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Monday, September 8, 2008

So fresh and so clean, clean!

I am so excited about the new Fresh & Easy opening at the end of this month in my hometown! All I have to say is that it's about time we got some kind of health food store in our neighborhood. With my new found passion for health food it cam just in time!

It has been a thought provoking kind of weekend. My hubby and I have been discussing future plans, and when we start to do that my mind starts to spin in circles. I absolutely love my job, but is it where I want to be in 5 years? I don't think so. I think that I have a lot more to offer, and I think that I would like to be doing something in the health and wellness industry. Well there goes that History degree I worked my tale off for. I mean don't get me wrong I adore history, and I loved learning all about it, but it's more of a hobby then something I think I want to use in a profession. You see I got a history degree for two reasons, because I loved the subject, it came easy to me, and lastly I wanted to be a high school cross-country coach( most of my coaches were history teachers too).

As I ponder ideas, I think I know no matter what I am going to have to go back to school. Which excites me for sure, but with my schedule right now working 10am-6pm,I am not sure how that's possible unless I take online school. That does not sound so fun. I love school, I love going to class and learning with others, hello that's why I am a teacher!

I guess what really drives me to start thinking seriously about all this, is that I am not getting any younger, and we don't have any children right now, so now is the best time to get started. Just the thought of me going back to school gets me excited!!! Especially sense I will be studying something I have a great passion for. There are so many details to be figured out, but I ll pray and start doing some serious research.

What are some careers you would choose if you had a second chance?


Megan said...

So, as you already know, I am back in school. And I'm still working from 7:30 to 4 every day, actually I get off at 3 on school days, but yeah. I have school monday and tuesday from 4 - 10 and 4 - 9, respectively. It's going to be rough, but I know it will be worth it. All I can say is, thank goodness we don't have any kids yet. I have a bunch of friends in my classes who have kids, and work, and still do school, they inspire me! Anyways, I'm getting my masters in counseling psych, and then either getting my MFT license or doing more school for a PsyD. Have you thought about changing your hours at work? I don't know if it's possibe, but you could always ask to change them for next semester, then do night school. CBU (my school) has 4-6 30 and 7-9 or 10 classes, so you can always do the 7-9 classes, even with working until 6. But I have a friend who finished online school and she loved it. And she got close to some of her classmates too.

Running Knitter said...

I think it's never too late to start a new career. I'm actually thinking about becoming a teacher - any words of wisdom for me? :)

Lanceman said...

I think that's great your considering going back to school. The thing is, our life is a journey. And it leads us down different paths. And sometimes, it's best for us to take a different path, or make our own path. You seem to have a real passion for health and fitness, and I think it would be an excellent fit for you. But what really counts, is what you truly feel is "right".

I'm tossing that around myself right now. I am very happy where I'm at and like doing what I do very much, but I just don't love it. And I'm not sure where this might lead me. Health and fitness is a big passion of mine as well - maybe there. But there are other areas I'm discovering as well. And I think that's all good.

So, go out there and live your dream Bobbi! You're awesome, and have much to offer!

Rachel said...

What are you thinking of doing? Teaching PE during recess is the least fun I can think of, but the job itself is great. If I could do it over- I would choose and academic career in the phsy ed department. such as exercise physiology or biomechanics or phys therapy. I'm good a designing/creating plans that I'm passionate about.