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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally I Can Post!

Hellooooo friends, it has been a wonderful two days. We are now back in Memphis after out wonderful visit to the FIL’s in Mississippi. I have a lot to post about, so I know you probably will just breeze through pics, and I am cool with that!

>>>>>First off here are some Black Friday Pics I finally got uploaded!


Picture 752


Picture 753

The Shopping Madness!!!

Picture 761 \

4am at Target with the FREE BAG!

Picture 760

Now on to Saturday on the FARM! I love going to my FIL’s, because there is something about the farm life that bring out true peace. 

Picture 591

Picture 592

I love swinging on the front porch in the mornings :)

Picture 593

Picture 594

As you can see it doesn't get used a lot, FIL should give it to me ;)

Picture 598

Hubby likes to spit on the porch…true southerner! 

Picture 601

FIL’s Home

Picture 610

Picture 737

He lives on over 150 Acres of land, wow! 

Picture 611 

Photo Shoot with the John Deer Tractor

Picture 619 Picture 620

Picture 621

As you can see this is where Hubby feel most comfortable. 

Picture 629

Time to do our farm chores

Picture 647

Love playing with my camera! 

Picture 659

Picture 685

Picture 604 

I was a little scared of the HUGE DOGS, FIL has 9 Great Pyrenees’!

Picture 651

Picture 635

Ok Ok I am a little timid, not a farm girl! 

Picture 653 

Hubby is BRAVE!

Picture 640

Keep me behind the fence please :)

Picture 712

Hubby’s going in! 

Picture 717

Picture 694 

After we did our farm chores we took some “Christmas” photos..not really but who knows.

Picture 674

Picture 678

Such a stud! 

Picture 727

Picture 725Picture 673

This picture is a trip

Picture 729

Love the colors in this one

Picture 730

Father and Son

Picture 733

So many beautiful leaves

Picture 736

Dinner time! 

Picture 738

The FIL made is Stuffed Chicken with Shrimp Etouffee. 

Picture 744

Purple Hole Peas + Butter Beans (Hubby’s favorite)

Picture 740

The chicken was amazing, I loved the Cajon seasoning! 

Picture 742

A very lovely simple dinner, I could live off of these beans!

Picture 743

After dinner we tried to slide across the floors…

Picture 746

I tried! 

Picture 747

Last night we drove back to Memphis and I met up with a college friend for drinks at the Flying Saucer.

Picture 755

I started with a Hornsbey’s Apple Cider, a festive flavored beer (if I can even call cider beer). 

Picture 756

Because we had an early dinner and I didn’t want to eat on an empty stomach, I ordered a Goat Cheese and Tomato Appetizer Pizza. It was the perfect size! 

Picture 757

My second drink was a local wheat beer. Not bad but I didn’t finish the whole thing. 

Picture 758

Mandy and I took a picture when we walked out, the lighting was BAD! I had a great time catching up and reminiscing about the College Years.  Mandy is such a sweetheart and I am blessed to have spent time with her. Mandy you need to come to CALI!!!!

Picture 759

Even though we had a late night I still managed to have a great 4 mile run in the RAIN this morning! After my run we headed to our old Church, Fellowship Memphis and I snacked on a Banana Bread Larabar to hold me over.

Picture 748

Church was great, miss that place. Afterward we headed over to the Blue Coast Burrito for lunch with Hubby’s BFF.

Picture 750

Hi Josh! 

Picture 751

I ordered a veggie burrito with guac  in a whole wheat tortilla. So YUMMERS!

Picture 749 

Well we have the whole day ahead of us and currently trying to figure out what to do to fill it. All I know is I can’t wait to see Blind Side tonight!!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday…and if you read all of this I HEART YOU!


Jess (Fit Chick in the City) said...

Such great pictures! Enjoy the movie, its a good one!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous ! i love the way you curl your hair :) hope ou like blind side.. i want to see it!


robinbb said...

I love all the pictures.

Lauren said...

Looks as though you are having a wonderful time! I love the farm pics, you guys look so adorable on the farm!

I am sure it was great to catch up with old friends.

And just so you know, this post was super easy to stick with the whole way through. I love reading about your wonderful vacations, it's so heartwarming! ;)

Enjoy the rest of it hun!

Anonymous said...

love the photo recap!! looks like such a great time was had :)

just me said...

what great pictures! those dogs are gorgeous!!!

and let me know what you think of the movie! i want to see it!

Lisa said...

What wonderful photos! The goats are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

150 acres??? I would move there NOW! :)

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Goat cheese pizza is some of my favorite!

Terecita said...

Wow!! Tennessee is SO beautiful!! What a great trip you guys are having. Your FIL's farm is absolutely gorgeous!! What an awesome place to live!

I love the pics with the tractor. Perhaps, we have the next John Deere model in the making! Definitely beautiful enough!:-)

Let me know how you like Blind Side. I really want to see it and I heard it's REALLY good.

Can't wait to see you guys when you return. :-)

maria said...

Your photos make me miss home so much! I'm from KY and it looks pretty similar to TN. :D Glad you've enjoyed your trip.

stacey said...

I read it all! Looks like you are having a great time:)

Anonymous said...

you are going to LOVE The Blindside!!
SO great and so inspiring!!
you and your hubby are adorable :)

Mica said...

You and hubby on the farm--so cute!

Cara (Cara Craves...) said...

Looks like a lovely weekend..those big dogs are soooo cute.

Katie A. said...

LOVE the pics! Looks like a beautiful place!
BTW, I love your pics everytime! I get such great dinner ideas from you all the time! Enjoy the rest of your vacay!!! :)

Jenna said...

looks like a fun filled day!

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