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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mama’s Tacos

Guess what friends? It’s almost FRIDAY!!! This week has been so crazy busy from cross county workouts, kickboxing classes, to dinner dates!! This is why I look forward to vacations :), but I do love every minute of what I do. Thank for  all of your vacation ideas , they really got me thinking and excited about next summer.

I had leftovers at lunch today, the spaghetti from last night tasted even better then last night ! I loved the idea that a reader gave me today about adding balsamic vinegar into the sauce instead of Stevia, I will try it soon.

food 002

I also had one juicy peach! 

food 005

food 004

I was munching all day today, I split this amazing bowl of light kettle corn with the boss. This stuff is addicting!  I also had some cantaloupe,fruit snacks, and PB+Arnolds not pictured.

food 006

After work I went to the camp where my kiddos were at. The high school I am teaching at is so small that they all go camping the first week of school, a true bonding experience.

I got to introduce myself to them all as their new Athletic Director and Cross Country Coach. I had a ton of students sign up for all the sports this year, it was a very exciting time for me as a new AD.

When we were done, Hubby and I had dinner with my Mama and Brothers. She made some pretty amazing homemade tacos!! 

food 007

Organic Black Beans 

food 009

Super Sweet Watermelon

food 008

The fixings

food 011

My Mom had these Michelob Ultra Amber Beers in the fridge so I thought I would give one a try, drank about 1/4 and decided I wasn’t a big fan :(.

food 012

My plate, two tacos, watermelon, and some black beans.

food 013

Don't you love our fancy dinnerware? Mama hates doing dishes! 

food 014

I brought my Peach Cobbler that I made last night topped with Vanilla Bean Ice cream, it was a big hit. It tasted truly scrumptious. Just the right amount of sweetness to have a nice portion size.

food 015

Mama and Me 

food 017

After sitting at the table for a couple hours talking about everything under the sun, I asked my brother what the heck happened to his ears?! Boy have times changed!!!!

food 016

Oh look at what happened after I made the bed this morning…Bosco is just too darn adorable!!!

food 001 

I get to sleep in, in the morning, no running because the kids are at camp!!! I am teaching a sculpt class tomorrow evening and I have Thursday Night Group so it will still be a super busy day!!!

I am hoping to get up early and do some Yoga in the AM :). I hope I can do it!

Nite Nite


Anonymous said...

I certainly see where you got that adorable face!! What a cute pic of you and your mama.

Lizzy said...

aw you and your momma are so adorable!!! :)

taco night looked amazing!

L said...

You have a gorgeous Mom!

Pearl said...

your mom is so beautiful and you are gorgeous!

Mica said...

Wow, the spread at your mom's looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that everything always taste better when a mom makes it?

You and your mom are glowing!

Lauren said...

What a great night with the fam. THe cobbler looks delicious. Did you add Raisins? I can't tell what those big juicy brown things are but they look yummy.

Have a wonderful Thursday lovely girl!

Angie Eats Peace said...

The cobbler looks great!

Your bro's gage isnt too bad, I have seen much worse, hopefully he doesnt go any bigger because they look freaky when you take them out!

brandi said...

awesome looking tacos!

I used to gauge my ears and had them down to 0 at one point. As long as he doesn't stretch them too quickly, they'll go back to normal - mine did!

Niki said...

Aww you and your mom are so beautiful!! Bosco is such a cutie too!

Lindsay said...

You and your Mom are both beautiful!

Bosco is so cute!

Anonymous said...

That table spread looks delicious. And my mom is the same way; she'll use paper plates whenever she can

Jeri said...

yum the tacos look amazing! what yoga do you do? I've been getting bored w/the podcasts I've downloaded and would love to switch it up. :D