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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I AM NOT A BAKER, But I will Bake for a GOOD Cause!

I have '>mentioned on here before about how Meghann over at The Inner Workings of a College Graduate is currently getting ready to train for her first marathon in May with Team in Training, for the Sandiego Rock and Roll. Well not only is she training for this marathon she has committed herself to raise $3,900 in support of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with TEAM IN TRAINING.  She has come up with some fun and creative ways to raise money for this wonderful cause.

In February she held a successful Blogger Bake Sale, and she raised over a $1,000 dollars! She still has money to raise so she is hosting yet another Blogger Bake Sale on April 6th. This time I am making something to bake for the sale.

What to bake? I am not a baker, I love to cook, but I tend to burn everything I bake. I also don’t like following recipes, and I know when you bake you have to be very precise. So I found something to bake that I can’t burn!!! I thought I would experiment with it last night so that they could be perfect for the Bake Sale:)

NHerShoes Power Bars

Some of the ingredients:



I basically followed the Big Sur Power Bar Recipe, from the book Super Natural Cooking. I did change a few things, and added in a few things too. After the bake sale I will disclose the entire recipe!


This was so fun to make, kind of reminded me of making rice crispy treats, but the healthier way of course. I couldn't wait to cut them up and give them a try! It made about 24 bars, so I am keeping half and taking the rest to work to see what my co-workers think?!

This morning I decided not to run at 5am, my body was telling me to rest so I listened!! I am about to do some Yoga here in a minute, and still have kickboxing tonight so it’s not a full day of rest. I will go out for an easy 40 minutes tomorrow morning for sure!!!

For breakfast I made a Monster Smoothie, the Mix:



It was so nice outside that I enjoyed my drink on the patio:)


I also had one of my Homemade Power Bars.




Aren’t they sooo cute?! Not to mention, taste amazing! There is a hint of espresso in them that I absolutely love, and Hubby even liked them and he hates coffee!!! So please bid on them on April 6th so I can make a homemade batch just for you!

By the way Hubby is doing great on his TBL Challenge, I am so proud of HIM!!!! Oh and I just watched the TBL from last week and I can’t believe they ran a half marathon, that is INSANE!!!!

Off to do some Yoga, then Parent Conferences(I get to watch the kids), AKB, then off to Thursday Night Group! Have a Fabulous Thursday! One more day till FRIDAY!


Foodsthatfit said...

I think your bars look delicious! You may not be a baker, but you make a yummy treat! Way to support a great cause!

Pearl said...

have a GREAT thursday! and those bars look.. wow. SO good!

runsarah said...

Those bars look so yummy and healthy. I loveee brown rice syrup. I''ll have to check them out at the bake sale!

Lacey Nicole said...

great work on your bars!!!!!! the bars are cute but you are cuter, haha, i also feel this way when i bake things (which i do so rarely)-- very very proud :) nice work they look amazing. i want to bake with espresso/coffee!!

Courtney said...

Me and my husband are big TBL fans. I couldn't believe they ran that much either. I was so proud of them! I was crying at the end when they sent Cathy home. :(

Fitnessista said...

those power bars look amazing! i can't wait for the recipe!!!
and YES, i would love to do a burn exchange! send me an email and we can figure it all out :D
have a great day <3

Marianne said...

I'll be looking forward to the recipe once you finally release it :D

Mica said...

Mmm, those bars look great, as does the smoooothie!

therunningaddict said...

Your bar looks so good!!!

Missy said...

Delicious looking bars!! Love the smoothie too!

RunToFinish said...

ok if you cook then I may have to bid on it for sure.

:) smoothie pushers aren't we

Danielle said...

I might just have to bid on these!
The look so good!

Nobel4Lit said...

Wow, those look EXCELLENT! I wish I could buy some of those!

polly said...

Go Bobbi Baker!!! You are so cute and love your yummies! I also LOVE the biggest Loser... totally hoping Mikey Wins, but I am a big Bob the trainer fan!! Woohoo Bob Harper!

Love your blog! xoxo Yay for yoga!

Meghann said...

Thanks for teh Shout Out Bobbi! Those Bars look GREAT!!!!

Runeatrepeat said...

I want one of those bars!

just me said...

omg those bars look great! i so wish that i had the time to make those, or to bid for them! freak'n working in the field! haha~!

wonderful job!!!

Brian said...

those look soo good!

Lauren said...

I can NOT bake either! I don't even know why I even attempt, because everytime I try to bake a batch of cookies or a cake, it turns out weak!

I feel that if I am going to indulge in some sweetness, it better be darn good. You just can't half a** it when it comes to dessert! :)

Your bars look great girl!

carolinebee said...

isn't the weather aaamazing! I'm in such heaven being outside all the time :D Have a great night, almost breaky time!

ttfn300 said...

you look like a baker to me ;-) can't wait to see the recipe!