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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Date Night at MU, We Love Thai Food!


Tonight we went to our favorite Thai house, MU. It used to be called the Rama Garden, but it is still just as yummy. I was so hungry from all the work I had been doing around the house. Check out the O’ SO very clean master bathroom:)


We ordered a cup of Tom Kha Kai Soup to start with, tonight was our guilty pleasure for the week.


I love the BIG MUSHROOMS in this soup, not sure what their called?

We had the whole place all to ourselves, I love having date night on Wednesdays, we don’t ever have to bother with a wait.


For dinner I had the usual, Yellow Chicken Curry with Rice. I always want to try new things, but I know I love this!



and Hubby’s veggies!


Because the food was spicy I went with a glass of Riesling, I just had to
I AM ON SPRING BREAK! It helped cool down the spice from the curry.


I caught Hubby checking his email:) Or maybe he was twittering.


Tomorrow is day #2 of April and Spring Break.

  • 5:45 am run with “fast Jill”
  • 8:00am coffee with a friend
  • 10am Taking Car to the Shop( then walking around town killing time)
  • 1pm Dog Park + Read
  • 4pm Jillian’s 30 Day Shred
  • 5:30 Dinner
  • 7pm Thursday Night Group
    Hope you had a happy humpday, and not fooled too much;)


    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like you have had a busy day! I loveeee THai food, the yellow curry looks so yummy.

    Pearl said...

    aww it looked like you guys had a great time at date night!

    Anonymous said...

    I haven't done Jillian's shred in about 4 days!! Argh! I need to do it this afternoon too (considering its already Thursday morning here ;))

    L.A. Daze said...

    Those are straw mushrooms. Love them as well! Especially with my cashew chicken.

    Runeatrepeat said...

    Thai food is my fave food! Seriously. I can eat it everday! Sometimes I do actually :)

    I am vicariously enjoying your Spring Break!

    Marianne said...

    Great thai food dinner. I can't believe how empty that restaurant is though! Even on a week night here, you wouldn't get a restaurant that empty.

    Mica said...

    Mmm, tom kha gai and yellow curry are two of my THAI favorites. I'm so honored to share Thai preferences with you, Bobbi :)

    "Skinny bride" said...

    I should DEFINITELY be asleep since I'm waking up at 7 to do a run with fiance, but just wanted to comment and let your readers know how GOOD I'm feeling. AKB is actually becoming less and less painful but more and more challenging and FUN. I don't have any good news to report in terms of lbs lost but I've gotten a few comments from people and I feel like everything is fitting my body better. I am going to continue with what I've been doing and be patient. And the best news- not only is Bobbi going to be my trainer AND wedding planner- she's now officially a BRIDESMAID! :)

    just me said...

    what a great date!

    Anonymous said...

    I wish I was on spreing break! Sounds like you are enjoying your time away from school.

    Denise said...

    Spring break sounds so nice...so does a glass of wine. :-)

    girlrunningaround said...

    I love Thai food too! And your master bathroom is gorgeous. I so want a double vanity.

    ttfn300 said...

    yummy :) straw mushrooms!

    Lacey Nicole said...

    yayyyy spring break! and date night!!!!! i love when the restaurant feels like we have it to ourselves :)

    Brian said...

    Damn that food looks awesome. Sounds like a fun date night to me!

    Fitnessista said...

    happy spring break!
    the thai food looks wonderful. i've actually never had thai food-- i need to jump on that!
    enjoy your day <3

    Niki said...

    Thai food=YUM!!