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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sleepless in San Diego

It’s past midnight here in SD(yep I made it here safely), and I am still wide awake!! Before I forget I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your well wishes for my race this weekend, you guys ROCK!!!

Let me back up just a bit to take you on a ride through my afternoon…

Mid Morning Snack=Strawberries+Organic Stoneyfield Yogurt+Kashi H2H


Lunch=Everything but the kitchen sink(I was trying to clean out the fridge). Salad with the last of my veggies, tomato soup, honey wheat pretzels, grapes, and 2 boiled egg whites.

There is a hidden mini sweet potato under there somewhere…

Before I set out on this solo road trip I swung by the local coffee shop to pick up an iced soy latte to keep me awake and alert for the drive!

This is probably the reason for me being UP SO LATE!!!! 


I then hit the rode and used the Hubby’s trusty Garmin to get me safely to SD!


Of course an hour in to the drive I got hungry and because I knew we weren't going to have dinner until after 7pm, I grabbed my cooler and had a few snacks.

A Clif Kid Twisted Tropical Fruit, mmmm!


Along with some Snapeas, I picked up from TJ’s! I love these things, but they do make me REALY THIRSTY!!! 


I arrived at my friend Erin’s house and quickly got changed to head out to Little Italy in downtown SD. I met up with some bloggers/blog readers for a late night dinner. We ate at a place called Trattoria Fantastica, and it was just that FANTASTIC!

I ordered a Penne Pasta with pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and goat cheese. I FINISHED THE WHOLE THING! I carb load two days before.


I also enjoyed 1 glass of the house Cab, and a piece of yummy pita bread.

We had a nice party of 7, and  I was so excited to finally meet Meghann!!! We have built such a lovely friendship over the course of time, and I am so glad that it worked out for us to finally meet!!! There will be a lot more Bobbi and Meghann time this weekend, as we explore the Expo tomorrow and run the race together on Sunday!!! This will be Megahnn’s first marathon, and I am excited to be on this journey with her.


I love chatting about the race with these ladies, three of them will be doing the race, and the other two will be supporting!!! 


Food Blogger in action!


After chatting for several hours, we headed over to the dessert bar. I was stuffed from dinner so I passed but everything looked delicious!


What a lovely evening, I will post more pics tomorrow, I know Meghann got some good ones!!!

Ok I think the coffee is wearing off now. I am going to sleep in tomorrow and then off to the EXPO I go!

Nite Nite

P.S. Good Luck HEATHER from Hangry Pants, she is running her first half marathon in the morning!!!! GO GO GO!


Pearl said...

welcome to san diego, bobbi!
what is this expo you speak of?

Tanja said...

Sounds like you already have a really good time in San Diego!
I MISS the snappea crisps from TJ so much!Haach..they are just delicious:-)Can't get them in Europe:-(
Anyways,Good luck with your race!Rock it and have fun!!
Greetings from Spain! Tanja

Mica said...

I loooove San Diego (the one time I've been there)!

Best of luck, Speedy McSpeederson!

Anonymous said...

if i have coffee past 3 pm i am wired for the night! GL again bobbi!!

Anonymous said...

San Diego is SUCH a beautiful city! Be sure to enjoy your time there and see all the sights before coming back home. Sounds like you had a wonderful evening, and that pasta dish looks DELICIOUS!

Good luck on the race! :)

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

Mmmm, yummy pasta dish

Enjoy SD11

Sarah said...

Umm, I think I should have gotten what you got. Plus everything in that dessert display place. I definitely have to go back. Have fun at the expo and lemme know about tonight! Otherwise, will see you tomorrow. Ahh!

meghanN said...

Gooood luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Bobbi! I love those snap pea crisps too, but they are pretty salty.

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with those tropical twisted fruits. They were on sale 3 for $1 and I bought 6...they were gone within 2 days. Keep having fun and good luck!

HangryPants said...

Thank you so much Bobbi!

Good luck to you tomorrow. I know you will kick serious butt out there. :D