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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Updates & Vacation Plans!

Today in History: "2003 In America, Pop star Michael Jackson hands himself into police following the issue of a warrant for his arrest in connection with charges of child molestation." not a very fun fact but it's in History.

Well since being gone, I have not eaten very well, and have not exercised I need to detoxify! So today that’s what I am doing, lot’s of fruits and veggies and water.

I wanted to run this morning, didn’t happen body needed rest. But I did get to sit and eat cranberry oats while hubby and Bosco read the paper together:)

Plan for the next two days until VACATION:

-eat lots of REAL food
-kick box
-plan out vacation


I wanted to give those of you in who are participating in the PILE ON THE MILES CHALLENGE, a sneak peak about some things that are going to be in the winners goodie baggy (a little incentive to keep running hard). I have a couple sponsors that are sending me some very cool things to throw in the GB (goodie bag). Here is the first peak, a Gas Cap....

I wore this amazing hat, in the ST. George Marathon. I felt a little goofy at first, but quickly got over that. I loved the way you could stick your gels in the hat and grab them conveniently.

Patented designed, with special inserts that snugly & comfortably hold gel packets.

· Reduce the weight & bounce of a fuel belt
· Keep your gels close & convenient
· Stay fueled up & light on your feet

It was so convenient and comfy!!!! I am so excited to give one of these to a the winner.


Surprisingly hubby updated me on our total grocery bill for this month so far and it was only $100! We are almost to Thanksgiving and are going to make our budget! I can’t wait to send a gift card to my brother in the mail this week.


I only have 48 hours until I leave for Nashville for thanksgiving with the In-laws. Hubby is leaving on Saturday because he had a FREE ticket and was limited on the days he could fly out, and because I have work I couldn't’t leave. So I will be home Friday night alone again, which means cleaning and packing! Then Saturday morning I will be flying solo, which will be good because I can catch up on reading and finish my scarf (I am almost done with it).

I am excited about heading out to Memphis for Thanksgiving, we are only there are a week so we have to plan accordingly. We want to hit up all the best eateries we miss, friends, and family. I am hoping to see college roomies, and get in a lot of running since I only have 19 miles logged since the 8th!!!!! Man I am slacking, but with vacation that means more time, and I am one of those crazy ones that love to work out on vacation, do any of you readers do that too???

Well I am off to work on this Thursday morning hoping to eat healthy, go to kickboxing tonight, and then couples study. I hope not to be stressed these next two days as I am packing and planning for Holidays. How do you deal with stress of the Holiday? DO you have any? I tend to just write as much as I can down so that I don’t have to worry about it, haven’t done ANY of that yet! There is still the shopping list, Christmas cards to make, send out, and have that annual Christmas party to PLAN! I WILL NOT get stressed, I WILL NOT get stressed, I WILL NOT get stressed!!!! (Must put a massage on that list)

P.S. When I got home from AZ I received all of these wonderful samples from ProBar, and Snacktration!!!! Can't wait to try them:)


Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

How do I handle holiday stress? Lots of wine! ;) Man it just makes everything better!

Cool hat!! Hope you have a great week and t-day! I totally work out while on vacation, that's the one thing I don't take a break from. I'm even planning a run t-day morning. Are you going to be running while away? Maybe we could do a t-day run club and those who are running that day can post their miles! :D

Lacey Nicole said...

I make sure to take advantage of getting enough sleep over vaca and going running!!!!

yay goodie bag!!!!!! you are so cute!!! i almost think there should be runners up.... esp if it is close... :) you are such a good challenge host! i am loving the pile it on... i think about it now for every run!

Meghann said...

Soo much great information in this post! I hope you have fun in Nashville! I can't wait to read about your return to southern living. :)

just me said...

luckily i have yet to experience holiday stress other than shopping...which i really hate cause crowds make me nervous.

and i like the hat. i've actually never tried the gels before...i have yet to grasp the concept of eating/swallowing something other than spit while running...it kinda makes me gag. any suggestions?

have a great day!!!

Mica said...

Glad you're back, lady! I missed your posts and the cute pictures of Bosco!

Bobbi said...

Andrea- What a great idea I think I shall throw that out there, I know I need that:)

Lacey- Love the idea of a runner up, I think I will throw that out there. Thanks for the idea:)

Just Me- Gels are great, but I only use Hammers Gels, I think there the most natural!!! When you get out on those long runs there a must, I belive that's how I made it to a t 3:24 marathon, plenty of fuel and energy. If it makes you gag maybe your not drinking enough water with it? They are better tasting ones out there:)

Erin of Care to Eat said...

I'm w/ Melissa - I get stressed with shopping sometimes so I do about half of it online.
Have a great time!

Catherine said...

Love the running hat - so cool!! This contest has been such awesome motivation for me to run in the 30 degree (and seemingly dropping) temps outside. I definitely enjoy working out on vacation... I'm not good at sitting still :), so hopefully I will be able to add a good chunk to my total mielage by the end of Thanksgiving break!

Holiday stress?? I cook Thanksgiving dinner in its entirety minus the turkey (which my mom does) so I definitely have had my share of that! Honestly, running is a great de-stress mechanism for me.

therunningaddict said...

I always feel like I have double the stress cause we celebrate Hanukkah but then the majority of my friends are in the Christmas spirits. Chrismukkah, anybody?
I like to list all the gifts I need to buy etc and plan the budget accordingly...

Megan said...

First, how do you get so many free healthy samples?? And they seem much larger than the free samples that i am getting.

Second, I try to plan plan plan for holidays. I gave it a shot with matt's bday dinner party last week. i said i would make breadsticks at 4 then have the chicken in the oven at 5 30 and so on. It worked and I had time to relax and get ready slowly. I'm already doing my Tday planning.... Sunday = clean. (tho no one is coming over). Monday night = pumpkin and cheery pie baking at the in laws, Wednesday = apple pie baking at home, Thursday am = creamy herbed potatoes. I think my MIL is doing everything else! Another great tip, if you are hosting. Write out every item you are planning to serve on a post it. Then get out your serving dishes and put the postits in accordingly, put serving utensils with it, and make sure you have everything you need and a place for everything on the table. It's amazing!

The Three T's said...


Fitnessista said...

i handle holiday stress the same way-- lots of lists. they're everywhere right now!
i LOVE the hat! good motivation for me to keep running :D
have an amazing vacation!

Mark said...

I avoid holiday stress...gift cards! You are doing awesome I love the workout mix!

MizFit said...

jealousy. by mizfit.


(that is all as my brain is too full of post info to properly process at this moment.)

Caitlin (see bride run) said...

enjoy the vacation!! i am having loads of run logging my miles for PILE ON THE MILES! :)

runningwithfood.com said...

The vacay sounds great right now ... I would love to get away!!

Whenever I'm feeling stressed, I break out the paper and start making my lists ... and then I'm off for a good run. That always helps!! Hang in there! :)

Love all the goodies!

Amanda said...

just wondering how do you get so many samples? Maybe I am not being nice to the right people. :)

Ok, I'm doing my best to add up some miles. I've definitely been uping the mileage the last week so hopefully I win! That would help with my holiday stress.. hhehe