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Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Today had been quite interesting. I feel like a bottomless pit! After breakfast I went to meet up with my good friend Melissa to help her grocery shop the “healthy way” at TJ’s.

Before I went, I stopped by Sbux and picked up a Vivanno, I was sleepy and needed a pick me up + protein. I accidently broke LENT again! I forgot it had chocolate in it:(


We had a lot of fun grocery shopping together, I seriously want to be a personal grocery shopper for a living!!!


When I got home I had some leftover pizza from last night,(no pic I scarfed it). Hubby and I then decided to get down and dirty and start planting our GARDEN! Last year we grew a lot of tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemary, and cucumbers. This year we are planting two gardens, one filled with fruit and herbs, the other one with corn, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and much more.



I was working “hard”, I got dirty promise;)


Bosco worked harder!


Hubby working on Garden #2. Don’t you love those BASEBALL pants!!! LO


I am pretty tired but I still want to clean out my office and mop and sweep the floors. Hubby and I are also making a Costco trip soon, and I have to cook something for DINNER!!!  I hope some how I get the energy soon!

How do you get a “HEALTHY” energy boost????

The List

  • 4:30 20 mile run
  • Fun Breakfast
  • Hubby and I are planting our vegetable garden
  • Clean Office
  • Blogger Stuff
  • Costco Run
  • Review of My New Book!!!
  • Prep Meals for Next Week


Hallie said...

Good luck with your garden! I am such a believer in growing "food, not lawns." I'd love to have a container garden on our condo's balcony, but we don't get enough sun :-(

I find that a Shred session gives me a quick perk-up. I needed to do one this afternoon but didn't, and I know I'm going to be tired all night!

Bec said...

What a nice garden, you are going to get so much yummy food from it!

Mica said...

I LOVE the gardening pictures. You, the hubby, and Bosco are the cutest gardeners of all time!

Anonymous said...

Fun gardening photos! Sounds like an awesome day :D I get an energy boost by...drinking coffee. Bad, I know!

Anonymous said...

personal grocery shopper would be such a fun job! I'd do it!!!

love the veggie garden! my Mom is so proud of hers back home! I hope someday I can have lots of beautiful vegetables in my back yard!! someday.........


DLap said...

ah I would love a garden, the veggies from there always taste so much better than bought ones!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I completely forgot about Vivannos. I had them all the time last summer - they are so amazing! Thanks for the reminder :o)

Can I be a personal grocery shopper with you? We could spend hours in every store!

Denise said...

I thought he was wearing baseball pants. Too funny.

I'm so jealous seeing you in flip flops!

Anonymous said...

Awww your garden is so cute! That pic of you is adorable!!!

Going for a walk always gives me an energy boost (or a run).

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Cripes Bobbi, you flippin' amaze me! Seriously 8:30 average for 20 miles is incredible. Good for you!! :)

Does wine or chocolate count for an energy boost?

Pearl said...

the garden looks so nice already, btw!

Megan said...

So we got a house. Did you know that? haha anyways, our garden isn't up yet. We haven't landscaped. But my dad's coming in 3 weeks to help us do that. However, Matt's mom helped me plant all of my little seedlings yesterday! Woo! I'm so ready! I have an extra tomato plant (heirloom). Would you want it?

Lauren said...

The garden looks great! My husband and I have been talking about doing one in our backyard. :)

Sarah said...

Your garden looks so great! We planted a few tomatoes and are hoping for the best. I'd love to have a bigger garden someday.

I totally agree with you that I would love to be a personal grocery shopper too!