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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Style

monday 002

These are the beauties that welcomed me when I got home from the gym yesterday, Hubby is a keeper :)

monday 001

The florist put pennies in the vase to help them stay fresh, have you ever heard of such thing???

Last night I had a meeting about a community service project I am helping out with called, “Bless Redlands”. When it was over, Hubby and I had a wonderful Thai dinner with my Mamma and Bro!


Mu is one of the best Thai Restaurants around! The atmosphere is casual but at the same time it would be a fun place to get all dressed up and come to for a fancy date night.


I started off with a glass of Pinot and we all shared their lettuce wraps.

29 32

We then ordered three different main courses and shared them family style.

#1. Cashew Chicken


#2. Panang #3. Chicken Pad Thai

34 35

My glorious plate! I had a little bit of everything we brown rice :) It was all wonderful!


It was such a nice night to sit out on the patio and chat about our lives together. My family is a bunch of talkers, we could have stayed up blabbing all night :) Wish these pics were clearer, I am going to get a new camera (a Canon). I am just saving for Colorado right now so I have no extra cash.


When I woke up this morning I was a little sore, didn’t go on my morning run. The past couple of days have been pretty intense, between kickboxing, running, and Jillian's circuit training my body is screaming for some rest!!! I have pilates and a light run tonight so it won’t be a full day of rest.

I of course made myself a GM to get my morning started off right :)

monday 003

I wanted oats this morning, but it is just too darn HOT!! I think I shall a KERF creation tomorrow, I love my GM’s but I need change ;)

Don’t forget to check out my ANNIVERSARY GIVE-AWAY!!!!

Hubby’s Random Fact: The most pushups ever preformed in one day was 46,001.


Jessica said...

Aww the flowers are pretty!

I love thai food - yum! I also love starting my days off right with a GM! :)

Becca said...

Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! What a sweet gesture! I'd never heard that about peonies either... interesting!

Danielle C. said...

Gorgeous flowers! We went out for thai last night too. :)

That is a lot of push ups.

D10 said...

The flowers are very pretty. I love how colorful they are. Looks like a great dinner.

RunToFinish said...

don't you love sweet surprises like that! great hubs are the best thing ever.

your bro and mom are so cute!

roseyrebecca said...

Love the flowers!! That's so sweet. All the food looks very good!! I know what you mean about the camera. I need to get mine fixed!

Mandy said...

Oh wow... gorgeous flowers! Good job, hubby! :)

And that is a crazy, crazy amount of push ups! I can't even imagine!

buffmuffy said...

aw, beautiful flowers! your hubby is so sweet!

Runeatrepeat said...

Happy Anniversary :)
I love Big Bear!

Emily (A Nutritionist Eats) said...

Hmmm, I want some thai food!!!

just me said...

what a gorgeous bouquet!

and love the dinner eats!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I love Mu, but tend to think they are a bit overpriced.
Have you been to Benjarong? It is owned by the same family as Mu, and I think, more reasonable. The Thai House is pretty good, as well.

What is Bless Redlands? I would definitely be interested in that.

Lauren @ Team Giles said...

I love your decor in your house :)

marathonmaiden said...

yes hubby is such a keeper! and *how* many pushups? i think i consider myself lucky if i do all the ones on the pushup challenge haha.

Nobel4Lit said...

What a sweet hubs!