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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skinny Bride Wedding Recap

Just in case you don’t know the “story” behind Mrs.Skinny Bride let me take a quick second to explain. My dear friend Christina asked me back in January to help her lose weight for her wedding day, she wanted to be a “Skinny Bride”. Not only did I help her lose weight (she looked HOT before) I helped her plan her wedding, and was a Brides Maid! Needless to say everything turned out beautifully and I am one tired girl :) 

Picture 189


Friday night we all went out for Tacos after the Wedding Rehearsal.

Picture 165

They were mini Tacos! I probably had about 5.

Picture 168

I also enjoyed an Orange Wheat Beer and DID NOT CHEER for the ANGLES! As you can see I am a Dodgers fan!

Picture 162

Picture 164


I love being in weddings. I love that I get to get all dolled up! First thing Saturday morning my Mama did my make up, I love having a Makeup Artist in the family! I am not really into make up, so I felt like a Movie Star.

I had to get some SBUX after to make it through the day!

Picture 170

My good friend Jamie did my hair, lot’s of teasing(ouch) I felt like a Southern Belle for a minute there :).


It turned out perfect!

Picture 171

After getting my hair and make up done, I headed over to the hotel to get dressed with the wedding party. I loved our dresses, the colors were stunning!

Picture 174

Brides Dress

Picture 177

So pretty!!! 

Picture 178 Picture 181

WOW she looked stunning!

Picture 187

Headed over to the Chapel! First time ever in a LIMO!

Picture 191

Picture 194

I loved our flowers and the flower girls were adorable! The wedding was a traditional Catholic wedding, a new one for me.

Picture 195

After the ceremony we headed to the reception. Everything looked beautiful at the hall, the colors were perfect!

Picture 197

The brides maids hanging out and looking beautiful!

Picture 199

First Dance

Picture 200


Picture 206

All the food was traditional Mexican, I had a little Carne, Rice, and Beans.

Picture 203 

The New Married Couple!

Picture 201

My amazing Hubby who helped DJ, Bus tables and so much more!!! He wins the #1 Husband award, yet again!!!

Picture 204

I stayed away from the beer and TAQUILLA!! I just stuck with a couple glasses of Wine.

Picture 211

We all danced to some FUN Cumbia Music!

The couple did a traditional Mexican Marriage Dance/Skit, not really sure what it was about but it was funny!

Picture 208

I loved her CAKE! 

Picture 198

They were so cute at the cake cutting!

Picture 214

I had to step in last minute and serve the cake to everyone!! I did the best I could, have you ever cut a wedding cake?! It’s not easy, I am definitely adding this to my resume! 

Picture 215Picture 220 

Picture 225

Hubby and I being silly, what’s new?

Picture 226

We had to leave a little early, because Hubby wasn’t feeling well. I said one last goodbye to the Beautiful Bride in her HOT dancing dress(I so want this).

Picture 228

What a fun and beautiful time we had!!! I know they will have an amazing marriage and I wish them all the happiness in the WORLD!

Last night I couldn’t wait to do this…

Picture 230

I think it’s funny my dress matched our bedroom…lol

Have a restful Sunday, I know I am going to!

Have you ever been to a traditional wedding of another culture, or maybe even your own?


Oh She Glows said...

Wow everyone looks so gorgeous!!! What a glowing bride. :) That is so nice of you that you did all of that...you are an awesome friend!

PS-Your hair is absolutely stunning!!!!

Julie said...

I've never been to a traditional wedding, but they look like a lot of fun!!

The wedding looked amazing! Beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids, aweosme colors...perfect!!

Kelly said...

What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding- and you, as always looks gorgeous! Hope the hubby is feeling better today, maybe he did too much work last night!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

're such a sweet friend. ''Skinny Bride'' looked gorgeous too. I love weddings, I have one to attend in a couple months.

fusionjaz said...

That's great. A good time was had by all. I guess blue was her favorite color? You and hubby really worked hard! But great job!

Lindsey @ Sound Eats said...

Beautiful bride and beautiful wedding! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. :)

And Bobbi, you looked stunning as well. :) Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

wow everything looks stellar, especially skinny bride: she's just radiant!

teacherwoman said...

I too thinks it's funny that your dress matches your bedroom. Looks like a beautiful wedding and a wonderful time!

Lindsay said...

Everyone looks so pretty! I love the bridesmaids dresses!

L said...

Skinny Bride is drop dead gorgeous!! And you looked gorgeous as well! :)

RunToTheFinish said...

Oh Skinny Bride, she does look amazing!!!

The dresses and colors are great, it looks like yet another fabu weekend in the Bobbi household

Jenna said...

What a gorgeous wedding party! All of you were so stunning!

The cake looks adorable too.

Island Girl Eats said...

Nice dresses - you looked so pretty.

Cara (Cara Craves...) said...

Looks like a fabulous wedding...I love being in weddings to! It's so much fin to help out and make the day so special for someone else.

Lizzy said...

most beautiful wedding ever! everyone looks so beautiful! :)

Taylor said...

How beautiful! I love the colors :-)

Rose said...

Beautiful wedding!

Kristine said...

looks like an amazing wedding! i love the colors!

maria said...

I've never been to a traditional wedding, but it looks like your friend had a great one. Everything looked so nice!

HangryPants said...

What a gorgeous wedding! I love the color scheme and your dresses. Bride looks wonderful!

Celinda said...

You looked every beauty Bobbi! See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love the color scheme of the wedding. Looks like you did a wonderful job helping to plan because the wedding looks beautiful. Congrats to the newly weds.

Lia said...

It looks sooo nice!! I really like the colour combination actually, I wouldn't have thought of it for a wedding initially, but I REALLY like it. I have been in 1 traditional Muslim wedding, which was SO fun, but very loud. The traditions are rather different and there is a lot of waiting, but epic experience. The other was half traditional Musliim and half traditional Christian, though I don't know what branch. That was a cool fusuion of traditions and cultures.

Anonymous said...

Looks like everything went well and eveyone had a blast. I love the colors of the BM dresses. Your friend looked beautiful on her wedding day.

Kirt said...

Aww Bobbi, you make a beautiful bridesmaid :) Love your dress and Skinny Bride looks like a princess!
Looks like a great time was had by all!

Ali @ Food, Fitness, Fashion said...

You looked so beautiful! I love your hair! What a beautiful wedding and bride! WOW! I love the colors too! Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

you looked gorgeous! you and ur hubby are so sweet for helping out the newlyweds so much with their wedding plans and everything - really is a testament of your character =)

Courtney said...

I went to a Greek Orthodox wedding years ago and it was so interesting to see the different ceremonies and things they did at the church. It was beautiful and very traditional.

Skinny Bride's wedding looked amazing...I love the color scheme! Congrats to her!

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Kristie Lynn said...

I'm going to be the matron of honor in my friend's wedding, and it will be a traditional Catholic wedding. I think it will be even more traditional (or at least more conservative) than this one because the bridesmaids all need to have dresses with sleeves.