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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Power of Community

I was reminded today about the power of community, about how important is to do life together. It reminded me about how wonderful it is to have friends that are passionate about so many different things in life. I think each person in my life has made me who I am today.

My Dad has showed me how to love people with encouragement. My Mom shows me what it means to always be honest. My hubby shows me true selflessness, and my dog loves to show me how to be crazy some times:) I would also like to give some credit to my lovely friends. They show me things that I can't see with my own two eyes or hear with my little ears.

I think I choose to hang out with people that make me stronger and challenge me as much as possible. I know that this is quite different then others. Some people like their friends to lie about how things really are, they like living a sugar coated life. I am sorry but if I wanted friends like this I would go back to college and join a fraternity where I pay for my friends. I want quality not quantity friends and more then anything I want REAL people to share life with.

With this said I better be one of these people and walk the talk, I must be loyal, challenging,encouraging,loving, and 100% REAL. Why are people afraid to be who they really are? Why are people always trying to be other people? I wish I could say that I have never been in this situation and that I have never tried to be someone I am not, but I would be lying. I have been through high school, college and now my career life trying to figure out who I am. I think I have changed, well let me back up I know I have changed, but I still have the same soul.

Do we really know who we are? I think our friends and our passions make us who we are. If we allow ourselves to be around people that have negative thoughts and attitudes then we will be nothing more then those people on their best days. I think we have weak passions in life as whole. We are too easily pleased with who we are, and have a hard time trying to make ourselves better. We just get in a rut, and it's understandable with all the things that we have going on, kids, work, family, house work, life....But we need to be more passionate about things, to challenge others and not sit around watching "America's Got Talent". I don't mean to offend those who might watch the show, I just know that there are several more productive things that one could be doing.

I say all this because I want to live life with people and I want people to know that without community we have nothing...are you living together or solo?


Rachel said...

great post. Nice cool new layout too.

I know who I am. I also know that lazy negative people can be poisonous to our minds and hanging around with them effects our own mental thoughts and actions.

Pick your friends wisely and their positive vibes well encourage you.

Running Knitter said...

Thank you for this post. I recently decided not to hang out with a particular group of "friends" anymore because I didn't like how negative they are, and how they were constantly putting others down, and bringing me down too. Thanks for reminding me that I did the right thing. :)

Lanceman said...

Why are people afraid to be who they really are? To answer what I think - people are afraid because it may make them vulnerable. I'm getting better at this, but still struggle at times. But the truth is, when I am not afraid to be who I am, that is when I am the happiest. And, I've decided that it doesn't matter what other people think. Sometimes I feel vulnerable - but that's ok. In fact, I thinking it's good to be vulnerable - to open up who we really are.

So, I think you've written an excellent post. And I'm not sugar coating it. I speak that from the heart. Because I believe in what you've written.

And, I like the layout as well. It's cool!