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Monday, September 28, 2009

Bosco Welcomes Us Home

There is nothing like coming home after a LONG day to Mr. BOSCO!

Today after work I put on my coaching hat and did a 4 mile tempo run with the team. We ran out one mile easy then picked up the pace for the next two, the last mile was an easy jog. Then after practice I put on my kickboxing instructor hat and taught a pretty intense AKB class and we even busted out the focus mitts!

Needless to say I couldn’t wait to get home and dig into this!

Picture 365

Love me a bowl of Monday Cereal: A little Kashi Go Lean, Silk Milk, and
some PB.

Then I played with Bosco for 10 minutes!

I have something SUPER FUN to share with you all in the morning, I can’t wait!!!


Easy Losing Weight said...

Great job getting a good run in. I love the videos with the dog. I am trying to learn how to do more videos.

maria said...

AWWWW! That reminds me of how the dog I grew up with would act when we got home. She was always so excited. Unfortunately she died this summer. But she was the best dog.

Matt said...

I love cereal for dinner! I actually like it any time ;)

Mica said...

Ha, I got scared of the second video because Bosco's toy was making such a horrible screeching sound. I thought it was Bosco!

Leianna said...

Coming home to a pet at the door is priceless! Very cute video!