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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where Did it Go?

Good afternoon..TODAY IS FLYING BY!!! Why is it that when you have the whole day to do whatever you want that if you are not careful you might miss it in a blink of an eye?!

Last night after kickboxing I went to Walmart to pick up some final baking supplies,  bad idea. First reason the store was packed at 9PM and second reason is the baking shelves were practically empty.ARRRRR!

The Loot

bobbi 344

When I got home I sipped on a glass of red wine and a Larabar (an odd combination I know) and watched some cheesy Christmas movie on Lifetime. That for me was very relaxing and just what I needed after my Walmart experience!

This morning I woke up late, but still managed to make it to another hour of kickboxing! We did bags, focus mitts, circuits, squats, kicks and so much more! I normally wouldn’t do back to back workouts like that but I am determined to finish strong!  I wish you could all come to our classes they are intense and you always feel amazing afterward like you could conquer the world.

I then headed over to Sbux to meet my dear friend Melissa who I haven’t seen in a while we needed some major GIRL TALK! I ordered a Turkey Bacon Sandwich minus the cheese and a tall soy peppermint mocha (2 pumps chocolate one pump peppermint) with no whip, yes I have a very confusing order.


3 hours later when I got home I was famished!!!! I almost called Hubby and told him to meet me somewhere for lunch but I need to save money so I came home and made an avocado and tomato sandwich + tomato soup!

bobbi 346

bobbi 347

bobbi 348

Today's plans are BAKING ALL DAY!!! I shall have lot’s of recipes to share so stay tuned!!!!

Question: What is your favorite thing to bake during the Holidays?


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

I love cookies! I made some protein packed peanut butter and chocolate biscotti yesterday. I think cookies are perfectly portioned desserts for the parties.

Anonymous said...

i don't really bake myself -- i leave that to others. but i enjoy eating oatmeal raisin cookies :)

Amy said...

I started baking at 9 this morning and I just finished (it's after 2)! I made chocolate chunk walnut cookie bars for hubby, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks (white and dark), gingerbread men decorated with homemade icing for my boys, sugar cookies for my dad, candied pecans and my favorite thing: you place a mini Reese's cup upside down on a square waffle pretzel and melt it in the oven for one minute @ 250. When they come out of the oven I top them all with one peanut M-n-M. Whenever I take these somewhere, I never bring any home!

I figured out how to cook the cranberries and my favorite snack right now is organic vanilla yogurt with cranberries and a little Kashi Go Lean Crunch. Yummy and so pretty in my bowl!

Have a blast baking today. I know I did! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lora said...

Since my dream job is to be a baker, baking is something I do a lot of, especially at the holidays. The one thing I absolutely must make every year is my grandma's Chocolate Walnut Slices. She is famous for them in our family and beyond. They are simple, the recipe makes a ton, and everyone loves them!

Anonymous said...

that soy peppermint mocha sounds amazing! i'm really jealous.
and i dont bake much- but sugar cookies w/ decorated icing is always fun :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a treat baker...but I am making crusty french bread tonight! Your sandwich looks great...makes me want one right now!

EricaH said...

baking is on my menu today also, nothing healthy (pumpkin rolls and pumpkin apple bread) so I am hoping your will hook us up with some healthier baked goods recipes

Lisa said...

oooh tonight is my baking night too! I love baking cakes - but tonight it is gingerbread :)

Ali @ Food, Fitness, Fashion said...

I like chocolate chip ones and the thumbprint ones with jelly! Classics!

Lauren said...

Ah, you ventured to Walmart this week. Crazy crazy girl!

I don't bake but my favorite thing to eat are my mom's almond crescent cookies. The best and always remind me of Christmas! :)

Have a wonderful night of baking love.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about "free" days just flying by! So unfortunate.

I think I spot some peanut butter kiss cookie makings in your pictures! I made those today for a party :)

Danielle (Coffee Run) said...

I feel like the holidays are a good time to make those elaborate desserts you have in your cookbooks. Either that or cookies :)

maria said...

I love your soup bowl! And I agree... time goes by much more quickly when I get to do what I want. So sad!

Jenna said...

i am baking tonight!!

just me said...

i baked while you baked! can't wait to see what you made!!!