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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mexican Themed Bridal Shower

Skinny Bride loved, LOVED, her Mexican Bridal Shower! She texted me last night after the shower and told me it was the best bridal shower she could have dreamed of, such a success!

Christinas Bridal Shower 104

With the help from my work I was able to really go all out with the Mexican themed decorations. I tried to make it as bright and colorful as possible. 

Christinas Bridal Shower 003

I had Sombreros for every table along with mini Maracas!

Christinas Bridal Shower 002

Christinas Bridal Shower 012

Christinas Bridal Shower 028

Christinas Bridal Shower 029

The Skittles were a big hit! 

Christinas Bridal Shower 030 The beverage bar was inside and a great place to people to sit and chat as well. Christinas Bridal Shower 036

We had a few different drinks that were available at the bar: summer sangria, margaritas, iced tea, and water.

Christinas Bridal Shower 035

Christinas Bridal Shower 037

This was my first time making Sangria, everyone loved it and I had a few too many glasses myself. 

Christinas Bridal Shower 038

Christinas Bridal Shower 075 

Christinas Bridal Shower 041 

More decor..

Christinas Bridal Shower 019

Christinas Bridal Shower 025

Christinas Bridal Shower 026

Inspired by Tina, I made Skinny Bride a cute little bride sombrero.

Christinas Bridal Shower 016

As well as a fun chili lei.

Christinas Bridal Shower 018

The calm before the storm…I was all ready for the guest to come!

Christinas Bridal Shower 013

I even got these cute blinking pins for the guest to wear. It was a fun game, if you said the word wedding people got to steal your pin. 

Christinas Bridal Shower 014

Christinas Bridal Shower 022

Skinny Bride looked so happy and soooo beautiful!!!

Christinas Bridal Shower 051

The food: 

Christinas Bridal Shower 071

Christinas Bridal Shower 061

Christinas Bridal Shower 062

Christinas Bridal Shower 063

Christinas Bridal Shower 064

Christinas Bridal Shower 065


Christinas Bridal Shower 070

Christinas Bridal Shower 045

Christinas Bridal Shower 044

They tackled everything in site, you would have never realized there were women at this party ;). 

Christinas Bridal Shower 079 

I made myself a little plate( but nibbled throughout the party).

Christinas Bridal Shower 074

I ate some of the yummy burrito but was to busy being a hostess to finish.

Christinas Bridal Shower 073 

Christinas Bridal Shower 077

We played a couple of fun Bridal Shower games, my favorite being the toilet paper wedding dress game. 

Christinas Bridal Shower 095

Some of these dresses were incredible! Can you believe this was all out of TP?!

Christinas Bridal Shower 090 Christinas Bridal Shower 097

Of course there was cake, Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and cheese cake filling!! I refrained, only because I don’t like cake, it looked amazing!

Christinas Bridal Shower 102

After cake and games the Bride opened all presents!! I loved the money tree someone brought, what a cute idea.

Christinas Bridal Shower 103

A picture with all the Brides Maids

Christinas Bridal Shower 107 

What a fun day, and look who showed up to help clean up!!! I seriously have the best Hubby in the world :).

Christinas Bridal Shower 112

Today has been just what I needed relaxing and rejuvenating! I had 9 hours of sleep, had fun teaching Sunday school, lunch with Hubby at Mimi’s and now I am ready to go teach kick boxing!


Glam said...

Holy cow. That is awesome. I've never seen such an interesting shower before. Ideas!
Everyone looks so happy & like they're having a great time. Nice job!

P.S. I want some of that sangria! :)

maria said...

It sure looks like you threw one heck of a party! How fun of a theme, too? You did great!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a superb job of hosting!
Everything looked fab. especially the hug burrito!

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a great time! Way to go!

Matt said...

Sounds like fun!


Anonymous said...

wow everything looks so amazing! you are such a great friend and hostess!

Anonymous said...

what a cute idea for a shower, love all the decorations you did and put out.
that is a monster burrito! where in the world did it come from?? please tell me you didn't make it???

Lindsay said...

What a beautiful shower! Everything looks just perfect!

Anonymous said...

That is SUCH a cute idea for wedding shower! I need to remember that for my next friend's shower (They're getting married left and right!)

Kate said...

Wow- that has given me LOTS of inspiration!

Niki said...

What a fun idea for a bridal shower!! The Sangria (along with all the other food!!) looks delish!!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

You were a great hostess! awesome bridal shower you through!

RunToTheFinish said...

wow you did such an amazing job!! you are a fantastic friend

Lizzy said...

what a wonderful party! so glad that it was such a hit!

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing party! You did a great job, glad it was fun!

"SkinniER Bride" (but not quite Skinny lol) said...

Everybody is correct! Bobbi is an incredible friend.I seriously could not have asked for a more beautiful, fun, and happenin' bridal shower! All the guests were super impressed and loved it. BIG thanks to Bobbi's Aunt Yo for letting us have the shower there! :) She was so sweet. I was so sad when the shower ended lol now the big day is 12 days away! I CAN'T believe it!

bellalove76 said...

Great decorations and the food looked awesome! I think you found your second calling :)

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curtis03 Lewis said...

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