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Thursday, September 3, 2009

FROYO Kind of Night

My free lunch at work held me over so well that I didn’t even need a snack before dinner. In fact when I got home I wasn’t really that hungry so I made a light dinner before my AD meeting.

I still have some Morning Star Patties in the freezer, these one’s are one of my favorites, but I would rather make them homemade.


I topped an Arnold’ thin with some spinach, avocado, and Dijon mustard. 


The perfect easy light dinner. 


Hubby and I went to my first Athletic Director meeting with the other AD’s in our league. It helped me understand what my role really was. I am excited for my new position and I am so glad that Hubby is helping me out!!! Hubby has a degree in Sports Management he couldn't be a better assistant!

After our meeting we were both craving some FroYo. I haven’t had a single sweet this week, I was CRAVING! We checked out a new self serve yogurt place called Nubi. They had some of the most wonderful toppings!!!


I was super indecisive and got three small servings of different types of yogurt, berry, praline, and vanilla.


I was so excited they had banana!! I topped it off with granola, carob chips, heath bar, and almonds.


mmmm…this was light and perfect! I normally don’t go with berry yogurt,(I am a peanut butter chocolate kind of girl), but this one was AMAZING!

I have 6am boot camp tomorrow morning but I don’t have to go into work until 1pm!!!!! I am working late tomorrow for a conference I am helping check in. What will I do with myself all morning?!!! I am sure I will find plenty to do.

Morning Check List

  • Boot Camp
  • Breakfast + Coffee
  • Blog
  • Make a new play list for work
  • Budget Stuff(trying to work on a new budget)
  • Clean Shower
  • Mop+Sweep
  • Finish Skinny Brides, Bridal Shower Invites
  • Work on details for Bridal Shower

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Nite Nite!


Marissa said...

I love those veggie burgers. I've been trying to find those Arnolds but haven't had any luck yet!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I LOVE fro-yo! I wish that there was a self-serve place here in the South!

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Fro-yo is my favorite treat! I love fresh fruit on top. I always go for lot of chunky mango!

Lauren said...

I agree, veggie burgers are the best quick and delicious meal! I'm not sure where my life would be without VB's!

Yes, you entirely deserved a Fro-Yo night! I think you deserve a couple this week. I love to celebrate Fro-Yo Fridays and I totally feel that you should enjoy this too! :)

Hope everything is well hun.

Rosey Rebecca said...

That frozen yogurt place looks awesome!! I wish I had some place around here like that!

Haleigh said...

Froyo is my favorite treat along with candy.. which is why I always add Reese's to my froyo :)

Your Berry froyo looks great!

Lizzy said...

Hope the meeting went well...I love fro-yo except the only place around me is like 45 minutes away. What sort of budget tips do you have Bobbi!? This girl needs some help in that area too!

Leianna said...

I love froyo with berries, but agree I'm a peanut butter chocolate girl too!
A free morning is great to get things done!

Courtney said...

Oh, your avocado looks so delish and pretty. The avocado in Illinois right now do NOT look like that and are expensive. (not exactly a local crop here in Illinois!)
Have a great weekend!
Adventures in Tri-ing

Lacey Nicole said...

wow hubs has a sports management degree? that is what my older sis has and my lil sis is finishing up this year!! so cool!

wow that fro yo looks DELISH! banana=ontop= GENIUS!!!! i eat froyo all the time. i would every night if it was up to me!!!

Kristin said...

Wow, I am so jealous of that froyo place! I wish we had one close to my hometown!!



brandi said...

man, what great topping choices! We JUST got a froyo place, but there's only 2 flavors of froyo and limited toppings. I hope they get more if it does well! Or maybe I'll bring my own :)

enjoy your morning off!

Anonymous said...

O man, I'm in love with Boston- but SOO miss my delish fro yo shops on every corner in so cal!! Good luck with your team bobbi, i had a million friends on xc in high school and they were obsessed with it, sounds like such a blast!

Jessica said...

I want to get my masters in sports management. I already work in sports administration so I think it would be perfect for me! That's awesome that your hubby has a degree in it! :)

Anonymous said...

That froyo place looks soo good. I wish we had one near here.
Have you tried gardenburger's flame grilled vegan soyburgers? they're my new favorite--delicious smoky flavor and all natural.

Mica said...

Your dinner AND your dessert look awesome.

Katie A. said...

Hahahaha! I just laughed because I had a Morning Star Veggie burger and avocado last night, too! And a bowl of fro yo! Ha!
Quick question - which stores do you buy the Arnold Thins at? I am in Nor Cal, near S.F. - I am hoping they have them up here! Thanks...they always look so tasty. Happy Friday! :)



Acutally in CA they are called Oroweat Sandwich thins, and they have them at TARGET!!

Check out this website!