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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Fell off the Bandwagon!

Today I had french fries, a taco, and a large quesadilla from Bakers! Just kidding, this is my bosses lunch!! She sent me this picture from her new iPhone to let all of you see. She doesn't have me to keep her accountable today because she is working from home! HAHA!


My lunch on the other hand was a bit different and actually perfect for this rainy day!

blog 040

Soup and Salad today! 

blog 041

Last night when we picked up our Salmon Burgers, I also got Chicken Tortilla Soup for $1.25! With only 180 calories and 10 grams of protein it was quite satisfying. 

blog 042

Currently I am enjoying the sound of the rain while listening to the sound track to 500 Days of Summer, LIFE IS GOOD :) !

I wanted to take a second and apologize to you all for being terrible at responding to comments. The whole reason I have this blog is to help you all and I really want to do just that!! I want to have more dialogue and so I am going to make that happen!

I know that in WordPress(which I am moving to soon) has an easy way to respond to comments in the comment section, but I can’t figure out how to in Blogger! So I wanted to take a minute and answer some questions that I have gotten recently and then let you all know that I am going to start responding in the comment section from now on to answer your questions!!!


Lisa asked..

Hi Bobbi, I've been lurking for awhile and love seeing all the healthy meals that you prepare. The salmon burger looks amazing. I decided to finally leave a comment because I want to ask... you mention Arnold's thins a lot. What are they and why have you chosen that particular product as one of the staples in your diet? Thanks!

Answer: Hey Lisa yes I love me some Arnold’s Thins! They are Cholesterol Free, Excellent Source of Fiber, Low Fat, 0g Trans Fat, Multigrain, Made with Whole Grains, and No High Fructose Corn Syrup!! I love them!

Jeri asked…

What yoga do you do? I've been getting bored w/the podcasts I've downloaded and would love to switch it up. :D

Answer: There is a local Yoga Studio that I love!

Denise asked…

I really like that shirt...where did you find it?

Answer: I got the I Love Hubby shirt at a place in the mall called V-Generation.


What other questions do you have?:)


Anonymous said...

Chicken tortilla is definitely one of my favorite soups, especially when it's made nice and light. Who would want a heavy, fattening soup?

brandi said...

i love rainy day lunches like that :)

What tips can you give to people to fit everything in to your day? After working 8-5, driving 30 minutes to work each way, cooking dinner, working out...I don't want to do much else at night or anything in the morning, but there are things I'd LIKE to do. It's like I don't want to give up my time :) How do you do it all?

Leianna said...

Haha cute for a minute there I really thought you did you all that, not that its that bad, but your REAL lunch is much better!



Well I work 8-4:30 everyday and have a little commute. I make sure to plan my week out on Sundays, making sure I have everything I need for dinner for the week so I try and not makie small trips to the market. I have my workout outfit in my car and sometimes change before I leave to get motivated! I also go to bed no later then 11 so that I can rise early for a run or another type of workout. Its all about planning. Take one day and just sit and plan out every hour of everyday, you dont have to stick to it but it will help you utilze all your time!

teacherwoman said...

I think soup and chile are my favorite things to have on a cold rainy/snowy day!

Lizzy said...

MMM Bobbi that soup looks amazing! What grocery store did you get that at? I wonder if i can find it around here in Michigan!!!!

Lauren said...

I know, I feel the same way about commenting on Blogger! I wish it was more user-friendly in that there was an easier way to respond to comments. I usually just read them in my inbox and then reply that way, but I totally understand your frustration.

Blogger needs some updates.

RunToFinish said...

Can't belive the boss fessed up!

i have a number of challenges I need to finish...my biggest being losing these 5lbs. Glad to hear you say it's easy, that gives me a better mindset

Anonymous said...

First off, that soup looks really good! I love chicken tortilla soup, especially on a rainy day!

I do have a question - you are such an amazingly positive person. Have you always been that way or is that something you have "trained" yourself into being? Oh, and I have another one! Is hubby a healthy eater? If not, do you cook two dinners or do you guys do it separately?

I love this blog; keep up the awesome work!



Yep I guess I have always been pretty positive:) life is too short not to be!! Hubby eats whatever I make as long as it's meat and potatoes no veggies or tofu!! I just cook his put it aside then add my veggies!

fusionjaz said...

WordPress seems pretty cool. Just imported my blogger.com blogs into WordPress and now I'm there! What do you think or what have you heard of WordPress?

X-Country2 said...

I loooove chicken tortilla soup! Now that the weather turns colder, I'll have to make it some weekend.

Meganerd said...

how did you get so fast!?!



Well I think that I did get faster for a couple reasons

A: Track workouts/Speed Workouts
B: I dont just run to run, every run has a purpose.
C. Losing weight has helped too!

Lisa said...

Thanks for answering my question. Good to know they're tasty AND healthy. By the way, I actually prefer that you answered in your post because I usually don't go back to read the comments after I've left one.