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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

The thanks goes to all you bloggers out there that have encouraged me to get up and run today. Well indirectly, but none the less. When I woke up this morning I headed to the computer to see all that had taken place last night, and read a couple blogs too. I notice that because a lot of the blogs I read are people from across the country, you all had gotten your runs over with and I needed to still do mine. I was so tempted not to do my 40 minute run this morning but I through my cloths on and went out despite the cold weather. I know some of you are dealing with much MUCH much colder weather then I, so I shouldn't complain at all!!!!

Here is a pic of the Hay Stacks from last night:

The plan for the run was 40 minutes easy, but because I am so competitive even against myself I ended up running faster then I should have. Because I am always in racing mode I tend to speed up instead of just taking it easy. I constantly look down at my Garmin! Maybe on Friday I should just run with out it, doubt it.

My Stats:

Duration: 32 minutes
Distance:3.5 miles
Calories Burned: 40
Avg Pace:9min
Max Pace:7:12 min

On the last mile of my run, I was already thinking of bfast. I wanted eggs for some reason, so when I got home I decided to try some of Kath's Sunny Side Oats , they sound so wierd but surprisingly Delicious! I mixed up the combo a bit.

The combo:

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup hemp milk
1/2 cup water
Pinch salt
handful flax seed
1 egg, cooked sunny side up with a soft yolk
About 2 tbsp fancy shredded 2% cheese
Fresh basil

You can't see the egg but it's in there. I also had half a banana with some Zap peanut butter(which I am working on a contest for this weekend).

Ok so the college Spring schedules are out now, so I am searching for Chemistry and Anatomy I. I hope that I can find classes that work around my schedule, I know it will be tricky.

Today's schedule is a bit crazy as always, but I know that dinner will be fun tonight! I am excited about seeing the girls in my women's study tonight, I missed them last week. Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

Oh and by the way my running buddy, Rachel posted some great recipes and a new website, called Culinary Competitor. I am pretty stoked about this:) You all must check it out!


Anonymous said...

I just keep getting more and more inspired every time I read your blog!
I wish I would drag my butt outside in the cold...I am just too much of a coward when its comes to this!!! Its been really nice today though, so I may actually head out if it stays the same

Anonymous said...

It's true - you're incredibly dedicated.

Meghann said...

I am very happy to indirectly movtivate you to go running. :)

ncrunner12 said...

Good for you for gettg out of bed and out the door. The more blogs I read the more inspired I get, and just think when I first got on here I was only reading 2-3... man I must really be getting inspired these days.

The food, as always, look wicked good... can't wait till dinner