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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Take Life as it Comes at You!

That’s what I did today! I had plan’s to have no plans today, but instead I lived a little and took life as it came at me!

It went a little like this…

I remember my first half marathon like it was yesterday, it was exactly a year ago today!!


I know what it’s like to get the butterflies that go with it. Today I ran that same race with one of my dear friends Melissa for her first half marathon.


I woke up at 4:30am ate my PB,banana, and ww toast slices and a half cup of coffee. I picked up Melissa and drove to the starting line. We got there just in time and picked up our bibs and goodie bags. We then loaded on the buses to take us up the mountain the elevation drop is 2,125 feet from start to finish!! Last year my time was 1:37:19. I was just taking this one easy!

When we got to the starting line we saw lot’s of friendly faces! I ran into the girls I used to run with on the right, and my new running buddy “fast Jill”.











Melissa was nervous, but ready to take on the crowd!



I was wearing my F.I.T t-shirt, “Finish It Together”, I love this slogan!


The first few miles were all down hill, so we chatted and enjoyed the beautiful mountainous scenery and weather.


Mile 6-8, we ran into Melissa’s friend Jeremy who is only 15 and was very excited about racing!!!


At mile 11 Melissa was looking strong, she had her head held high and kept in great spirits!!! I loved pushing this girl, I knew she could do it! I was feeling great as well, man I felt like a beast out there!


Melissa’s Hubby Brandon is a local police officer, his friends were so great and escorted us in our last mile!!! I have to say out of all the races I have ever run, I have always wanted to be escorted!


It pays to know people in high places.


We saw the balloon's and ran hard to the finish!


SHE DID IT!!! She ran awesome, a good 9:30 mile pace, official time 1:59!!! This race was AMAZING!!! She did not stop to walk the entire race and she finished under her goal time:) WAY TO GO MELISSA!!!!



I then quickly grabbed some oranges and a banana!!! 


As well as a bunch of new treats.


We finished around 10am and we were both ready to get out and have a celebration brunch! We went to a local treasure, Martha Greens one of the best breakfast places in town. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, I wasn’t really hungry but I knew I needed it!


I went with the Elvis Special, banana peanut butter French toast!!


While we were there looked who showed up? D and Ginger the BFF’s! I stayed after brunch and chatted with them about dreams and such for 3 hours!!!


The I headed to Melissa’s house to soak in the hot tub with her and Carly! We had a nice cocktail hour which included wheat thins and the best chili dip ever.  


For the cocktail we made some Rainbow Sherbet mixed drinks, strawberry lemonade crystal light, orange liquor, watermelon liquor, and a splash of vodka.



We sat in the hot tub for a couple hours and then when our fingers and toes shriveled we decided to call it a night.

I am finally home now and it’s after 7 an Iam pooped!!! I have decided to just relax for the rest of the evening, catch up on blogs and then get that to-do list tackled in the morning!!!

I think I am craving some FROYO!!!!

How was your Saturday???


Cecile said...

Sounds like such a fun Saturday! Much more exciting than mine...

Good luck with your to-do list tomorrow!

maria k said...

sounds like a perfect saturday! congrats on another race!

Lance said...

What a great day for you, and for Melissa!! Woohoo!

My Saturday involved lots of soccer and rain!

I think you did a few more mile than I did!!

MaryAnn said...

Congratulations to you -- and to Melissa! I am doing my first half in September- do you want to run with me and motivate me, too? :) You seem so great at it!

Mica said...

Congrats to both of you!

Mrs. LC said...

Go Melissa! And Bobbi, you are such a sweet person and SO gorgeous inside and out!!

MoraPiggy said...

Way to go and congratulations. Your smiles after finishing tell it all. Very inspiring.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if I've ever commented but your blog always brings a smile to my face. You've got such a healthy and positive outlook on life - I love it! YOUR SMILE IS PERFECT!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What an awesome time too and too cool about the police escort!

Paul said...

I was shocked to see you at the race today after SD. Great job and keep up the inspiration.

HangryPants said...

Bobbi you are seriously the best running friend ever!

Congrats to Melissa!!!!

Kelly said...

It truly amazes me how awesome you guys look after running a half marathon! I run like 4 miles and I'm all red and sweaty!
The french toast looks amazing also.

Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

Loved this! Way to go Melissa and Bobbi for completing the race together! You guys rock! Love the police escorts as well, haha!!

RunToFinish said...

wow a police escort what a fun day! i attempted a 1 mile run today still hurts, but I'm comin back!

Niki said...

Congrats to both of ya'll!! Great job! Bobbi you are such a great friend to do this for her:) Your Saturday was much more exciting then mine!

Anonymous said...

what a great day! youre such a great friend!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME recap of the race Bobbi! You are just too fun! You look so happy and upbeat. Congrats!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

The Faux Foodie said...

What an exciting Saturday....you are a great friend to join her in on her 1 1/2 marathon after you just finished the full. I am starting my training for my 3 1/2 marathon on Tuesday and hoping to really beat my time and train well. I have plenty of time since it's not till January but Miami is so rough to train in Summer. If you have no plans for January 2010, join me...it's ING Miami.

Dayna (HopefulRunner) said...

I'm glad that the half went so well for you and your friend! It looks like it was a great race! I'm training for my first half marathon, which I'm running on August 1st, and reading your post help motivate me even more! :)

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

That's so awesome Bobbi!! I was thinking of not running today but after reading this I am definitely going for a jaunt.

What a fabulous time too!!

Great fun afterward too!

Have a great SundaY!

Fitnessista said...

looks like so much fun! thats awesome :D
you are a racing machine!!!
have a wonderful day!

GreenDogWine said...

OMG that is too cute that you got a police escort - I LOVE IT!

just me said...

What a great day!! And I'm seriously trying to adopt that motto as I travel florida and get to experience new things...i'm such a planner and need to know it all that living w/o spontaneity makes me less fun! haha!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Congrats to both of you! Love the top!

Denise said...

I really like that shirt...where did you find it?

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Congrats to Melissa!! Looks like you guys had such a blast and a police escort?! Awesome!

monicac2 said...

Gheesh - I need you to come pace me for a race. If your friend normally runs 11-12 minute miles and finsished in under 2 hours? That is AWESOME! I had to train like the devil to break 2 hours in the half. And you ran your first half in 1:37? You're just gifted! :)