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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Have You Seen the Muffin Man?


food 040

I am so loving these Muffin Top Oats! I love breaking this muffin up in to fourths so I can enjoy a little bit of it at a time, instead of over indulging and then feeling like BLAH! 

food 031

The mix:

food 039

+ another wonderful Almond Milk Misto

food 041

I have a lot of things to accomplish this morning which means I will have to save my track workout for this evening. It has been in the high 90’s here in So CAL so I think my track workout will have to be at the gym for sure! 

I am kinda slacking on the TSL Challenge this week, and need a boost of encouragement. I haven’t rode my bike yet this week and because I have plants I have to pick up at school today so I will have to wait to ride my bike until tomorrow. I have eaten ALL meals at home, and plan on doing so for the whole week!!!

A little story to share, yesterday before teaching AKB I had about an hour and a half to kill. So I decided to hit up Ross(department store), to spend a gift card that I had. I only had $10 on the gift card, but $10 can buy a whole lot at Ross. What I finally ended up wanting to purchase was $19.99, as I was waiting in line I thought to myself over and over, do I really need this, I will have to spend $10 more dollars??? I was so proud, I put the bag away and ended up walking away not spending a DIME!!! Friends, this is a big step for me. Not that I squander a lot of money all the time, but that I just walked away!!! The Simple Life Challenge is changing my entire mindset!!!

Green Tip for the Day:

Are you in need of some de-cluttering? Is there things that you want to get rid of, but don’t have time for a yard sale?

Hit up these great online resources:

  • Craigslist and eBay - list your stuff for cash (or drop it off at an eBay iSold It store and let them do the dirty work - head's up, they take around 40%).
  • Freecycle - this is the #1 online swap site for anything under the sun. Even if you live in Pierre, SD, we promise you’ll find others in your region with whom to swap.
  • Rehash Clothes - if you have duds hanging around, peddle 'em here.
  • Best Buy and Gazelle - both have trade-in programs so you can get cash or discounts for used laptops and iPods.
  • Swaptree - list and swap books, CDs, DVDs, and video games through the mail.
  • Bookbyte - sell that Econ 410 book you never want to see again. (Your school's bookstore probably has a buy-back program too.)

Have a TTTTTeriffffic Tuesday!

P.S. Here’s something to make you smile today.

food 042


Mrs. LC said...

Love the green tips! I'm posting more frugal tips this week as I come across them. :)

Oh and I love how you mentioned Ross (the store) -- being married to a Ross and loving the store Ross, I constantly have to clarify what I'm talking about! :)

GreenDogWine said...

you know i love bosco :)

Dayna (hopefulrunner) said...

Bobbi, your almond milk misto looks so good, it has inspired me to go make some coffee. Mmmmmmm
Thanks for the cute pic of Bosco, it made me smile, and I really needed it this morning.

Amanda said...

whenever i'm in a store and i wait long enough to check out i normally can talk myself out of buying anything. i've become so less decisive lately! sometimes it's fun to make a spontaneous decision but it's also a good feeling when you restrain. :)

Pearl said...

yaaay bobbi! sometimes i talk myself out of buying the unnecessary, too. but for some reason, it seems that when i buy something for a family member or a friend/person i care about, i tend to go all out/overboard. my mom says it's cause i'm a leo and that i spoil my family and friends. haha.

Brandi said...

great tips and your oatmeal looks awesome.

i have that same mug! Love it.

Nobel4Lit said...

That muffin looks great!

Alison said...

YAY for putting something back after giving it some thought, I've found myself doing that more recently too! I often find myself comparing shopping and eating.... there are lots similarities between spending my money and "spending my calories". Is it really worth it? How will I feel after I eat it/buy it? Is there room in my daily calorie allowance/budget for this?

Anyway... good for you! :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the great tips! Those oats look awesome! Good for you for not buying anything at Ross-- that's a hard thing to do. Happy Tuesday! :)

Anonymous said...

Those oats look so good! Definitely my kind of breakfast! :)

Congrats on the Ross trip! I know how hard it is to put something back on the shelf, but it's definitely a good feeling to know how much money you saved.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health said...

AWWWW! Cute doggy pic!!

Amazing looking breakfast and fab green tips!

Have a great evening and good luck on the run!

Alison said...

Good job on saving! Even something on sale costs more than $0.

teacherwoman said...

Your breakfast always looks so yummy!

Niki said...

Great green tips!! Bosco is so cute:)

Mica said...

Awww, Bosco always does make me smile!

Girl on Top said...

Great job on walking away. It is so weird with me. If I'm a cheapskate, I'm totally not buying anything. But if I buy one thing, I start on this buying binge. It's awful!

Julie said...

hey girl :) love your blog! that misto looks great! how did you make it??