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Friday, February 27, 2009

Does a Breakfast Cookie Count as Dessert?

So glad you all loved this mornings post! I just love finding out fun and interesting things about other health freaks like myself:) I had a co-worker stop and talk with me today about how she really wishes she could get her  husband and teenage girls to eat healthy. I am on a mission to help her!

Last night I put together on of Gina’s Breakfast Cookies! It’s taken me way too long to try these.

My combo was 1/3 c oats,1/8 unsweetened almond mik,1/2 scoop vanilla protein, pumpkin spice, chopped pecans, 1 spoonful Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond butter, 1/2 banana, and some blueberries. I put it in the fridge and TA DA! Look at that yummyness!


Of course I had to add some homemade cranberry sauce, and greek yogurt! It was kind of weird eating something cold for breakfast, next time I might put it in the microwave for a bit. It was a lot smaller then I anticipated, I will have to add more oats next time. None the less it tasted amazing, I will be having more of these, very soon!


It held me over for a couple of hours, and because today is my off day from running I didn’t have as big of an appetite but I still needed my snack at 10:30am.

*Yogurt with blueberries, wheatberries, and chopped pecans.


Then on to lunch, TJ”s Low sodium tomato soup+popchips+hummus+ an orange and some pineapple, didn't get the orange in the picture.


For some reason soup never really fills me up, I am sure I ll be hungry again soon. I brought a Larabar just for that. It’s the 4th day of Lent and so far so good. No junk food or dessert. An anonymous reader wrote this comment earlier this week, “You are giving up sweets? But you barely eat any sweets anyways, so what is the point?”. I don’t think they know about the temptations I have here at work. There is food everywhere that is filled with crappy ingredients, and sweets galore! I tend to make snack for the birthday celebrations here at school and am always tempted with cake and ice-cream and I usually cave. But at night I usually have some kind of sweet after dinner, maybe not a huge bow of icream but some kind of chocolate!!!! Check out this temptation I had yesterday at work:


Not that pretzels, cheerios, and honey roasted peanuts are BAD, but then there is the m&m’s. All of these things are just empty calories that I would have normally just snacked on for the sake of snacking, instead I prayed while fighting the temptation:)

I have some good news to share here too. I think I might have found a runny group. Yesterday I went to the running store in our town and asked if they knew of any running groups. They quickly pointed me to not just ONE but TWO Saturday morning groups!!!! They meet at 6:30am, so I am going to try one this week and then the other next week. I hope I find someone in the group that I really connect with. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Random question:

What do you normally do on Friday nights, go out with friends, or stay in and chill?

My answer: Its Pizza and a Movie(or Law and Order) Night at our house!!! We are both normally pooped from the busy week:) I am making home made pizza crust from scratch tonight, wish me luck!


foodsthatfit said...

Our favorite Friday night activity is to rent a movie from the RedBox, relax and make dinner together! Have a fun night, I'd love to see how you make the homemade pizza dough. I always mess up recipes with yeast in them! TJ's has a great premade whole wheat pizza dough that I like...

Leah said...

Haha i just posted earlier on my blog how fridays are always pizza nights in our house! I think it's something fun to look forward to after a long week! It's also great to have that balance of a healthy lifestyle while still having fun nights for pizza and a movie!
Which movie do you plan on watching? Have a great night!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

i ust cant get into tomato soup. its one of those foods i wish i liked, so i keep trying it, but it never grows on me.

Kelly Turner

Denise said...

I'm in every single Friday night...resting up for my long run on Saturday morning. We usually do the grocery shopping on the way home so it's one less thing to do on the wknd.

Runner Leana said...

I like to stay in on Friday nights and relax. I'm normally so pooped by then! The plan tonight is some takeout sushi and a chick flick. Fun times!

Matt said...

I usually stay in and relax or do something low key with some friends. I am usually pooped by Friday and I need a night to recover.

Lacey Nicole said...

fun!! good luck with the pizza crust!!!! if it fails, tj's whole wheat only 99 cents, hehehe.. jk yours will prolly be much better!!! and CRUNCHY, right?! :)

Mica said...

Great job resisting that trail mix. I would have caved immediately and dumped it all in my mouth!

My Friday's are pretty boring. Usually, I cook dinner and do homework. Sometimes, I go to a bar...and sit.

3T Heppenstall said...

Friday nights are usually chill. We usually have an easy to make dinner (since I'm usually making it) or we order something and then watch a movie, kid friendly of course since we have a kid. Nothing too late since I coach a kid's basketball team on Saturday mornings.

Tonight it's just me and Tyler, though, since Taylor's in Texas, and that will be fun. We will probably have Subway and then figure out a movie.

Kristin said...

Yay for homemade pizza! I've only done it once, but we made a whole wheat crust and it was really good.

We usually stay in (as we're doing now, I'm catching up on my reading and we're watching the Amazing Race) but sometimes we go out!

So glad you found a running group, I know there are some here I could try out but they all run faster than me! Hope your weekend goes well :)

RunToFinish said...

That is true you are less of a sweets person than many of us..or you just have better will power!

Friday nights are a stay in relax and unwind, I love it! I get all mentally psyched to run saturday

Meg said...

I am definitely a stay at home girl on Friday nights!

Yummy breakfast cookie.

eatingbender said...

Hurray for Gina's b-fast cookie! Your version looks great topped with cranberry sauce :o)

I am definitely a stay-at-home on a Friday night kind of girl! I am exhausted from the week's events, too!

Have a fabulous weekend!

m said...

Have an awesome weekend!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Stay at home! :D

Don't you love when anonymous people make comments about lifestyle choices? You handled it much better, I would have told them to stick it.

YaY running group! I would like to find one but the locals all run when I have other things going on. Like saturday mornings, I have MT, so I can't run.

HangryPants said...

I definitely understand the temptations at work. Giving kids snacks like cookies, crackers, juice, cake, etc. can be hard to ignore! I find that not even taking a little is the best way to go. If I take a handful of something, it's all over!

I like to stay in, but I am such a homebody!

Brian said...

That cookie looks awesome. Hate the temptations at work, too! Friday nights I hang out with friends, hit the bar or somethin.

aron said...

friday nights i always stay in and rest up for saturday long runs with a big bowl of pasta! :)