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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Runners Christmas Wish List

That’s right friends, we are back in Nashville and are in the last hours of our vacation. I am sad to have to leave tomorrow, but dreading excited to get back to routine.

We had a three hour trip to the SIL’s house and ate Subway in the car. I had the usual, veggie delight with everything! I saved the other half for the plane tomorrow.

Picture 771

When we got to the SIL’s house I couldn’t wait to go for a run! No rain today but it was extra chilly! I ended up running 5 miles a lot faster then I had anticipated. Check out these stats!

Garmin statistics:

  • Duration: 38:31
  • Distance: 5.0
  • Mile 1: 9:19
  • Mile 2: 8:29
  • Mile 3: 8:01
  • Mile 4: 8:11
  • Mile 5: 7:45!!!!!
  • The Burn: 580 calories

  • Not bad for a leisurely run!

When I got home we all decided to have Sushi delivered! My SIL knows of this great place in town that she really loves.

Picture 773 

The boys being boys..and super excited to eat!

Picture 774

The spread! 

Picture 777

We ordered four different rolls; Spider Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Crunchy Crab Roll and a SWEET POTATO ROLL (only in the south!).

Picture 779 

Picture 781

I had a little of everything and MORE! 

Picture 784

With some edamame beans and a salad on the side. 

Picture 785

The most amazing combination! I loved everyone of my rolls!

Picture 780

Hubby had some Tangerine Chicken, it was tasty too! 

Picture 788

Some of my Sushi was so hard to eat…

Picture 790

I had to put down my chop sticks and get in to it! 

Picture 792

Oh I am soooo stuffed! I knew that I went over the limit but whatever I am on my last night of vacation I couldn’t let any of the goodness go to waist :).

So friends have you started shopping yet?! I love to bless people with a little something they love on Christmas. I know that gifts are not the reason I celebrate the Holiday’s, but I am not going to lie I love buying gifts for people!!!

A Santa list for Runners

Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners (Amazon)

Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Running (Amazon)

Runner's World Runner's Diet: The Ultimate Eating Plan That Will Make Every Runner (and Walker) Leaner, Faster, and Fitter. (Amazon)

Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running (Amazon)

Black and Red Competition Suit (Amazon)

Valeo Dual Ab Wheel (Amazon)

Barney Butter Almond Butter 90 Calorie Packets, .6-Ounce Packages (Amazon)

Atlanta Commitment Skirt!

Black and Turquoise

Flip Video to take on races!!!

Zoot Race-Day Belt

Camelbak Water bottle

Asics 2140’s

Asics Socks (My favorite!)


Massage Gift Certificate!!!

Question: What's on your wish list this Christmas??


Tiffany said...

Garmin Forerunner is on mine =)

Barbecued Peaches said...

What is the name of the sushi restaurant in Nashville? The BF and I are spending this weekend there for our anniversary and we love sushi!

I wish I'd had a chance to meet you while you were in Memphis---maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

nice run! cold weather = fast running for me :)

i'm having such a hard time putting together a christmas list but after reading this post... haha

Anonymous said...

Oooh I want a forerunner too! And sushi is the BEST :-)

Janice @ Mom On The Run said...

I want a treadmill so I can run again... My hubby travels a lot for work & I can't leave my two small children alone in the house while I go run.

Julianne said...

I love the running skirts - I have one, but its all black and I'd like to get more in diff colors. I found that brand doesn't ride up like the others.

Julie @savvyeats said...

A mini food processor is on mine! And my fiance and I are getting each other a Canon Rebel to share :)

Lele said...

Oooh I bet a sweet potato roll is DELICIOUS! I love sushi and I love sweet potatoes- how nice to not have to CHOOSE!

Deirdre said...

A plane ticket to Florida so I can watch my best friend run the Disney marathon!

Terecita said...

I love your wish list! I actually have a few of things and i wouldn't even call myself a runner! :-) Ab wheels are great and they give you a good workout. I even have a video flip, which you are more than welcome to borrow are you next race. :-) They are very handy.

I think I could certainly go for a camelbak water bottle :-) cause I REALLY need to drink more water.

maria said...

I'd love to have almost everything on your list! :D

And that sushi looks awesome!

just me said...

i'm so asking for a garmin, but know i'll never get it. :)

Anonymous said...

i think i'm getting my boyfriend a garmin for teh holidasy!! & omg i loooove sweet potato rolls -- soooo good. wow- speedy run too!


Ashley said...

Sweet potato roll sounds amazing!

New workout clothes are on my Christmas list. My 3 10year old workout pants need to retire!

Lauren said...

I love your Xmas wish list, but I was curious-what is the Zoot belt?


Lauren a zoot belt is amazing!!! You can hook your bib number on it no more need for saftey pins.

Jenna said...

looks like a great list! sushi looks delish as well!

Steve2007 said...

The Body Bottle (straps to your bicep) to replace my fuelbelt. (bodybottle.com)

lpskins said...

Sweet potato rolls in New England too! I live in Boston and I've been to two places that serve them. One of which adds pineapple. Yeah, amazing.

Andy@Camelbak Better Bottles said...

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