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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lines, Lines, Lines!

Yesterday turned out to be one of the most relaxing days I have had in a while minus the lines and crazy people! I felt like everyone had the day off, everywhere I went there was a line after another line after another line! I just played on my iPhone so I didn’t go crazy.

One of the first things I did was get my car washed. I normally would do it myself but she was in need of some major cleaning! It felt so good to have a nice clean car!


Then I went out to many stores and spent my gift cards! While I was walking around I started getting pretty hungry so I decided to use my Rubio’s free taco card that I have had forever to get a Street Taco and of course I ordered their infamous fish taco!


Their Street Taco’s are amazing! Their nice and small filled with cilantro,chicken, and avocado!  They also only have 100 calories unlike the fish taco which has 270! This was a nice and simple lunch and it was FREE!


After lunch I shopped some more and got the cutest pair of Reefs! I am not a shoe girl, I have one pair of brown Rainbows, one pair of black flip flops, and my Asics. My black flip flops went missing so this was a much needed purchase and I used my Sports Chalet gift card!


I also stopped into Cold Stone for an afternoon Sorbet! I can’t remember the last time I had dessert after lunch.


I went with the small Raspberry Sorbet with raspberries,pineapple, and almonds, it hit the spot!


Plus I used another gift card, I have had this gift card for two years and still have $15 on it! My last stop was Target where I wanted to use my gift cards and bonus to get a new camera. I spoke with the camera guy for like an hour and still was not sure on which one to get. I need your help!!! I used to have a Cannon Elf, and I loved it. It broke and now I am in need of a new one. I would love to get the Cannon again because I know all the buttons and such but is the Sony a better buy? Any experts out there?

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W230 


Vs. Canon Power Shot SD 1200 IS


I am going to do some research, the old me would have just bought the one I liked. I was proud of myself for just walking away:) After all the lines and traffic I was ready to come home!

The Loot! Shoes,plate(I have a big one that is exactly the same),table cloth, and some books for Fathers day:) I never got a chance to stop by JC Penny, that will be today! It felt great to not spend any of my “real” money, I love gift cards!

food 359

My favorite thing I bought yesterday was this towel holder, it’s funny how it’s the simple things in life that I get soooo excited about!

food 361

I didn’t have plans for last night until Miss. Carly called me and asked if I would want to hangout! I am always up for friends coming over for dinner:) I was making a new spinach pasta dish and it turned out to be pretty darn delicious!

I warmed up some spinach, tomatoes, and asparagus(added this later).

food 363

Through in some fresh basil into the marinara sauce. 

food 364

Cooked the last of the Spinach Fontian and Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausages for TJ’s. 

food 366

Threw it all together and topped it off with crumbled goat cheese. 

food 374

food 371

With a side salad filled with more veggies!

food 372

And some poor man’s bread sticks, Honey Wheat Hot dog buns with light butter and garlic. 

food 375

Carly brought the wine! Thanks Girl! 

food 377 food 378

After dinner we made a spontaneous trip to get some FroYo! I give you dessert #2 for the day: Banana and PB yogurt with heath bar, mini chocolate chips, almonds and….12

Cinnomon Oatmeal Cookie!!! This is a new topping and I loved it! 


We came home and watched some Law and order. Carly and I were exhausted we both fell asleep on the couch, so we called it an early night. I am glad, because I am headed out today for a 20 mile bike ride with my boot camp ladies! This is the first Saturday in months that I haven’t gone on a long run!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday morning, I will see you around for lunch!


Island Girl Eats said...

I laughed when I read 'poor man's garlic bread'! That's funny because - it is still bread! I am like that too. It's crazy.

That is so much fun shopping with gift cards and not spending any of your money. I have a few gift cards for our next trip to the US. I cash in my husband's AMEX points and get gift cards with them! Not a bad deal!!!!

Kelly said...

I am not an expert on cameras- but I have a Sony Cybershot and love it :)

Ada said...

That shopping trip looks fun! I have a Cannon digital camera and have never been disappointed by it. I especially love the color of the one you saw!

seelayne said...

It is always fun to shop and not spend your own money! Oh, and dessert twice in one day - fabulous!

Pearl said...

i love the loot and the towel holder!

sarah said...

wait -- did you mean that is your entire list of shoes?!! if so i am half impressed and half shocked! you truly embody the simple life if so -- impressive and amazing. but i don't know what i would do without heels . . .

Girl on Top said...

Gift cards the best!

Peanut Butter Swirl said...

ughh i really need to get my car washed too, but its supposed to rain all weekend so I will have to put that off.

mmm loving the taco !

Matt said...

I actually have the sony cybershot (the exact one in your picture) and it's a pretty awesome camera! Send me a message or something if you want more info on it!

Rachel said...

I'm not an expert but I loooove my Canon Elf, so I support you if you decide to go that route :)

fusionjazz said...

I would guess the deal breaker on the camera would be the warranty. Which one is better? Usually Sony is better by brand but you have to read both and decide. Plus Sony's been making cameras longer than Canon has I'm sure. If the warranty plans are the same then it would depend on the features. One or the other has to have the features, dings & bells you use more of. Great blog Bobbi!

katie m said...

In the most recent issue of "Consumer Reports", there was a big article about digital cameras. In the subcompact camera category, the Canon PowerShot 1100 IS Elph was a CR Best Buy (they supported the 1200 model as well) and it was ranked 8 on the list of 29 cameras--only 5 points below the top model. They don't mention the specific Sony model that you found, but they have similar ones in the DSC-W300 and DSC-G3. The only comments made were in reference to a higher price and the G3's ability to upload to online sites via Wifi.

Hope that helps...

Kaye said...

What a fun day!
I would definitely go with the Canon! While Sony is a great company, they make a lot of different electronics. Canon only makes cameras, it's their specialty, their focus and they do it well!
I sound like an advertisement, don't I?
I have 2 canon cameras, one point and shoot, and one SLR, both are great, and user friendly!

Jesse said...

I used to sell cameras, and I also made my living as a photographer for awhile too. While other people may have differing opinions, I would never buy a Sony camera. Sony is an electronics company, not a camera manufacturer. I don't feel like they build their cameras very well - noted by their infamous '90 day warranty'. The real camera manufacturers warranty their cameras for a year (usually). 90 days is normal in the electronics world - not in the camera world. Maybe Sony has changed their warranty recently and I'm not aware of it, but I wouldn't buy a Sony camera for myself, my wife, or a friend. A Sony tv, sure. But a camera, absolutely not.

To respond to a previous commenter, Canon has been making cameras for FAR longer than Sony has. Sony never made a single film camera, and they didn't jump into the digital world until after they saw that it could be a profitable market.

Jess said...

I don't know much about cameras, but I know that I LOVE The Canon PowerShot. It takes awesome pictures, even without the flash (which my old digital was awful at). Outdoor pictures, indoor pictures with flash... they all come out great!

laura said...

One of the guys I work with did some research last year and decided the Canon PowerShot was the best buy of the bunch. Three of us in our office bought one, and it's awesome! It's small enough to fit in my purse but takes awesome pictures. I have the SD1000, fwiw.

Oh, and the battery lasts forever. I think I've charged it....five times in the year and a half I've owned it? It lasts so long I forget where I've put the charger in between chargings!