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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I’ll Go With #70

It’s so funny how I like to try and plan my day, sometimes I just gotta be flexible not matter how much I want to control it :).

Tonight the plan was to go eat some yummy Thai food with Hubby for our “Wednesday Night Out”which happened, but I had to give my BFF’s a rain check for scrapbooking tonight due to some not so fun tasks for Athletic Director job.


At dinner I used some tips that I learned from TBL last night while ordering out. I looked for the things on the menu that were either grilled, steamed, poached, or baked. I found only one # 70, Teriyaki Chicken with steamed veggies and the sauce on the side.

Picture 154

But of course we had to split a bowl of Tom Kah Kai Soup (spelling?). 

Picture 155

Picture 156

They gave me SOOO much more chicken then I normally get with my normal Yellow Curry. The veggies were WEAK, broccoli and cabbage.

Picture 158

I also got brown sticky rice on the side. 

Picture 159

I have some yummy leftovers, the teriyaki chicken was good but I missed my CURRY! I know how to choose healthy when eating out, it’s just nice to be reminded sometimes.

When I got home I got right to business and got most of my check list done!! I have a few more things to to take care of, but I am going to call it a night and do some SHRED in the morning!!


I have some fun training tips coming to you all in the morning, stay tuned…

Nite Nite!


Taylor said...

It's good to know how to order healthily while out, but sometimes eating out is such a treat, it's okay to get what we REALLY want! But your chicken still sounds good!

Kristine said...

yellow curry is my favorite thai dish! cant wait to read about your training tips!

Diana said...

Can't wait to read your tips! :)

Lauren said...

Yeah, I feel when ordering out, it's best to go with your gut (literally!). It's good to be mindful and keep things in health check; however, I don't go out often, and when I do, I want to enjoy my meal. I don't think I could ever order something that I know I wouldnt enjoy just because it was the healthiest thing on the menu. If I was out for that, I would have just stayed home and cooked. :)

Thai food is always good though, so thankfully your dish wasn't a total loss!

Have a great day Bobbi!

Matt said...

It is always tough to order something healthy when eating out. Restaurants always make something that seems healthy terrible for you!

D10 said...

Nice choice! Way to stay flexible and go with the flow of things.

Mica said...

Mmm, I love Tom Khai Gai! It's such a good mix of flavors all at once!

Cara (Cara Craves...) said...

I find it a challenge to eat healthy while eating out...I don't eat out that often, so when I do I just get what I feel like. A splurge once and a while is worth it.

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

Yum! Brown sticky rice sounds so good. I'm glad more places have brown options now, but on my trip to Georgia I couldn't find any, and the "default" rice was fried.

Rio Runs said...

Thai food. Yummmm!

Andee (Runtolive) said...

Yum I love Thai food! I made a delicious healthy pad thai the other day. Great choices while dining out