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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Morning Runny Buddy Mr.Bosco

Morning friends, if you haven’t already please check out the Simple Life Challenge for May!!!  I am so excited about the responses I have already received. A lot of you are already living a pretty “frugal” life so this will be a chance for you to step it up a notch. Even if you can’t do the whole challenge, and can only do parts of it that’s ok!


Also if you think you have some great tips on how to live a simple & green life and would like to be featured on NHerShoes, please shoot me an email I am looking for some guest blogger posts for this challenge!

This morning my alarm did not go off but some how my internal clock when off at 5:15am! I drove to meet up with fast Jill but she wasn’t there, so I came back home and ran with the best running buddy, Mr. Bosco.

food 020

Because I was just going out for an easy run, I knew he could make it with me. I ended up running an easy 2.5 miles(10 minute miles). My legs feel great! When I got home I went straight for my evil friend the foam roller.

food 014

OOOOO the pain, my IT band is soooo tight! I had to really push through the pain, and stop and do some other Yoga stretches, and then came back to the roller. My goal is to do the foam roller every day this week, maybe even twice a day. Hopefully this will help my IT band loosened up and get my legs refreshed!

I picked up some bananas yesterday so I could finally make a GREEN MONSTER! My breakfast was complete with some flowers from our garden, love SPRING! food 013photo29

Some tick tack toe toast, with Naturally Nutty Hemp & Flax Pb and Agave Nectar. This was my first time trying TJ’s Sprout less, Flourless, Whole Wheat Berry Bread, I loved it! Sticking to my no wheat this week will be easy with this bread!

31food 018

I made my own Soy Misto, with my French press this morning. I always forget about this hidden treasure!


All together!


Here is a picture of me and all the pretty tulips in Boston, I miss them so much!!!

ipodpics2 1005

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

What’s you favorite flower?


Danielle said...

My favorite flowers are gerber daisies but tulips are a close second!
Good luck with the foam roller every day this week, I think that's where the term "hurts so good" came from. LOL.

L.A. Daze said...

Where did you buy your foam roller? I have one of those massage sticks, but I also want a foam roller.

L. Elizabeth said...

i heart daisys
simple and classic

Rose said...

I love bright flowers - doesn't matter the type. And over the years I've really shy-ed away from roses. People love to give me anything with roses on though.

Niki said...

I love, love, love tulips!! Have fun with the foam roller!!

Run Sarah said...

Your breakfast looks great - I need to get a french press. My favs are roses!

Runeatrepeat said...

Love the simple life challenge!

Mica said...

What a hot running buddy! He's so cute!

Matt said...

Foam rollers are awesome, I prefer the stick though! Hurts like the dickens but really helps.

just me said...

what pretty flowers!

katecooks said...

those flowers are gorgeous! i love really bright gerber daisies the best i think :)

Ashley & Bo said...

This is so exciting! My fiance would love to do a guest post on your blog regarding living a green life. He has a degree in architecture and his final year he was the lead on the design and building of a 100% green house in the Solar Decathalon project! It would also serve as great PR for our humble little blog we've started!

Zesty Cook said...

We have the same POM glass!! :)

Anonymous said...

ooh lots of good pictures, and gorgeous flowers!!!!
my faves are definitely Daisies. they're just sooo Cute. :)

same Q as LA daze, where'd you get the foam roller?? I looked at Target but they didn't have any. hmmm..

KimW said...

I have been off running for about a year with a IT Band injury. I have a foam roller, but never use it. Apparently I am a wimp and it hurts to much.lol. How long do you typically roll on it for?

Elizabeth S. said...

That bread is not wheat-free. If you are avoiding wheat for digestive reasons, you cannot eat wheat gluten - it is the allergen in wheat that some people are allergic to. A flourless bread is no better than regular (in this situation) if it contains both wheat berries and wheat gluten.

You should look into gluten-free options to help with your digestive issues - there are plenty at health food stores now. Kinnikinnick makes a really good one.

Good luck!