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Monday, January 5, 2009

Make a Difference Monday

Alright today I am going back to work, I am trying so hard to have a positive outlook:) No workout this morning I teach AKB tonight. Oh and I just turned in my final HBBC POINTS: 223 . It helped that I was on vacation. I saw that someone got over 500 points, oh my that's A LOT!

This morning I had my first bowl of oats since like Naum, well in forever. I made a bowl of blueberry banana oats.

The Combo:

3/4 c oats
1 c almond milk
1/4 c blueberries
1/2 banana
cinnamon, and brown sugar
1/4 c pecans
topped with 1/3 cup Zoe’s Honey Almond Granola
and a spoonful of Organic PB

december27th 002

december27th 001

In my new apple bowl, so appropriate for my first day back to school.

I also had an orange picked this morning fresh off the tree.

december27th 003


Last night I did a bit of research to figure out how many Calories, Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein I need as an athlete and a women.

Calories: 1,246 to live 2,741 to be healthy as an athlete
Carbohydrates: 403g
Protein: 78g
Fat: 66g

Want to figure out what you need check out this site.

So this week I am going to be keeping a strict journal of what exactly I take in. Before I start training again for another marathon next week, I want to make sure that I am consuming the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy and strong.


Ok  today is Make a Difference Monday on my blog, and I thought I would extend the opportunity for you all to share how you have either made a difference in your communities, or tell a story about someone you know that has made a difference.

I will start with a friend I know who I shall call Steve. This guy is awesome, he always finds little ways to bless others. I remember this one time he had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving, and instead of being selfish and turning down something that would take away from his plans, he just went out and helped at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. I have always wanted to do spend Thanksgiving serving others, but have never gotten out there and just done it. He inspired me, I need to just GET OUT there and DO IT!

Your Turn! Have a HAPPY MONDAY:)


Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

I think its good to sometimes check in with yourself nutritionally to make sure your body is getting what it needs, especially as an athlete. Its just hard for me to keep track for more than a short period of time.

Your oats look lovely!

Denise said...

WHAT? 500?!?! Geesh, I didn't stand a chance. Maybe I need to take a leave of absence from work next time a challenge rolls around.

Pearl said...

your apple bowl is SO adorable! i'm a little wistful today, too, since my mom goes back to school to teach today also. *Sigh* i loved my mommy time :).

wow good job on over the 200 points! and thanks for the website :)

Lacey Nicole said...

HOLLA nice job on the challenge, that's a lot of points :) i'm going over right after this comment to check out the nutritional needs site, i love the idea of tracking!!! and banana-blueberry is my MOST FAVORITE combo for oats :) have a great day!!!

D10 said...

Thanks for sharing the site. it is good to know how much you really need.

Hope you had a nice day back at work.

therunningaddict said...

I used to be such a calorie goddess (pathetic, I know) but now its just too confusing so I am trying to listen to the body and hope the jeans aren't tight...

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Oh interesting. Since I'm still trying to lose weight, I never thought about tracking specifics like that. How did you determine your specific needs?

And I barely made 100 so your points are awesome!

Mrs. LC said...

I think that is so awesome that you're taking the time to make sure you're body is prepared nutritionally before you jump right into marathon training. Mad props, girl!

One way my husband and I made a difference once was our first Valentine's Day we spent together. We organized a homeless outreach project where we gathered 3 groups of volunteers to go to 3 different Orlando locations to pass out hot chik fil a sandwiches, homemade valentines with verses, and "care packages" with non-perishables and toiletries. It was seriously the best Valentine's Day ever! :)

RunToFinish said...

shirley cracks me up.

love the post, it's inspiring on many levels

Dommi said...

Hey, Bobbi! I'm Dommi; I just started my own blog a little while ago. I came upon a bunch of running blogs recently (yours was one of them) and I'm so excited to follow everyone's posts. I'm a competitive runner and I love getting support within the community.

What a great motivational post today! I love the idea of "Make a Difference Monday". I realize that not all bosses are like this, but I can personally attest to the humanity and sense of selflessness of my mom's boss. He and his family have been very close to our family for a number of years now, and I'm continually amazed at stories of new projects he is taking on. As a runner himself, who has lost a lot of weight recently, he knows the importance of health and fitness. Within the past couple of weeks, he has organized a challenge among his kids and their spouses; he calls it "The Biggest Loser Couples Challenge". Over the course of a couple of months, they will compete with their husbands or wives against their own siblings to see who can lose the most weight. He has decided to award the winner $10,000. This might seem frivolous and something that only affects a very, very small percentage of the world's overweight population, but I think this is one of those things that will continue to give back to society. If his children and their spouses come to value health and fitness through this challenge, they will teach these values to their children, who will in part teach it to their own children and so forth. It is a lottt of money he is giving away (although he is a CEO), but he believes that for the health of his family, present and future, it is so worth it.

Mica said...

Great job on HBBC. You rock, Bobbi!

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog.

I hope your first day back went well!

matt said...

mmm that bowl of oats looks delicious. i look forward to my oats every morning! i can't imagine going as long as you did without them.

Girl on Top said...

I want some oranges now. Yikes, I haven't done anything good for anyone lately :(