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Sunday, February 8, 2009

7th on the 7th “Race” Report + Nut Butter Taste Test!

Well I didn’t “really” race, but I did run 14 miles (7 of them were in there). I thought it would be fun to use this post to talk about how I prepare, and get through my long runs! I have done my best to take pics to show you a great RUN report.

FUELING the night before:

I know I have said this before, but I think Pizza(without the cheese) is one of the best pre-race dinner. It’s so well balanced proteins, carbs and fats, (well if you make yourself). I was on a mission to make the healthiest pizza ever!

superbowl2009 005 superbowl2009 012

I topped a ready multi grain crust from Costco, with: marinara sauce,spiniach,roma tomatoes,mushrooms,extra firm tofu,roasted bell peppers,red onion, and goat cheese. WOW the flavor combination was explosive!

of course Hubby’s half had salami and Mexican cheese!

superbowl2009 011

superbowl2009 023

I love these pre-made multi grain crusts. For only $9.99 you get three with three packets of organic marinara. WAY BETTER then Pizza Hutt’s and way cheaper(loving that).This pizza cost us practically NOTHING!


superbowl2009 010

How about Mocktail!! I received these POM bottles about a week ago, and LOVE them, thanks POM! I adore their size. I thought it would be fun to make a little POM Martini( minus the alcohol). I used part TJ’s sparkling mineral water and 1/4 of POM, it was soo good i had a second glass later. I can’t wait to try their other recipes online.

superbowl2009 013superbowl2009 016 

Later I had a study snack, mini chocolate oatmeal cookies with a scoop of AB, some honey almond tea with all the fixins.

superbowl2009 025

“RACE DAY” 7 on the 7th

An hour before the run:

Right after Lab( got a B+ on the vertebrate!!!!), I had my pre-race snack. I had a large oats in the am for breakfast.

Orange+Honey Graham Z Bar

Starting Line:photo5

Me+Fuel Ready to Run!

photo2 Fuel= Heed in water bottle+two Hammer gel’s!


First 3 miles:

My legs felt a little heavy at first and I had to go pee!!! So needless to say my first 3 miles were a little faster then intended because I was trying to get to the BATHROOM. Found one at mile 3!


Second 3 miles:

It’s started to sprinkle and the clouds were moving in. I was feeling pretty good.

Next 4 Miles:

I had to put the camera phone away, it started PORING!!!! I ran through it, kind of reminded me of St.George which made me happy and I think that’s what got me through it. I just kept thinking how if my students knew I was running in the rain, they would scold me! lol I took a gel at mile 5.

MILE 7 Official Time:

Last 3 miles:

At mile 10 I took one more gel to push me to the finish. Surprisingly I had no stomach issues( I think it might have been because I started running at 12pm), my hips and butt started getting heavy at mile 12 and my ankles started aching a bit. I ignored it, tied my shoes a little tighter and finished strong. At mile 13 I started playing the MENTAL game, my mind was telling me you are stupid why would you put your body through this, but my heart was saying YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

The Finish:

With all the stops I made I can’t believe I ran this fast!!! 8:23 Average pace!


I thought this was neat, here is the route I am training on:


The Boston Marathon:
I think I should be ok with HEARTBREAK HILL!!! Apparently I am training on some harder hills!


I quickly threw on some warm clothes I had in the car and took off to get some Sbux. I am so glad my students gave me so many gift cards to SBUX it had saved me so much MONEY!!!! Check out my new favorite drink:

Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte: Full leaf African rooibos tea(naturally caffeine free), also known as red tea, paired with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon. Sweetened with classic syrup and topped with steamed milk( soy for me)and velvety foam.

photo9 And a Turkey Bacon Egg Sammy!

What a great RUN, man I was so ready to take a nap! I couldn’t though because we had friends coming over for dinner and games.


We invited our friends, Justin, Meghann, Jeremy, and Heather over for dinner last week and I have been looking forward to it all week. I planned to make the fish that my friend made me earlier in the week, some rice, and a large salad. Friends brought the drinks and dessert, by the way this is a great party tip. Always ask friends to bring something it not only saves time, but saves MONEY too.

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia:

superbowl2009 038  
Strawberry Blueberry Spinach Salad with toasted almonds and goat cheese: I love this salad because it so colorful and full of juicy goodness!

superbowl2009 034
The Table: Hubby making a fire in the background.

superbowl2009 043

Easy Table Decor: Candles in a fun bowl with corks.

superbowl2009 041

Now here is where the fun part comes in, I started to tell my friends about my blog (it was about time). They were so interested and intrigued, they loved it!!! It became a big hit at the table, and before I knew it I was having them taste my new love Naturally Nutty .

We took out spoons and started a dessert taste test!

superbowl2009 049

The LOVED IT!!! So then we moved on to Barney Butter 

superbowl2009 055

They liked it too but not as much as Naturally Nutty.

superbowl2009 053Hey friends if your reading thanks for supporting my blog, and listening to me go on and on about it last night!!!

We then took the party into the living room with our coffee and tea and played Scattagories until 1AM!!!! I haven’t laughed that hard in forever, I seriously almost peed my pants a couple of times. What a fun, free night of laughs and smiles:)


Well after such a late night I didn’t end up waking up until 9:30am, sadly missing church this morning. I will have to listen to it online. Hubby is still passed out, I am letting him sleep he never get’s to sleep in. I wanted something special for breakfast so I made a new kind of oats.


The Mix-Ins

  • on the stove:1/3 cup oats, vanilla soy milk, water, 1/2 small banana,pinch salt, tbs vanilla
  • ~1/4 Chocolate Brownie Z Bar
  • 1/2 tbsp flax
  • sprinkle of coconut
  • handful of blueberries
  • handful of honey and flax granola
  • spoonful of Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter
  • spoonful of Fage(never had this on oats)

  • superbowl2009 060

superbowl2009 064 With a cup of coffee and some Silk creamer.

superbowl2009 065

It’s raining outside, and I am loving it!!! I love listening to the rain in the morning it’s so relaxing and that’s what I need today is some RELAXATION!!!! I plan on doing some Yoga For Runners, and then studying for A&P a bit. I have to teach AKB tonight, hope I am not too sore!!!! 

Question for you all: Do all your friends know about your blog, do you feel comfortable telling them? I just found out my FIL reads, high BEN!!!

Happy Sunday….Breath….Just Breath…..

P.S. Don’t forget about the Naturally Nutty Give-Away! Contest ends February 10th at midnight!


Lacey Nicole said...

WOW this was a long post!!! i'm just going to comment on the run part but i might come back later and comment on the rest, too!!! heheh :) CONGRATS on a great run!!!! I TOOK A BANANA HAMMER GEL for the first time yesterday during my 14-mile run, too!!! i totally thought of you while i was running and it made me feel better cuz i was running alone. but i knew you were going to be doing 14 so i told myself, you can do this, bobbi is running this same distance, too, you are both out here on the roads. and of course i got my hammer gel idea from your recommendations. I AM IN LOVE with the banana flavor. have you had espresso? the website says it has caffeine in it and i want to try that. i think i needed to take two cuz i got really tired around mile 11 ( had taken the gel at mile 8). J told me it is helpful to take a second gel 20 or so min after the first one. YEAHHHHH 14 MILERS!!!!! and hooray for 7 on the 7th, too :) multitasking, for sure. have a great day, bobbi!!!

Toni said...

Awesome run, congrats! Sounds like a fun night, I love game nights with friends. I just started my blog and I haven't told my friends about it yet, I'm not sure when/if I will.

Mica said...

Great post, so much fun! I'm so impressed by your 14-miler. (The scenery looked amazing.)

Also, yummy pizza! Hope the spinach worked out well. :)

And re: French fries--Bobbi, you're so hardcore with working out and being healthy. You can eat fries without worrying!

Simple and Divine said...

0KAY B0BS, I SEE Y0U GIRL! You're so freaking inspiring, dude! I love your amazing Energy, too! So glad I've finally DELURKED! Your comment on Erin's post made me feel so special, I had to say HI n that you've been on my google reader for quite some time! KEEP R0CKIN AT IT, L0VE! You're amazing! Happy Sunday X0 <333

RunToFinish said...

way to go on the run and the planning and heartbreak hill will look tiny to you!!

some of my friends know about my blog...in general it's my running release so I think it bores them and I don't mention it much

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the long run!

ttfn300 said...

LOVELY run my dear! i've never made it to 14 (maybe 13)... but that's ok :) i'm in love with that vanilla roobios, too! great eats, fun times. i am slowly telling my friends, but now they are asking me to recreate dishes from restaurants... now that's pressure!

ps- i'm totally coming to cheer you on in boston!!


yeah Simple and Divine, we can be friends...so glad to finnaly see you on here:) THANKS FOR READING GIRLY!!!!

Anonymous said...

i loved this post about your pre-run eats and all the info about your run! thanks, its interesting to hear from someone as fast as you!

Denise said...

Your friends didn't know about your blog?? You should be telling everyone, it's great!!

Great job on the run!!

Meg said...

What a great post! So much yumminess and fun! I definitely need to give some cheeseless pizza a try!

Maggie said...

awesome run! thanks for the tips on how to fuel :)

just me said...

that sure was a great run! congrats on finishing it! you're going to do so well at boston!!!

and yay for fun and games and taste testing w/ your friends! many of my friends know about my blog but there are a few that don't...i'm not too particular about who knows and who doesn't though. the more the merrier!

Brian said...

Thats an awesome time for 14!! I hope to have that pace at my half on Sunday. Lovin the taste test too, such a cool way to hang out with friends!

chandra said...

Not many of my friends know about my blog, I'm still really shy about it!

Great job on the run!!

Mom on the Run said...

That sounds like a great run!

My husband and both of my girls are runners. I try but it is very difficult for me. I can do a mile and that is about it.

I made your protein pancakes today!


Marci said...

I liked your race report, I also posted my Garmin!! Thanks for all the yummy healthy recipes too! I plan on making protein pancakes!

joyRuN said...

Awesome job on the 14!! That's a super-speedy 7 too :)

aron said...

nice job on the 14!!! i did 14 too, sounds like there were a few of us doing double 7 on the 7th :)

i am obsessed with zbars right now... yum!

Anonymous said...

great job on the run, and thanks for the informative play-by-play!

your house is gorgeous!! and those pics of the nut butter tasting are a riot :-)

all my friends know about the blog ... and they're all glad i have it because that means they don't have to spend 3 hours listening to me tell them about my food anymore now that they can just read it in 5 minutes!

Amelia (AC/DC: Highways to Health) said...

Great post! I especially liked the race report. Congrats on an impressive run! I am in awe of your 14 miles.

My blog just got started a short while ago so no one really knows yet, but maybe soon!

Matt said...

Congrats on the 14! None of my friends know about my blog... I'm sort of embarassed to get it out there since I am the only one that actually cares about my health and fitness. It would probably be a joke to them!

Victoria said...

Sounds like a really great weekend. My friends all know about my blog, but they don't really read it. Same with my family. They're just like "Oh yeah Victoria's weird and writes about food." :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Great job on the run. I enjoyed the pictures!

Also, the pizza and the parmesan crusted tilapia looked delicious.

Running Through Life said...

Great job on the run! I will have to try the pizza crust out, it sounds good.

I am new to the blog thing and have not mentioned it to anyone yet. I am not sure if they would have any interest.

Mark said...

Fantastic run and WHAT A POST! Thank you as always! Have a fantastic day! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great run! Love the PB taste test!

Meghann said...

I'm so sad I could not participate in 7 on the 7th becuase I was flying back from colorado that day. It looks like you had a good run!

Everyone knows about my blog, I'm really, really bad at keeping secrets.. but luckily everyone has only had good things to say about it! :)

Runner Leana said...

That is some good looking food in your post! Congratulations on your great run as well. I'm curious about Blue Agave - you use it just like honey for a sweetner? I saw it yesterday at the health food store and was intrigued.

Most of my friends know about my blog, but I'm always hesitant to tell any new potential boyfriends...

HangryPants said...

Thanks for such an informative post. I love pizza and now that I am "training" I will eat it more. :D

Also, I was wondering about how focused you are on getting enough calories after such a long run? I really don't want to think about it and I don't think I need to (I won't be running as far as you at any point anyway). I am just wondering how you personally deal with that issue.

My family knows and some of my friends. Mark tells everyone though. I am starting to tell more and more people though. Usually everyone is intrigued.