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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh No She Has the Baby Bug!

I am so glad you all loved the Mexican Lasagna, next time I will add some stuff to mix it up a bit!

Woke up this morning with a sour tummy(cheese always does this to me), but I forced myself to get dressed and out the door for a 5 mile run. My biggest motivator was my pink skirt and a new playlist I added to my Ipod. I started the run to some Colby Caillat’s Bubbly. Every time I hear Colby it reminds me of Kauai, Hubby and I found her CD on our honeymoon, before she was even on the radio! It made me smile the whole first part of the run. I finished strong to some JT!

Running Stats: 5 miles, 44 minutes, 8:50 average pace,
burned around 500 calories!

I fueled quickly with a Green Monster, I forgot to add the coconut milk!!! 


I then hopped on my bike for a two mile bike ride to the local Cafe to meet the Bagley Bunch for coffee.  I ended up splurging a little and got a butterscotch flavored coffee, I ran out of the house without making my own.


In honor of Raw Wednesday I had some Sugar in the Raw in my coffee, does that count as something Raw??


Veronica’s kids are soooo cute, they make me want to start having babies !!! I think this picture looks so natural, I am getting the baby bug!


I love Veronica, we have begun a beautiful friendship!! Veronica is going to share her weight loss story with us, so stay tuned!!

After coffee, I caught the bus to work. My tummy was grumbling like crazy on the bus, so I had my mid morning snack a little early.



I just found out we are having a Homemade Pizza Party at our house on Friday night with some friends. Lot’s going on this weekend, running,bike rides, beach trips, birthdays, and BBQ’s!!! I have a three day weekend coming up, anyone else planning on doing anything for Memorial weekend?

P.S. Today I am not going to be tired I will be refreshed, anyone know of any foods that give you an extra boost of energy??


Megan said...

Yeah I have baby fever. It's bad. Really really bad. Oh well. haha

Rose said...

That pic is so cute!

We have a wedding + memorial day picnic this weekend!

Amy said...

It sounds simple, but whenever I am feeling run down, a whole banana and a glass of milk (soy, almond, skim, whatever you like) always perks me up and makes me feel better.

Lacey Nicole said...

despite being tired you seriously have endless energy!!! way to get in the 5 miles-- that was my morning run, too!!!!!

Pearl said...

fruits always make me more energized! grapes! pineapples! :)

oh my gosh. i think i'll always have baby fever because i just like them so much! but of course, they're always cuter when you give them back at the end of the day.

Tea Time said...

A nice cup of hot green tea always makes me feel better when I have the blahs.

Alison said...

I get baby fever every once in awhile. Luckily it goes away quickly. I can't wait to have kids in a few years...just not now. But it's weird when everyone I know is having kids now.

Amisha said...

It's not a food, but one packet of Emergen-C gets me feeling really energetic and full of life. I think it's the B vitamins. Try it!

Julie said...

have a baby!!
colby callait is definitely a smile bringer on..very cute and fun songs :)
for energy I always drink coffee haha I know real original but I 'll usually make it an iced coffee..the coldness makes me feel more awake haha

Sheri said...

Ahhhh...baby fever! Yes, I had my first child 2 years ago and my baby fever has once again started. We plan on trying for our 2nd child in the fall! That picture is just beautiful, very natural!

I second the green tea for always making me feel better...love it!

Jen said...

It's crazy that you did all of this before I even saw you at the copier. I could get so much more out of my mornings- I need to use you as inspiration!

If you guys can make it down to Thresh Hold this Saturday for a little bit that would be great- I know it looks like a crazy weekend, though, so I hope whatever you do it will be awesome :)

just me said...

you totally have a natural mommy look!!! i want to see babies soon!

Anonymous said...

Aww you're going to make a wonderful mother someday! :)

Major deliciousness on the yogurt, fruit, and granola. SO good!

Have fun this weekend! Hope the weather cooperates for you! :D

Anonymous said...

haha to the baby bug. every time i see a pregnant woman i have to rub my stomach and imagine myself preggo! luckily (for me)its just a fleeting thought. you definitely have the energy to be a mommy!

3T Heppenstall said...

I don't know why you always say you're so tired. Every time I see you, you have bounds of energy!

You look like you were meant to be amom! And I know you will be an amazing mom!

I get the baby bug pretty bad sometimes, too, but then when Tyler (foster son) starts acting up, I QUICKLY get over it. :-)

RunToFinish said...

maybe it's spring causing teh baby thing, cause I have suddently thought it might be ok and only like months ago I was saying HELL NO

MOMMY-MOMO said...

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