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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comfort & Joy!

We had yet another fun filled Saturday of Holiday events, this post will be full of lots of comfort and joy!


I went to AKB yesterday and burned like a million calories! My total HBBC points 37.75 to this day, Michael is an amazing teacher and always pushes my body to the limit. When I got home I made another breakfast cookie, but this time I use banana protein powder, it was perfect!


After breakfast hubby and I set off for a full day of shopping ( don't I have the best HUBBY)for Christmas presents. Hubby did not have breakfast, so of course I had a LARABAR stashed in my purse for him. He tried the Gingersnap, ( I don't like ginger he loves it) he said that the bar needed 1.7oz less GINGER, in other words there was too much ginger in there for him.

The first outlet we went to was ok, we walked around for about 2 hours and then got some lunch at the ONLY eatery they had there. They had a lot of options, healthy and unhealthy. Everything looked really good. It was 3pm and we were FAMISHED. I still went with a lighter option, a Thai Wrap with Thai chicken, peanut sauce, jasmine rice, and cucumber salad all wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla with a spa salad on the side. I could have just had the salad, it was so good ( I ended up eating only half the wrap). There was grilled squash and zucchini on top! They also had a FLAVOR bar, and if you don't know this I AM the CONDIMENT QUEEN! So I got some BBQ sauce and Cilantro dressing. I just dipped my wrap in them trying to avoid to many empty calories.

We only ended up getting two things at the outlets then took off to hit the next mall. O and while we were there, they had a buy one get on FREE Churro, so we just had to get one. This was by far the biggest and best churro I have ever had. The dough was gooey, warm, and sooo fresh.

Hubby having too much fun in the Kitchen Store!! lol

Why would ANYBODY BUY THIS!!!!!

At the next mall we SCORED. We found some great gifts for the secret Santa exchanges in both sides of the family, and we got something PERFECT for the FIL! By the time we got to the last mall it was 7pm and we were started to drop, but we made it through got some great gifts for my brothers, my parents, and the hubby and I split up and did a little shopping for each other (I got some great stuff for him he's going to LOVE it!).

When we got home is was almost 9pm and we were SO ready to EAT! Thankfully the pot roast took 11 hours to cook so when we got home it was cooked to perfection. I am not a big red meat eater, actually I could probably live without it this meal was solely for the hubby who is a meat and potato kind of guy (he's from the south of course). This was my first time making Pot Roast (my NEW THING FOR THE DAY) , and it was successes the meat was so tender and the potatoes and carrots were not too soft, just done enough. We could tell the carrots were from the Farmers Market, they tasted do much better then the store bought. I wonder if I could slow cook butter nut squash??

My Wonderful treat for the evening

After dinner hubby and I curled up on the couch watching the movie Jack Frost, but after about 30 minutes WE BOTH fell asleep and I woke up an hour later so disoriented...lol...LONG DAY!


I woke up at 7am this morning ready to bake for my Christmas Cookie Exchange Party today. I just went ahead and baked the OOOO so amazing Oatmeal, Chocolate, and Pecan Cookies I made last week. Their so easy and stress free! Thank you all for the wonderful recipes and cookbook ideas! Maybe one day when I get a Kitchen Aid Mixer I will get more creative:) I also attempted at some of KATH's Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars, I didn't have banana chips or walnuts so I used craisens, raisins, and almond trail mix. I think this was a pretty good attempt; I have some great ideas for adding next time! I also had a little waffle banana and peanut butter sandwich on one of my NEW plates I got yesterday from Pottery Barn!

I am a little worried about the Cookie Exchange Party, I know it will be fun but ALL those cookies how do I NOT EAT THEM ALL!!! I will be drinking a lot of water and having a healthy lunch before I go to ward off any overeating!

Today’s agenda:

Clean up the kitchen!
Clean Bathrooms
Walk Bosco
Menu and Work out schedule for the week ( 4.5 day week of work!)
Cookie Exchange Party at 2pm
Softball Game at 5pm
cooking a fun dinner!
Finish at First Sight, only two more chapters!


I will be posting some exciting stuff tomorrow morning so stay tuned…..


D10 said...

The pot roast looks yummy. Matt is a big meat eater and I like you could do without. However every now and then I enjoy some.

Thanks for the advice on the hills. It really helped get me up them.

carolinebee said...

What a shopping marathon! I LOOVE condiments too, ah BBQ sauce!! :D I always ask for it on like, subway sandwiches and stuff and my friends think I'm totally wierd. But ah, I've found acceptance in blogland :)

Denise said...

Since we're renovating the kitchen in our new house, and buying a ton of appliances, etc, my husband keeps asking for the hotdog toaster!! So yes, unfortunately, I'm sure someone would buy that and I'm pretty sure I'm married to him.

therunningaddict said...

Oh my gosh Bobbi CHURRO??????
I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I haven't had it since I lived in Israel, which basically means 6 years!!!
You can get it stuffed with dulce de leche omg I am drooling!!!

Lacey Nicole said...

ooooooooh cilantro dressing sounds AMAZING! and....... i need that cow tea kettle!!!!!!! not even kidding!!!!! hahaha. i want to get my mom a tea kettle and i haven't found one i liked yet! :) i love the cow :)

Mica said...

I LOVE condiments! A flavor bar sounds like my dream come true!

I'd be worried about a cookie exchange too, yikes!

just me said...

what a bout of shopping!!! have fun at the cookie exchange!! i'm sure you're gonna get some good stuff!

RunToFinish said...

ohh a cookie exchange would be deadly for me, I'd have to try them all!

I am amazed at your shopping power..I can't do it for that long!

Denise said...

I just linked to your blog in my new post because I think you have great recipe ideas!! Hope you don't mind.

And I just bought pumpkin...how long can it stay in the fridge once opened?? I've never used this before. :-)

Lance said...

The suspense is killing me...what does tomorrow bring...

Shopping can be a real ordeal - especially for us guys!! (I try to avoid it...). Although I was out all day Friday with my wife - it was nice, we started early and the crowds weren't too bad!

Oh, and pot roast - one of my favorites!!! I'm coming over for dinner...oh, wait, that's quite a ways to go..but still...

Tina said...

Haha! Love your photos!

I love condiments too-- especially buffalo sauce, BBQ, and SALSA! :)

loveofoats.com said...

hope you have TONS of fun at the cookie exchange - i definitely went overboard w/ cookie eating at the one i held - it was so hard not to :/

that pot roast looks amazing - i have been really wanting to try to make one myself too :)

Erin of Care to Eat said...

I think you could def do butternut in the croc pot!
THat churro picture is cute. You're so funny. :)

Bobbi said...


Denise-thanks for the shot out, I love your blog!

Lance- When your in the area I will so make your family some Pot Roast!

Rachel said...

My God, girl. I'm tired just reading all that!!
went running today, whoo hoo!

eatingbender said...

I love the photo of you with the churro :o) I haven't had one of those in ages!

Sounds like the shopping was a success. As was your cookies - I think your baked oatmeal bars look REALLY good!

Megan said...

Okay girl. I don't know if you are ready for this. But my source for all things crockpot is crockpot365.blogspot.com She even has an alphabetical list of all of her recipes (it's on the left sidebar).

Here's a recipe for Butternut Squash Soup:

And here's one for Acorn Squash:

Hope you find something you like on there!