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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work out tip Wednesday: You up for the Challenge?

Last night hubby and I went over to the Heppinstal’s to play some games for my dear friend Teracita’s Birthday! Let me tell you a little about my friend Teracita, she is one of the most kind and generous people you will ever meet. She is always smiling and laughing every time I hang out with her, she’s one of those people that you just love to be around all the time! I am so blessed that we are starting to hang out more and continuing to build our friendship!

Here are some pics from the nights festivities:

Dinner: Veggie Pizza I had two slices. I came to the party right after kickboxing so I was STARVED (not the best idea I should have had a snack first)!

december27th 001

Friends: we played this Pictionary telephone game that was hilarious! Check out one of the pictures someone drew for the phrase Born in America.

december27th 004

december27th 003 december27th 002

Teracita and I

december27th 005

Dessert: the warmest gooiest brownie I have ever had!

december27th 008

I also got a fun package in the mail yesterday, but I will have to wait to show you later…. I know the suspense is killing you!


This morning I remembered that I had bought something this weekend to cook for breakfast and hadn’t tried it yet. Since today is my OFF DAY, I decide to bust it out. This is for all you Latin food lovers out there!!! When I was a kid we use to eat Charizo for breakfast all the time, and it was so yummy, but so fattening. But when your a kid who cares. Well I had given it up as an adult until NOW!

Introducing Melissa’s Soyrizo!!! Melissa’s Soyrizo is actually an all natural, pure vegetable product, yet incredibly similar to chorizo in many ways.

december27th 009

I made myself a Soyrizo and egg burrito with one egg and a little Colby jack cheese. With a fresh picked orange from the tree in the backyard, and a cup of Hubbys coffee. I wish I had salsa but we were all out!!! This stuff taste just like the real thing, it was perfect! Has anybody else tried this???

december27th 011

december27th 012

december27th 013


Have you been challenged lately? Have you REALLY been challenged? Well, I have, and that’s because of some wonderful people out there who are putting the challenges on! My tip for today is all about joining a challenge, not to win a prize, of course that would be nice, or to start one of your own, to do it for yourself!

In that past couple months I have done two challenges, the POTM, and the HBBC. Both challenges made me push myself . The POTM, Pile on the Miles Challenge, helped me run more to stay in shape and burn fat through Thanksgving. The HBBC Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, helped me to get off my butt everyday and do SOMETHING through the Holidays. Both challenges helped me to track my workouts which was fun and exciting, it was great to see how I did over the span of thirty days.

Today, I am joining RuntoFinishe’s Sexy Sick Pack Ab Challenge! Amanda is so great to be putting on another challenge, she truly is an inspiration to me. I need some strong abs as a runner and what better way to get them them to be held accountable by other to push myself. I am going to be doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred video for 30 days, the goal is to getting a STONGER CORE! I will keep you all posted.

What’s the last challenge you did, and how did it help you with your fitness goals? Are you going to join or start a challenge?


Mica said...

I can't believe you have an orange tree in your backyard that actually yields fruit! I'm so jealous!

RunToFinish said...

Loved the entire post and trying not to laugh that you put my name as Monica..it's Amanda :)

I'm putting up a list of participants that have currently signed up today and I'm really excited. I think for the people who have others doing the same program they'll be even more motivated because they don't want someone else to get better results! We are funny about being challenged.

Lacey Nicole said...

i'm doing the abs diet!!! let's go challenge, woo woo!!

Brian said...

You always have the best foods in your posts! I love churrizo, probly spelled wrong, but i want to try the soy one now.

I try to challenege myself but probably not hard enough, ugh!

Rose said...

I love the challenges found on all the blogs - very helpful to helping me reach my goal. I liked Fitness NYC's Marathon Challenge, but the only problem is that I dropped off near Christmas when I didn't work out as much. I'm hoping to stay better motivated during 09 holidays.

Cassandra said...

Good idea I need a challenge for sure! your soy chorizo bfast burrito looks yummers! can I order jillians video online? hmm must check it out!

Anonymous said...

The party sounds so much fun! I love whoever drew that Born in America picture!

That brownie looks ooey gooey! I am off to go challenge myself to a workout thanks to your encouraging words!

Anonymous said...

Your Soyrizo look amazing! I haven't tried that, but what a great breakfast idea :)

Julianne said...

I've seen the Soyrizo in the grocery stores before but was afraid to try it. Thanks for letting us know, I will definitely pick it up next time!! Because, shoot, I love the real stuff but so fattening!

Oh and good luck on the Six Pack challenge!!

Danielle said...

A challenge is exactly what I need! Thanks for the great idea, I'll definitely have to take part in one soon.

matt said...

my last challenge was the marathon challenge and i won it! woo hoo!

i love chorizo! i haven't had it in ages but it's awesome! maybe i'll pick up some of the soy kind...

HangryPants said...

What an amazing description of your friend! Happy Birthday Teracita!!

Once again ... so jealous of your orange trees.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another nice time with friends. The born in America was cute and funny. You have sparked my interest in the Soyrizo.

The Three T's said...

Thank you for the all the nice things you said about me. That really means a lot to me. I was so happy that you and Matt could share my birthday with me. You are such an awesome friend.

Also, thank you HangryPants (Heather) for the birthday wishes!

Mrs. LC said...

Yummm on the brownie, that looks so gooey and delicious right now!

I just wanted to let you know that I gave you (and your hubs) a small shout out when I posted the same Swindoll quote your hubs shared this am.

Sarah W. said...

Hello there!

I haven't tried soyrizo but I've been dying to..although I'm vegan so while I think it would be great with eggs, I dont currently eat eggs....I guess maybe mixed in with a veggie chili to "beef" up the "meatyness"?? LOL frankly I'm scared to try it since I had vegan cheese last night and the stuff is FOUL.

Keep posting on how you like 30 day shred! I have it, but haven't tried it yet. I thought it was just a cardio video?? I'm currently training for a 10 mile race (running varying miles 4x weekly) with 1 full off day and 2 days where I will probably do yoga and upper body weights. Could I include shred into my workouts or would that be too much? What do you think? let me know!