chicago is a little cold for that. hahaha Your blog SOOOO super rocks. That's all I have.

Victoria said...

That sounds like so much fun! Your Dad is such a sweetheart to do that for the two of you!

Anonymous said...

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