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Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Knew Applebees Could Be So Healthy?!

Tonight after work I hit up a 30 minute bags class at my gym. It’s 30 minute hard core punching bags with a lot of arm and ab work! I got to wear another one of the wonderful tank tops that Danskin sent me to review, I love the color isn’t it pretty? I will give a full review of this tank this weekend. Skinny Bride took the pictures after class.



Then I went to Applebee’s to meet up with an old friend Kelly we had some major catching up to do, and Hubby had to work so it worked out perfectly.


I first had a small house salad, with everything on it, I am running 20 miles in the morning I need all the FUEL I can get!


I ordered the Garlic Chicken, with veggies and red potatoes. I ate most of the chicken but I ordered another small portion of potatoes. This meal was on the Weight Watchers Menu, I needed more CARBS!  Overall it was yummy, but 3 hours later as I sit here and type this my tummy is growling:(


Have you been to Applebee’s? This was my second time visiting in YEARS, I was sad that I couldn’t order dessert!!! Lot’s of praying went on tonight:)Well folks I am off to bed. Great news thought I got my new shoes(long story) in the mail today just in time for my 20 mile run tomorrow at 4:30am!

Night Night!


Pearl said...

goodnight bobbi! yaaay on the new shoes and i LOVE the tank top on you!

Anonymous said...

You have amazing shoulders/upper body and that tank top really shows it off. I am jealous!

I have only been to Applebees once, in a prairie town in Canada! Surprisingly, we don't have one in Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK Bobbi!!!
You'll do great!

Jon in Tokyo said...

Both you and the food looks great!

Anonymous said...

cute workout clothes!

Anonymous said...

The tank is so cute, and fits perfectly! The boxing class sounds like a great workout and fun too. Hope the long run goes well.

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Nice tank!! And the featured fridge was great! :)

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Toni said...

I love that tank top! The color is great.

just me said...

Man, you sure do look totally un-sweaty after such a workout! i wish I looked like that after mine all the time!

and i've only been to applebees once...it was super hard for me to eat there as a vegetarian...oh well!

good luck on your 20 miler! I hope the new shoes treat you well! btw, have you always just jumped into new shoes like that, without kinda breaking them in? i've always been fearful of not wearing them a bit before longer runs.

Anonymous said...

You're wearing brand new shoes for a 20-miler?? BRAVE!

RunToFinish said...

i do like appplebee's it has this chicken burger with mushrooms on the low cal menu too. Since my parents adore the place I learned how to eat healthy there!!

oh the tilapia is good too. heck i eat there like 1 time a year and look at me I know the menu.

hope the run went well!!! And you look HOT in that top, you go girl!

Brian said...

I liek the healthy options Applebees provide. I try to sub fries out for rice or somethin everywhere I go, but soimetimes ill spoil myself :)

Anonymous said...

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