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Monday, March 30, 2009

Baking With the Ladies+ Sunday’s Trip to the Market

The long anticipated day hasn’t been so long, it’s actually flying by! I only have 6 girls for childcare, and we have been BLASTING Disney Radio and baking in the kitchen Smile


The girls love kneading! LOL


Yesterday Hubby and I at down and went through our cupboards and fridge to see what groceries we needed for the week. After I got a nice list I decided to give Fresh and Easy one more try.

food 004

The Loot:

  • 2 pounds of strawberries (they were only $1.99)
  • Red Bell Pepper Hummus on Sale at Fresh & Easy for $1
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Bananas
  • Lima Beans
  • 1 Odwalla Bar, the Banana Nut tastes just like Banana Nut Bread!
  • Silk Creamer( I thought I would give it a try again)
  • Brown Rice
  • Rooibos Tea
  • Almond Milk
  • WW Nutri-Grain Waffles

food 005 

  • Red Delicious Apples for Hubby
  • Gala Apples for me
  • An Annie's Burrito, on sale for $1.50! Should have got more
  • goat cheese
  • WW Pita Bread
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Baby Spinach
  • Cucumber

food 006

I spent: $15 Dollars at Fresh & Easy on Food and $20 at Von’s, a total of $35 on food this week. We still have chicken and tofu left from last week, so that’s why are bill was so low.

Today I enjoyed my last two homemade black bean burgers, with a salad, an apple, kiwi, hummus, and ww pita.


I can’t wait until we finish our homemade bread it smell’s divineheart


Question of the day:

If you had the whole day to your self where would you spend that day?



Anonymous said...

that bread looks delicious!! it's always better when it's homemade

Runeatrepeat said...

I'm very impressed with you making that bread!

Great job on the 20 miler this weekend! You are an amazing runner and I can't wait to hear about Boston!!!

Anonymous said...

awww, i love that pic of the girls!
what an amazing grocery haul with excellent deals!! i'm a master bargainer, and i'm so impressed :-)

if i had a whole day to spend to myself, i'd plan it so it fell on a hot summer day complete with access to a gorgeous sparkling beach with blue ocean waves, and i'd spend the whole time napping on a towel in the sand (with loads of sunscreen of course). sigh ...

Niki said...

That bread looks so good! If I had a whole day to myself I would spend it on the beach!!

RunToFinish said...

technically I had vacation today and spent it with the dentist and my PT. :)

Lacey Nicole said...

i would go to a quiet spot on the ocean and sit outside! i'd bring a lunch and some drink i like and books and a blanket,... i would also go to the library, a farmer's market, and walk around preferably with a dog:)

Matt said...

I'd spend the morning running and the rest of the day with my family!

Denise said...

Some times on my day off, I like to spend it at home in the peace and quiet. Taking my time drinking my coffee, reading, napping with the kitties. Life is too hectic, I welcome any chance to slow down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Your bread looks AMAZING!

Olga said...

lovely loot :)

I would spend all day AT THE BEACH! I CANNOT wait until summer so I can take a nice bike ride to the beach and chill out...I know a place that doesn't even get cell phone service...Pure joy!

just me said...

great haul and that bread looks DELISH!!!

Bec said...

it looks like they had a blast making bread!

just me said...

great haul and that bread looks DELISH!!!

One Gillian Reasons said...

Black Bean Burgers have become my favorite meal this week! So delicious and easy...

Question, what brand of running skirt do you recommend?

Sara said...

That bread looks great!

One of the girls in the pics looks like one of the twins from Jon & Kate plus 8 :) Looks like you had a good time!

If I had an entire day, I would spend it at home with my hubby and my dogs. Probably outside, but just hanging out and relaxing!! Or maybe we would go to the mall or something...I doubt I could relax for an entire day :)

Marianne said...

I definitely could get all that food for $35 where I live. Nice haul!

Pearl said...

wow! looks like making bread was such a huge hit! what did you sprinkle on top of the loaves?

Fitnessista said...

the bread looks amazing! love all the grocery pics :D
looks like such a fun weekend!
hope you have a good day <3

katecooks said...

fresh & easy has a few great things that i always have to go there for...the lemon cilantro hummus is one of my absolute favorites!