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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Clean Pizza

Somehow I managed to get some energy this evening and made some super yummy pizzas. This time Hubby made the Honey Wheat Crust, and I topped the pizza with our favorites!

My Clean Pizza: Organic BBQ Sauce, grilled tofu,tomatoes,onions,1 small sweet potato,cashews,fresh basil, and goat cheese.

food 382

His Plain Boring Pizza: Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese,Parmesan Cheese, and Flavored blasted Goldfish. He added the Goldfish for kicks!

food 381

In the oven they go! 350 degrees for 5-7 minutes!

food 385 

Out they came:) Hubby was very excited, we haven't made pizza in almost 3 weeks!

food 388

So was Bosco!

food 390

I started with two pieces but quickly decided on three:)

food 396

I made a small side salad to go with my pizza topped with fresh strawberries.

food 392 

I love tofu and sweet potatoes on my pizza it’s a match made in heaven!

food 391

food 395

Can’t wait to take leftovers to work next week!

Tonight Hubby and I are watching the Dodgers Vs. Angels Game, I say go DODGERS! I am a girl who wears BLUE!

Question: What are you all doing for Father’s day, any creative last minute gift ideas??


Robin said...

I cracked up when I saw the orange goldfish on his pizza - too funny!!

Erica said...

The pizza looks so good and your husband looks like hes so much fun! Hmmm last minute gifties- a nice dinner or lunch out? GC to fav restaurant? Homemade dessert? I got my daddy mix my granola and took him to lunch today ;)

Danielle said...

Yum, wow, both pizzas look fantastic! As for father's day, I think most dad's appreciate a memory and experience more than a gift so I'm spending the day with him and my family... we're thinking the zoo, he fits in so well there ;) ha, he loves it. Good luck and happy father's day to your dad, I'm sure whatever you do or get he'll be thrilled :)

Pearl said...

yum pizzas look good!

Meganerd said...

I love pizza, but never thought of adding cashews, goldifsh, or sweet potatoes! Great ideas.

It's funny that your husbands pizza is so boring- my boyfriend would have like just cheese and sauce lol

Michelle said...

Sweet potatoes on pizza?? I haven't tried that yet but it looks delicious!!

Coco said...

My father is back on the west coast, but I am going to an awesome dinner with some Boston bloggers tonight!!! Elina and healthyandsane.com is hosting it. A nice little get together and I'm sure we'll all toast to our Dad's!!!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Looks delicious!

Ada said...

Those pizza toppings look great (and are so creative)! I gotta try those some time :)

Niki said...

The pizzas look yummy!! Very creative on the toppings! I'm spending the day with my mom and dad on the lake! Hopefully it won't rain!!

RunToFinish said...

yum! you make the best pizzas!!

my dad just wanted to hang by the pool and grill, doesn't sound too bad!

CalliNae said...

I never would have thought tofu, sweet potato and pizza. How fun!

Mandy said...

Saturday night at our house is always pizza night!!

I cracked up at the Gold Fish! Certainly haven't seen that before :)

I am treating the hubby today to all of his favorite eats... have some cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast, taking him to TCBY for his dessert and getting him ribs from his fav restaurant for dinner :) Our daughter and I made him a home made card... she did a great job! :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Kim said...


I literally LOL when I saw the Goldfish on your hubby's pizza! That is something my daughter would love!!

Your pizza looks amazing and is on my list of things to make this week. :) YUM!!!


Meredith (Pursuing Balance) said...

Your pizza looks so good! The goldfish on his pizza cracks me up!


Mmmmm....tofu and sweet potatoes on pizza? Gotta try that!