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Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Showers Bring Lot’s of BIRTHDAYS!

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was out of control! I went to my cousin Caden’s 13th Birthday Party and had a blast:) For lunch they served a 10 pound burrito, I stole a small piece and just ate the insides.


They had a bounce house that all the adults enjoyed as much as the kids, my brother dominated the boxing rounds!


The best host of them all my Aunt Memory, she is amazing!


We also had cake and ice-cream, I am not a fan of cake but I did have some chocolate mint chip ice cream!!


The Birthday Boy!


After the party, my brother Jeremiah went out SHOPPING!!!! I wanted to buy a few new things for Boston and I haven’t been clothes shopping in a LONG TIME!!! It was sooo fun, I love my brother he is a crack up. We laughed so much I think I burned off my whole meal and then some. Can’t wait to show you all the fun stuff I got for Boston:) I didn’t end up eating dinner because we got home at 10:30pm and I cleaned like a mad women and crashed at midnight.

I almost have my check list crossed off for the weekend, almost;) Today we are headed off to church and then to my other Aunts for a huge family feast!

I am currently enjoying some Oat Bran, that Andrea sent me in my new Spring Poka Dot bowl, isn’t it DARLING?!



I gotta get ready I shall see you tonight, have a beautiful and blessed day!


Run Sarah said...

Have a blessed Easter :)

What a fun birthday party...excited to see what you bought for Boston, too!

Mica said...

Happy Easter to you too, Bobbi!

Love the family pictures, so sweet.

Moran said...

Happy Easter, Bobbi!
Enjoy this holiday with your family and loved ones!

just me said...

yay for easter and boston buys!

and i love the family pictures...you guys are so cute!

Pearl said...

family photos are SO adorable! have a great Easter holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Cute bowl! Sounds like a great day. I can't wait to see all the new stuff you got for Boston. When do you leave.

Alison said...

Happy Easter! I used to go to church with a girl named Memory. Not too many of them.

I'm not a big fan of cake either - it's a rare cake that can hold my attention. Usually depends on how good the frosting is. Carrot cake for example is moist enough and has fabulous frosting to tempt me.

Cecile said...

I love your blog! You are such an inspiration. I am thinking of starting my own blog but think I will have trouble finding time/motivation to post daily...especially since I sit at a computer ALL day at work. Ugh. Any way, do you have any blogging tips or insight?

Also, I am training for my first marathon (Denver). When I run first thing in the morning, my body seems to like a small bowl of oat plain oatmeal. However, I can't find the perfect pre-run meal for my after work runs. What are some of your favorite things to eat before a run that is later in the day?


Girl on Top said...

Hoppy easter! :)

Zesty Cook said...

Happy Easter Bobbi!! Great family pics and I love the idea of the 10lb Burrito