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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Hubby+Pizza+Wine+Law&Order+Baseball=the perfect Saturday evening.


I think I made one of the best Pizza’s ever! I grilled together mushrooms, onions and tofu before baking them on top of my pizza. I also put Country Bob’s BBQ sauce on my pizza instead of marinara and mixed in goat cheese into the BBQ sauce, this combination was a party in my mouth!!!!



I also added fresh tomatoes, a small SWEET POTATO, and spinach.


The caramelized onion and grilled sweet potato WAS PERFECT!! Who knew that sweet potatoes would be a big hit on pizza!!


I have been eying the Oatmeal & Banana Pancake recipe in my of Clean Eating Magazine all week, I knew that Sunday would be the perfect morning to make them!

food 031

The batter was the perfect amount of texture even though I cut this recipe in half. I am always worried about cutting recipes in half, but it worked perfectly.

food 026

While I cooked I made some DD coffee in my French Press, and sipped on it to wake me up a little.

food 028 

I made small dollar sized pancakes that way I could feel like I was eating more:) Hubby got me this Wild Wild West plate for my birthday isn’t is adorable?? I topped my pancakes with Naturally More PB, and maple syrup. These were the best pancakes I have ever made and so HEALTHY! For all three of these pancakes it was a total of 200 calories+1 tbsp of Naturally More Pb(55 calories)+Syrup(30 calories)=285!

food 033

I had some fresh juicy and sweet strawberries on the side, the 4 pound bag is still going! 

food 034

Sunday morning breaky for one, I am letting Hubby sleep in.

food 039 

TSL Challenge Update

Saturday Points:

3 points for eating all meals at home
1  point riding bike to Spring Carnival
1 point riding bike to bike shop for a new bike lock
1 point for riding my bike to the market
1 point for starting my compost (will be posting about a compost set up on Monday)

Total: 7 points!

TSL Update

I have added a new rule to the challenge to keep you all accountable and motivated. Anytime you eat out during the challenge you have to take away 5 POINTS!!! That's right you can get negative points, I am hoping this helps us all keep from the temptation. How is the weekend going for all you TSL participants, I am sure it wasn’t easy???

Yesterday I drooled over all the beautiful bikes at the bike shop,one day, one day.


We have Church this morning then off to play Ultimate Frisbee with friends at the park!!! I am so glad I can play again, I don’t have to worry about injuring myself. Ultimate Frisbee is such an amazing workout, I bet I burn like 500 calories in the hour that we play. I am trying to convince the Hubby to ride his bike with me to the park, let’s hope he agrees.

Have a RESTFUL Sunday!  

P.S. Check out my April Featured Fridge!


Olga said...

That pizza looks AHHMAAAZZZINNGG

10 points?! O0o I'm going to think twice now about eating out!

Love the challenge, mine's going pretty well!

sarah said...

i'm glad i'm not an official challenge participant because i would be seriously in the red already :)

your pizza made me drool a little onto my keyboard. or almost. that looks DIVINE!!!

RoadBunner said...

The pizza looks divine!

Niki said...

The pizza looks great! I will have to remember to try sweet potatoes on my next pizza! Hope you have a fun Sunday!

Run Sarah said...

That pizza looks SO good! I love playing ultimate too - so much fun.

Lindsay said...

I spend a lot of time with kids who are addicted to Nick Jr. So when you said party in my mouth, this is what came to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdXdYxLo334&feature=related
this was the best version on you tube, ignore the powerpoint before it

This song rarely leaves my thoughts...mostly because I am forced to watch it once a week. Yeah!

Gen said...

Does that mean I have to take 5 points off on friday? Or is it starting today?

Lacey Nicole said...

SUCH good ideas about that pizza!! mixing the bbq sauce and goat cheese instead of marinara sounds AMAZING esp cuz i'm not a fan of marinara! genius!!!!! and mmm pancakes! this post is making mehungry, heh.

Pearl said...

that does sound like a great saturday evening :)

Anonymous said...

What a great combination on the pizza! Looks so good.

I love looking at bikes, I really need to get a nice road bike. Enjoy the rest of Sunday!

Rebeca @All Vegged Out said...

I love that plate :)

Pizza and Pancakes = Heaven!

-5 is so intense, and I've been having serious cravings for take out but not any more!!! I do have to go out at least once next Saturday since I'll be out of state, but I'm just going to earn a lot of points beforehand to make up for it :)

Anonymous said...

Those pancakes look amazing!

And that does sound like a wonderful night at home :)

Brooke (HomegirlCanEat) said...

Your Sunday morning breakfast looks so good and pretty with those gorgeous roses!

Anonymous said...

oooh the pizza looked super yum! and i love l&o. svu in particular.

Girl on Top said...

That pizza looks amazing!

Mica said...

I love the idea of BBQ sauce on the pizza. I will have to give that one a try!

Nabeela said...

Wow, those pancakes sure are low calorie...even with pb and syrup. Must try making them soon

Denise said...

Pizza looks great. I think you should come over and make some for me.

ttfn300 said...

wow, holy amazing pizza :) and how exciting seeing your first strawberry! so jealous!!