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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Power Nap or Coffee?

The 6 hours of sleep is catching up to me, I am going to make this post short and sweet so I can catch a 20 minute power nap (instead of grabbing some coffee), before I have to get back to work. I doubt it will happen, I can’t take naps for the life of me!

Today I got hungry around 10:30 so I had a bowl of the yummiest vanilla yogurt(Stoneyfield Organic) and strawberries with a little Kashi H2H!


Then for lunch, at 1pm, I enjoyed some leftover Mexican Lasagna and a GINORMIOUSE SALAD (with avocado of course)with some fruit!


Some strawberries and a juicy plum!


All together now , our picnic tables so need a makeover! 


My tummy is very happy right, I love the filling of complete satisfaction!

I was intrigued by Tina’s post this afternoon about her eating schedule. We are a lot a like in our timing of eating, being a teacher I only have certain times that I can eat, but I can have my snacks whenever I choose.

Tina’s Schedule

“My schedule with approximate calorie estimates:

  • Breakfast @ 7:00, 600 - 800 calories
  • Lunch @ 12:00, 500 - 600 calories
  • Snack @ 3:00, 100 - 200 calories
  • Dinner @ 6:30-ish, 500 - 600 calories “

My Schedule

  • Breakfast @ 7:00, 500-600 calories
  • Snack @ 10:30,  100 - 200 calories
  • Lunch @ 1:00 500 - 600 calories
  • Snack @ 4:00, 200 - 250 calories
  • Dinner @ 7:30-ish, 500 - 600 calories


    Tina doesn't have a mid-morning snack like I do, but I eat less calories for breakfast because I have to have a later lunch. I also eat a later dinner so I have a little bit of a bigger mid-afternoon snack.

    Do you have an eating schedule?


    Anonymous said...

    LOVEE H2H.
    your salad looks delicious :)

    Brandi said...

    i love power naps! i wish I could take them at work :)

    my schedule is probably pretty similar to both of yours, except I don't always have snacks - it's just whenever I need them - and dinner time can vary a LOT depending on the day.

    Olga said...

    I agree, that's totally the best yogurt vanilla yogurt out there, so delish!

    My schedule varies a lot because of school...every semester is different and there are those breaks! When I has a 9-5 internship last summer, I definitely had more of a schedule and liked it!

    Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

    I'm a teacher as well so my eating schedule looks a LOT like yours!

    Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

    I don't really have much of a schedule. I don't have a steady work schedule at the moment so my eating changes as I go!

    Anonymous said...

    My two favorites... Stonyfield and Kashi H2H! YUMMY!

    I think that's a pretty common schedule. Mine is very similar to yours, except I end up having an evening snack instead of a mid-morning snack because I eat supper a little earlier (6pm).

    Anonymous said...

    i have an eating schedule but it varies depending on what my semester / work schedule looks like but once its set its typically in stone until the next schedule change. good luck taking a nap, i cant nap either! not good for a college kid haha

    Catch Me If You Can said...

    I wish I had a schedule, but nope. I eat whenever I'm hungry. During the week I have to eat around 9:30 because I work at 10:30. Your food looks amazing I love Mexican!

    Matt said...

    I eat when I'm hungry, which is pretty much all the time! Some days I eat more than others, it all just depends.

    Amy said...

    Try Trader Joe's Organic Vanana yogurt, too. I love it! I eat breakfast around 9, lunch at 1, a snack at 4 and dinner at 7. Sometimes I'll have a little snack before bed if I have any "points" left. I hate going to bed hungry!

    just me said...

    i'm glad you went for the power nap! so much better for the body!

    and what a schedule! i wish i could have one like that but field work makes that uber hard. otherwise, i eat when i'm hungry!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I think it's very cool that you and Tina posted about eating schedules today!

    I'm currently transitioning mine a bit, because I'm in a class everyday from 12-1:50 this month. I've pushed my mid-morning snack back about an hour later than normal, and have lunch around 2:15 after class. Luckily my breakfast (8am-ish) afternoon snack (4-5) and dinner (7-8pm) are able to stay the same.

    Kelly said...

    I'm also a teacher- so I have certain eating times too. I also like to eat often so my meals never have more than 400 calories, but then lots of snacks. I eat at 6:30am, 10:00am, 12:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:30 (just a small dessert)

    Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

    I wish I could get on an eating schedule but my school (district) is a mess so I rarely even know when I'll get a meal in, let alone a snack. Hopefully soon, with summer, everything will calm down enough for me to get on a nice schedule.

    Hope you got a good nap in!

    Alison said...

    Thanks for posting your eating schedule. My default schedule is probably closer to Tina's, but I need to refine mine - or at least stick to it more closely. I love reading about the way people structure their meals.