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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Questions Questions Questions

I thought I would start off this afternoons post with some answers to a couple questions I have had lately(wish I could have a better way to respond).

fusionjaz said…

“With all due respects & don't take this the wrong way but the obvious asks; With your alarm clock dilemas, don't you have a husband to help wake you (when he is around?)

Have noticed you blog in "singular" terms or you keep so busy & away from home, away from family. I often wonder why people have dogs when they're hardly ever home.

No judgment meant here. Just sharing an observation with those who enjoy your blogs but are not aware of your family life.”

I think these are pretty valid statements and I am happy to comment. As for Hubby helping me get out of bed, he get's up every morning at 4:30am and plays basketball so we end up meeting up to carpool I am pretty much on my own to wake up.

As far as being away from home, Hubby used to work from home so he was with Bosco 24/7 and now that we both work we are super intentional about playing with Bosco when we are home, and this is the reason we are looking into getting another pup for him to play with :).

Blogger Josh said...

“I don't know what to wear??? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I only started running in March and have never run outside in cold weather.”

Well Josh I wish I could give you some great cold weather running clothes advice but where I live I think 50 degrees is cold..LOL..But I do have to say wearing Cool-Max clothing works great for me in the cold weather, because the sweat absorbs a lot better and I don’t get as cold and wet! Any readers got some advice for Josh?

On to my LUNCH eats!

Today we had staff lunch so that meant FREE lunch! I just made a GIANT Salad in hopes that it will keep me full until practice because I forgot to pack a snack.

blog 086

New post over at BREATHE MAGAZINE, Training Time!

I have HILL REPEATS TONIGHT and then on to Thursday Night Group for a dinner out on the town!


Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point said...

wow - you are nicer than i am.

Katie A. said...

Don't feel bad about Bosco! Our lives change so much, we can't all always have it perfect. I am in the same situ with my pooch. Sometimes I wonder the opposite of people - why do you plan on having kids if you are just gonna put them in daycare? Sometimes things just don't work out as best as we like, but we do our best with what we have. Life isn't perfect, we try our best everyday as parents, doggy-mommys, friends, co-workers, daughters & sisters - its a tough balance and you are doing awesome! Enjoy your evening!

Lauren said...

Very valid statements indeed. You handled that very well dear!:)

I understand that when you post your life for the world to see, you must be open to objections and critisim; however, I still think people need to be a little less intrusvie. We all do what works best for us, no matter what any one else thinks.

Keep hitting that snooze! You work SOOOO hard all day and you are one of the busiest girls I know. You deserve an extra moment every now and then. :)

fusionjaz said...

Thanks for the reply Bobbi. This gives a better perspective when following your blogs. From the few you already have here, your other readers may take my questions defensively regardless of my preface that I meant no offense in any way (nor am I being intrusive). I appreciate the information, although being the first topic of this blog may attract unwanted negative comments & attention to this simple (new) blog follower.

k said...

Bobbi- I'm really jealous that 50 degrees is cold for you!

Josh- I live in a climate that gets pretty darn cold in the winter so here are a few cold weather tips that I've managed to learn:
- Good socks are a must! Wright Socks makes some good cold weather socks. I've stepped in a puddle of slush and been able to continue with my run without worrying about frostbite.
- LAYERS! Make sure the layer closest to your skin is made of technical "sweat wicking" fabric. There are some good sets of long underwear out there that are perfect (and you don't necessarily have to spend the big bucks for the merino wool).
-LAYERS! Make sure your outer layer is wind proof. That cold wind will chill you to the bone no matter how hard you're working.
- Nike makes some pretty good insulating tops, as do many other brands, check out the "cold weather" gear and see if you can get any on sale. I like things with hoods.
- a good toque (or 'cap' those who don't speak Canadian) is really helpful as well. Something that covers your ears and wicks away the sweat from your head.

Cold weather running is actually kind of fun :) There's something really peaceful about running in the snow, and it is also fun to see the strange looks from non-runners when you're out in the crazy weather. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've ran in cold weather a lot, in fact most of the races I do are in March when it is FREEZING here.

I also suggest layers and make sure the one closest to the skin is made of sweat-wicking material. I usually do a long sleeve top with a vest (to keep my core warm) that comes in handy when you want to remove your hat or gloves and put them in the pockets.

Great answers Bobbi!