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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Like A Baby

Happy Thursday, oops I mean Wednesday!Is it just me or is this week going by slowwwww?! I so thought it was Thursday this morning and then quickly realized that sadly it was not.

I slept like a baby last night and managed to get 8 full wonderful hours in. I am hoping that sleep really pushes me through the day. We have lot’s of meetings at work today and I am going to need all the energy I can get.

I woke up on the later side so I made myself a quick bowl of mixed cereal, Puffins + Zoe’s Granola+ Nanner+ Dried Cranberries.

bobbi 205

I am sure I will be hungry in an hour, I need some protein! 

bobbi 206


Finish Strong Series!

After my crazy eats yesterday I can not wait to teach Kickboxing tonight to finish this year strong! How are all of you doing with all the Holiday Parties, Shopping, and Holiday busyness that is upon us? I am not Piling on the Miles as I should be, but I am getting my circuit training and kickboxing in which makes me feel just as great!!

Today just take 15 minutes out of your day and do Lauren’s 10 min Boot Camp, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

(Strength and Cardio)

2 min: Warm Up
1 min- jog in place
30 sec- arm circles
30 sec- toe touches

2 min: Round 1

1 min- Burpies
1 min- Walk out push-ups

2 min: Round 2
1 min- skaters
1 min- military kicks with shoulder press (5lb weights)

2 min: Round 3
1 min- alternating side kicks
1 min- squats with shoulder press (5 lb weights)

2 min: Cool Down
1 min- jog in place
1 min- plank

Have a HAPPY Hump Day!


Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

This week feels crazy. I don't know it it's Monday, Wednesday, or Sunday. That's what finals will do to you

Megan @ Megzz Wins At Life said...

I wish my week was going by fast.. This is a slow one for me..

Have a good day!

just me said...

i know, so slow right? i can't get the week to go by any faster. ack.

Anonymous said...

glad you got some great sleep and i'm loving these finish strong workouts!!

Ali (Food, Fitness, Fashion) said...

This week is slow, but nutty. I have so much to do and so little time. I feel like this week is insane. Good luck with all your meetings!!!!

Anonymous said...

getting a full nights sleep is the bestt- your breakie looks amazing!

chrystad72 said...

This week has been going crazy fast. Looks like a great workout though. Have a good day!

Krista said...

OK it made me LOL to take 15 minutes out of my day for a 10 minute workout...yes I'm a dork! It's the enginerd in me. ;)

Jenna said...

everyone seems to be thinking it is thursday today as well, so it is just not you!

Lauren said...

Everyone seems to be feeling the same this week. So out of sorts. Maybe b/c it is the week before Christmas?

Yay! I am so happy that you are enjoying the bootcamp workout. I have more so I will have to send them to you! :)

Hope you had a lovely day love.

maria said...

This workout kind of reminds me of Shred intervals! Sounds great!

Nelly said...

I teach a cardio circuit and we do pretty much everything you listed. NEEDLESS to say I am sore today :) and yes ChikFila is the best fast food by far!