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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Names

Good evening beauties! How was your Tuesday? Did you smile? Did you laugh?

I had a little bit of everything on my plate today.

At work I had a super yummy opened face sandwich!! Made me smile :)


Some fresh sweet peppers, cucumbers and a peach.


My sammie had two veggie patties, laughing cow light cheese, tomatoes, spinach, and a small avocado.


My lunch was so filling today that I didn’t even need an afternoon snack. After work I went straight x-country practice. We did a KILLER speed workout on the track. We warmed up for 15 minutes on the track and then I had them do a one mile test. They ran as hard as they could to try and get the fastest mile they could. I of course ran along with them, and did my FASTEST MILE EVER, 5:55!!! WOW, enough said.

As soon as practice was over I headed over to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, to have some Tea with my O’ So sweet preg-o friend Bex!!! I sipped on a lovely couple of fruity decaf tea, can’t remember the name of it.


Bex and I chatted about all the “fun” pregnancy stories thus far and also cute things like what she is going to name her baby boy.


When I got home Hubby made his famous “Vinegar Chicken”, Brown Sticky Rice, and English Peas.

Picture 306

You don’t even need a knife to cut this baby! 

Picture 305

I also enjoyed some Diet Grapefruit Soda.

Picture 308

Then I surprised the Hubby with some Fro Yo!! It was right next to Coffee Bean, I couldn’t resist! It’s so nice to eat dessert while watching TBL ;).

Picture 309

I got three layers of different kinds of yogurt, PB, Heath, and Ghirardelli Chocolate. Topped with nuts, sweet carob chips, and granola. 

Picture 310 

Alright friends, Bex needs some help choosing a name for her sweet baby boy. I thought I would throw out the names and see what you all liked best??

A. Denali
B. Laken
C. Maddox
D. Paxton
E. Maxon

What do you think????

Time to finish TBL!


Justin said...

Laken is different and cool.

Kate said...

Do you read Swistle's baby names blog? (swistlebabynames.blogspot.com)

None of those names really speak to me- I like them fine, but can't choose!

Devan Geselle. N said...

that fro yo looks super :)
i love deserts.. they make me smile!

I love ALL those baby names! My sister just found out yesterday that her baby is a boy!!! SO EXCITED:D
Maddox is definatly my favorite out of those.. then Laiken (sp)

maria said...

Maddox is definitely my favorite of those. I think it would make a lovely boy's name!

Matt said...

Haha I won't comment on the names because none of them stroke my fancy.

Nice job on the mile time!

Lauren said...

Great day! Holy moly girl, you clocked a mile in under 6 min! Incredible!!!!

To be honest, I'm not a really a fan of any of those names, but I am sure whatever she chooses will be just perfect for him.

Take care sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

A 5:55 mile, that is super fast. Nice job. Your friend must be getting very excited about the baby arriving.

Mica said...

Nice job on the speedy mile!

I like Paxton the best of those names.

And the vinegar chicken looks so good! Recipe?

Anonymous said...

wow that is one fast mile! you are so fast :)

Meghann said...

Those names are all very unique!

I like Paxton

I think picking a baby name would be the hardest thing ever. I want my children to have unique names, but I also want people to be able to spell them. It was hard for me growing up up becasue every thrid person was named Megan and none of them spelled it like me. My Mom said the name wasn't very popular when I was born, well apparently she was very wrong

Stephanie said...

Any of them except Maddox-- it's Angelina Jolie's baby's name and that's just a little weird.

SLJ said...

You may have mentioned this before but what kind of veggie patties do you use? You obviously like them and I haven't found any that I really like, more like ones that I can just tolerate.

Danielle C. said...

Either Maddox or Paxton, but honestly none of them really WOW me. I think I'm a pretty traditional girl when it comes to boy names, now girl names is another story!

Lacey Nicole said...


mandy said...

Madox or Paxton is nice...I wish her well!!!

Lizzy said...

your lunch is so colorful i love it! :)

RunToTheFinish said...

dang look at that speed! I am finally doing more speed work, so maybe some day when I grow up I'll be like you :)

Food Makes Fun Fuel said...

None of those names really stuck with me. I've decided my first son will be named Brody so long as the woman I marry's fine with that

That's a great mile! Congrats

stacey said...

A mile in 5:55! Awesome!!!

Lindsay said...

That froyo looks really good!

Out of those names, I like Maddox the best.

monicac2 said...


MoraPiggy said...

I'm late to comment but I really like Denali.

chipped nails and all said...

laken is definitely my favorite, next would be paxton....

Kristin (Kristin's Nibbles) said...

and I like Maddox!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but is she naming a baby or a car??? LOL
I'm old school with a decent traditional name for children. It's tough to go through life with an odd sounding name that people aren't sure if it's a boy or girl-Been there.done that!!!

Jeri said...

One of my best friends has a 4 year old named Maddox (pre angelina's kid). I loooove that name.

Angie Eats Peace said...

5:55 is so incredibly amazing! Congrats!

I honsetly like Maddox, but I think the poor kid will always be compared to Angelina Jolie's son. Paxton sounds a little too much like her other son, too.

sarah said...

i like denali!