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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes I am a “Yes” Women, So What!

Ok so yes I am a “Jamaican” as my dear friend Sandy would like to say or a “Yes” women as my WWR teammates like to call me. I do have a lot of odd jobs, but I love everything I do and I wouldn’t trade my life for the world( plus a little extra $$ never hurt).

Yes I might be crazy busy a lot of the time, but to me I am living my life to the fullest!!! How do I do all that I do?! I plan!!

With my iPhone

calandar 001

My Day Planner

calandar 002

My Google Tasks!

calandar 003

Between these three things, some how I mange to stay on top of things!

Last night I sat down and reevaluated my old morning routine and came up with a new .

5:00 – Alarm

5:40 –Leave for Cross Country Practice(Mon,Wed,Thurs) & Bobbi’s Boot camp( Fridays)

6:00- Run with the team or Boot camp

7:00 –Get Ready at Mom’s house(she lives close)

7:30-Make Breakfast + Blog on iPhone

7:45 – Take off to work

8:00-Arrive at work and start my day

Well folks it’s 5:30am I gots to get out of here, see you tonight for a recap of my “Making the Cut”!!

Oh and look at this pic  “Dangerous Dozen” at the finish line!!!


Happy almost FRIDAY!!!


Jamie in Arkansas said...

You are such an inspiration to me. Whenever I don't feel like working out or start feeling sorry for myself, I just have to read your blog and it inspires me to workout, to eat better, to live life everyday to the fullest. Just wanted you know that! Have a blessed day! :)

marathonmaiden said...

you are so on top of everything! love your attitude towards life

Jessica said...

You use the same google theme as me! :)

Don't you love google tasks?

Nicci said...

I love how you have everything together!! I'm trying to get my stuff together too. You inspired me awhile back when I saw how you plan your days! I learned from you how to shop for groceries too!

Thanks Bobbi

keep it up ''Yes'' Woman! :D

brandi said...

great way to stay organized, and that's awesome that you can get ready at your mom's house!

Lizzy said...

Your organizational tools are soooo Helpful. I need to be more like you! I feel at times my life gets hectic too, but with your system how can you not be on top of things! :) have a good day

Runeatrepeat said...

You rock! It's amazing how much you do - keep it up girl :)

Erin said...

Girl...I think we were separated at birth. You are just about as busy as me, and we use the same organization tools!! I drive hubs crazy with the planning! I have to keep my sanity! What iphone app do you use to blog, or do you email the posts?

Katie A. said...

I am sooo NOT a planner! I think I may have to take a page out of your book because I am crazy busy too, and just try to keep it all organized in my head!
Good luck with the run and work today, you're a rockstar! :)

platipus329 said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who feels the pressure and plans everything out like that

Andee (Runtolive) said...

You are so organized! I don't think I can handle doing all that stuff

D10 said...

The weekend is almost here! I am such a planner too. I need to have everything mapped out in order to fit it all in. Keep living life to the fullest.