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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In 24 Hours

I will be sitting in a car for 15 hours :) !!! This road trip is going to be so fun :). Did I mention that Melissa from Trying to Heal is driving with us!!

Today’s eats were pretty sporadic. I didn’t even have lunch all at once it was broken up over many hours.

10am/PB and Banana on an Arnold’s thin.

monday 152

12:30pm/Summer Salad

monday 153

1:30pm/Kashi Crackers

monday 154 


monday 155

4:00pm/Yummy Chocolate Chip Annie Bunny Grahams!!

monday 157

They were sooo cute :) 

monday 159

For dinner Hubby and I made Haystacks(TACO TUESDAY). This is my go-to meal if I have no time, and don’t want to eat take-out.

monday 163

Layers: Corn chips,black beans, tomatoes, low-fat cheese, and turkey meat spiced with McCormick seasoning.

monday 161

Best part is I have leftovers for LUNCH!!! I have a 5am wake up call for my last run before the RACE!!!

I have a bit to do before I leave tomorrow.

  • Finish packing
  • Add new songs to my iPod playlist
  • Put together the last of my guest posts while I am gone :)
  • Double triple check the WWR handbook!!!
  • Read up on all your blogs

Have a great night!

P.S. Any fun tips for our road trip???


Anonymous said...

Wow! 15 hours is a long time!! I was in a car for 3 hours yesterday and I thought I was going to explode!

Anonymous said...

have fun bobbi! I just met melissa last night and she is soo excited, u guys will be awesome!!

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

i love bunny grahams! i am hoping that i can one day buy a box without eating the entire thing!
as far as roadtrips, maybe play a game with red car blue car (see who gets the most) or the license plate game (who spots the most states). i know its corny, but what else will you do? sleep? LOL.

Rachel said...

ROAD TRIP! Good luck, beautiful ladies! I recommend travel Scrabble, but I dunno who's driving :)

just me said...

gahhhhhh!!!!! How did tomorrow get here so fast!!! Eeeeeek!!!

Andee (Runtolive) said...

Have a great race! Can't wait to hear about it!

Lauren said...

Oh my, what a very long time to be in a car. But it sounds like you girls will make the best of it!

Hmmm, I wish I had some good tips but I find that I resort to lots of snacks, a good book, and my portable DVD player when I am stuck in a car for hours and hours.

Good luck sweetheart! Can't wait to hear more about this amazing race!

Courtney F said...

Have safe travels and a great race!!

Mica said...

Best of luck, Bobbi! Have a safe and fun road trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, have lots of fun too.

Jessica said...

That dinner looks great!

For long car rides I just make sure to pack plenty of snacks, water and books! I also like playing those cheesy car games that I used to play as a kid like bingo and the alphabet game.

Niki said...

Road trips are so fun!! You're gonna have a blast!!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

15 hours is a long time! Make a good CD and google some good "road trip games" to play in the car. It should make the time fly. Have fun!

brandi said...

that's so exciting that it's so close!

make sure you have good tunes, good snacks, and comfy clothes to travel in!

Eve said...

Have a great rip!!

Taylor said...

15 hours is a long time! But least you guys can stop whenever you want. I drove to Key West from Gainesville in March, it was a long drive! But we played games like MASH, name that tune, the ABC game on the billboards, and tried to find the furthest place from the license plate on cars.

Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I love Annie's chocolate chip grahams, I haven't had those in forever!